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Apple Crates as Creative Storage Solutions

Sometimes, a simple upcycled thing can give a wow factor for your home. For instance, a little touch of creativity will create decorative furniture using apple crates.

Instead of stumbling fruit crates here and there, turn them into smart boxes. Those old wooden containers can transform into shoe organizers, bookshelves, and storage benches.

Repurposing old crates into storage solutions provide both beauty and functionality. Besides keeping things organized, they also add visual appealing to the room.

Importantly, you should clean the crates and paint if necessary. Find the best location and organize them as desired. Add accent details to fit the home decor.

Moreover, you can customize DIY apple crates to suit any home design such as rustic, modern, and shabby chic. The wooden surface is easy to paint and decoupage to give a better appearance.

Here are several creative ideas of apple crates to get organized. Some different formations will be the guidance. Then, you can make a perfect space-saver by yourself.

How to Make Apple Crates for Storage Solutions

1. DIY Toy Storage

Transforming apple crates into toy storage looks amazing. You can create kid’s organizers in different ways. In addition, there are many rooms around the house to put these wooden boxes.

Attach four wheels at the bottom part to make the wooden storage more versatile. A mobile toy box will organize the stuff perfectly.

It is also easy to move everywhere you want. Customize the box by choosing favorite colors and themes. Let the kiddos to makeover their toy storage look as creative as they are.

Personalizing the boxes with initials and painting the surface will add visual interest to the crates. Add a cover on the top to display some dolls and stuffed animals.

2. Custom Apple Crates to Add Personality

Transform the wooden boxes into alternative storage solutions. Vintage DIY shelves add a splash of personality to your space. Spend a little money for transforming free area at the corner.

If you have free space at the corner, but it is too small for standard cabinets, try to experiment with apple crates DIY shelves to avoid being drab when empty.

Arrange two or more wooden crates as you please will enhance the beauty of the room. For example, place two boxes on both sides of the corner.

To highlight the wood textures, apply a light dry brush of paint. Then, you will get a rustic look from DIY smart organizers. If necessary, add a nametag to personalize the storage boxes.

Decorative Apple Crates for Storage Solutions

1. Foyer Bench Storage with Chalkboard

Adding some storage boxes under a wooden bench seems great. It is an effective way to organize family stuff in the foyer. These space-saving organizers will keep the room tidy.

Apple crates with casters can be ideal storage solutions. Things can be out of sight by rolling the bins under the bench.

Some gloves, shoes, bags, and hats will keep inside the boxes. You will not find any messy thing around the entryway.

Instead of storage boxes with casters, you can create custom organizers with chalkboards. Personalize them by writing the name of the family member who has the stuff.

You can also differentiate the boxes depending on the types of things you store by labeling each of them. Write the names of things on the chalkboard to find your stuff easily.

2. Apple Crates DIY Planters

It is such a good idea to convert wooden apple crates into planter boxes. They can grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Put them on the patio to add a charming look.

Importantly, DIY planters are more affordable than plant containers. There are some simple ways to start planting with recycled crates.

Since crates have large gaps between the boards, line the bottom part with burlap before adding soil. The liner will keep it in place.

Meanwhile, if the crates have tight slats, adding drainage holes will be necessary. The plants need a good system of drains to grow well.

Crate planters have a different life span from ceramic pots, so they require good treatment and regular maintenance to be long lasting.

3. Rolling Bath Crate Organizers

All toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and so on, are stored in the bathrooms. That is why storage is very important. You can make easy organizers from apple crates.

Stack three crates and add metal casters at the bottom part. The rolling organizers can store your bathroom essentials. Additional wheels enable you to move the storage as needed.

To get a more attractive look, customize the sizes and shapes of wooden boxes to suit your space. For example, attach two large crates for one side and three smaller ones for the other.

Besides, you can create a square formation of crates with different sizes to build a basic open-shelve cabinet for the bathroom. It offers more space to keep your daily stuff.

4. Wall Mounted Storage Unit

To add vertical interest, attach wall mounted storage unit from old apple crates. Create a Tetris-style configuration with equal-sized boxes.

Furthermore, to create a more creative look, try to attach apple crates with various sizes in a non-uniformed formation. Stack a large box and a smaller one on the first side.

Next, add a medium-sized wooden box horizontally. Then, hang a small crate above it.  Hang those fashionable grouping display cases on the wall.

Add natural or animal-themed background to suit the rustic floating shelves.  Achieve a decorative storage solution by customizing with splashes of paints.

Those fancy shelves can display your book collections and some accent details like flowery pots. Remember to keep them light; do not overload the floating units with heavy books.   

Nothing is more exciting than repurposing old crates into masterpieces. They enliven your interior design.

Finally yet importantly, upcycled wooden crates are the best for many purposes. Make sure you get fruit boxes in good condition. This material provides various possibilities for decorative storage.

There are countless ways to transform old apple crates into fabulous storage solutions. Easy materials and simple steps allow you to make smart organizers by yourself.  

Find out other brilliant ideas for DIY home storage solutions with apple crates. Keep all things neat in a beautiful way.

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