Army Cot – An Alternative Bed for Families & Friend

Not having a guest room in the house can be quite stressful when you have many friends, especially if they suddenly decide to sleepover, and you have no space or bed for them to sleep.

Well, rather than panicking out, why do you not use something like an army cot for them to rest?

This may not be a comfortable place to sleep, but your families or friends will not be sleeping over forever.

An army cot is a kind of bed that the armies usually use.

They have a simple rectangle shape and can be easily folded, so if you have this kind of thing in the house, you can fold and unfold it easily when your friends come.

Now, other than army cot, there are also many other ideas on how to facilitate your friends or families coming.

They may be unique, but most of them are useful and brilliant, especially for those who have small houses.

Alternative Bed Ideas for Your Guests

 If you do not have space for additional sleeping accommodations, do not worry. Come up with unique ideas that can give extra places for people to sleep without having to build an extra room.

To inspire your spirit, here are some brilliant ideas to accommodate people in your house.

• Wooden Army Cot

A simple yet functional solution is to use a wooden army cot as a bed. This may not be the softest place to sleep, but it is comfortable for the guests and simple for the owner.

For those who do not know, army cot is a type of bed that is usually used in the army. The shape is like a stretcher that is usually used to lift sick people.

However, this has legs that you can fold and unfold to make it stand.

Army cot is also a great option to choose because you do not need expensive bedcover to cover it up. Just with a blanket and some fabrics, the place is ready to use.

When you are done, you can easily close the wooden army cot and keep it in your house storage or the backyard. Therefore, you can get the space you have before.

• Under Stair Bed

Maximize every space in the house by using every place existed. For example, make stairs in the area of your work. Now under these, make a sliding bed where you or other people can use to rest.

This idea will not take any space in your work area, and you can clean it up quickly. You can also use a real bed for it, so it is comfortable for anyone who sleeps on it.

• Double Function Couch

When you buy furniture, why do you not also choose something that has a double function? In the market, many kinds of the couch can be used to sit down and sleep on.

Therefore, rather than buying another, it is best to choose this kind for your house.

No additional space is needed here because when you are finished, you can just fold it up. Then, the bed will return its shape into a sofa.

• Closet Room

Make a Harry Potter room in your house by adding a bed in the closet. Space will be small, but it is just as comfortable as other places. However, to make it feel that way, add accessories, pillows, and cover.

Therefore, it looks like a real place to relax.

Do not forget to add an extra window as the circulation for the room. It does not have to connect with the outside part of the house; just make it so that fresh air can come in.

• Folding Wall Bed

The next brilliant idea is the fold wall bed that you may see in academic places such as the army and military.

Other than using heavy-duty army cot, some places also use folding wall bed. It will be a place for you to sleep when you pull the wooden handle down. On the other way around it will be just a hard surface when you push it back.

This simple idea is brilliant because you can still get a comfortable place to sleep. However, you do not need an extra place to make it happen.

• Bench Cot

Another type rather than the army cot is the bench version. They look just the same but for this version, you can also use it as a bench.

Thus, after folding it up and not using it, you can simply use it as a place to sit and relax with your friends.

The dimension is also a bit bigger is and longer compared to the army cot. This is because it has a double function making it useful for different things too.

If in the military they only use it as a place to sleep, here they can use for a place to sit too.

• Double Bed

If you have small kids coming over all the time for a sleepover, then why not just by a trundle bed. Just put a mattress under your existing and push or pull it as you like.

You can make this under your kids’ bed so when his friends come, you do not need to panic where they will sleep. This idea will not take any of your kid’s space, so they can still have a wide area.

• Attic Bedroom

Find areas in the house that you rarely use and change it into a bedroom. One of the places that can be changed like this the attic. Rather than making it a bit scary, why not just change it into a room.

All you need to do is add a bed, storage, cabinet, and some lights to lighten up the room. Once everything is on, decorate it to make it more relaxing and comfortable to stay.

Well, you can choose those best bed ideas for your house. The army cot is one of the most effective yet affordable options you can choose.

The army cot dimension is not too big yet small to use for normal people. The tidying process is also very easy, so it will not annoy you too.

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