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Unique & Brilliant Backyard Design Ideas

Come up with unique and brilliant backyard design ideas to make your house more comfortable and relaxing. This is the place where you can spend your free time with the whole family. 

Most people will usually build a garden in their backyard to spend their free time while gardening. This is not a bad idea; however, you can utilize more of the space for something fun and interesting. 

You can always hire a professional to help create backyard design ideas for your house. However, by thinking a bit out of the box, you can also get a unique style for the area. 

1. Backyard Landscaping Designs


Whether you plan to hire a professional or work on your own, here are some great backyard landscaping designs to apply. Some are pricey while others can be done with your hand.

Backyard Design Ideas: Double Function Yard


To make your backyard fun for the whole family, why do you not design it with double or even more function? Therefore, everyone will love the area and spend time together. 

To make this happen, one of the backyard design ideas is to create a garden, playground, and a relaxing area. Therefore, you will need to divide the place, so everybody gets some space. 

You can separate the areas using garden walls, so you get additional plants. However, you can also just leave it opened, so you can see the kids while gardening.

With this backyard idea, everyone in the family can enjoy the yard design and have fun. To make it safer, do not forget to install high fences to protect your kids and family. 

Vegetable Garden

 Backyard Design Ideas Vegetable-Garden

If you love to plant and eat healthy foods, why not make backyard design ideas for gardening foods. Will you not only do your hobby but also get fresh vegetables for a bonus. 

So, use an area of the garden and fence the outside area. This is to protect the plants from your pets or people stepping on it. 

Depending on your area, choose the kind of vegetable or fruit you want to plant. Then treat it well until it grows high and big. 

Patio Garden

 Backyard Design Ideas Patio-Garden

One of the best backyard design ideas that you can come up with is having a patio garden, so you will have a place to plant all your loveable flowers but also relax with your friends.

Create a small patio on the sides of the backyard. Add some benches and firepit to create a warm atmosphere. Whereas on the other side, plant all your beautiful flowers to make the yard shine.  

This kind of idea may be a bit price because you will need to build the patio and the benches. However, it will be worth the price once you spend your time there. 

Patio & Hanging Plants


As for those who have limited space, one of the small backyard ideas that you can try is hanging plants. So, maximize the area for a patio where you can relax with your friends and families. 

However, to get fresh air in the backyard you will also need some flowers and plants. Therefore, hang them up on the sides of the fences or create a walled garden. 

This way, you can get both functions even though you have limited space. Alternatively, if you want to pet a fish, you can build a small fishpond too. 

DIY Backyard Ideas


The backyard design ideas above are great, but they can be quite pricey. This is also one of the main problems people face when decorating their yard.

So, if you are facing problems with decorating your yard, use DIY backyard ideas. You can use some IKEA hack to create the best atmosphere for your place. 

Lampshade Umbrella


If you are looking for backyard ideas on a budget, then why not try to make a lampshade umbrella. The function of this object is to protect people in the yard from the hot sun or rain. 

Buying a new shade umbrella is expensive, so try using the unused stuff in the house. For example, take the base of an IKEA lampshade and use it as the base.

Then buy a big umbrella that can cover up the whole seats and table you have. Then stick it inside the lamp base and mold it with cement. 

Just like that, you can get your umbrella shade standing in the backyard at an affordable price. For the benches, you can use wood or trunk to make it cheap too. 

Cabin for Birds


Invite some of your animal friends to the garden by having a small cabin for the birds. Make this by using wooden dowels and a small IKEA plate. 

Then place it in your backyard and put some seeds inside. It will only need a bit of time until the birds fly coming in to get their foods. 

This is also one of the backyard ideas on a budget because you do not need to buy extra equipment to make it. Just use small benches that you do not use anymore in your house. 

Flower Frame on Dolls Bed

 Flower Frame on Dolls Bed

If you love gardening and need an additional place to plant them, then use an old bed frame for the media. Rather than throwing them away, add some soil and place your flowers on top of them.

They will make a beautiful change for a pot as they have a beautiful design. If you do not like the shape or color, you can always repaint or recycle it too. 

You can also use an unused wire bowl for a flowerpot and hang them in your backyard. All you need to do is close to the bottom part and fill it with soil. 

Then, you can fill in the bowl with flowers and pots that you love to make it pretty. So, who says backyard design ideas always have to be expensive?

Well, you can make those great backyard design ideas for your house. Making it useful for the whole family is one of the best options to choose from.

However, if you are limited on budget, you can choose the DIY backyard design ideas instead. Even though they use recycled objects, they are still cool to use. 

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