Easy & Simple Ways to Make a Backyard Ice Rink

Make your house more fun by making a backyard ice rink. In this arena, you can play skating with your kids or make a hockey match with your friends.

So, take advantage of the snowy and winter season to make a backyard ice rink in the back of your house. Do not worry about the steps, because it is simple and easy to do.

To start the job, here are some steps you should know and start doing to make your backyard ice rink:

1. Find the Right Spot and Measure It


The first thing you need to do to make a backyard ice rink is to determine the location and size of the arena. Try to find a flat spot and not near a water source.

This is to prevent the water from leaking and destroying the ice in the future. So, try to find a sport that is clean, flat, and has adequate lighting. Do not forget also to check for the slope.

For the size, do not go over too big and make your backyard look small. However, maximize the length and width of the yard to make the biggest rink possible.

Therefore, you can use the rink for skating and playing hockey at once. Just remember that the bigger your arena will be the more expensive the cost will also be.

2. Build the Frame of Backyard Ice Rink


When you have determined the spot and area, it is time to make the frame of the ice rink. Remember that each corner of the frame must have the same level; none is higher or lower.

You can make the frame in 2”x4” or 2”x6” depending on how tall you would like your rink to be. However, the first option is mostly used because it does not make the arena too high.

When you build up the frame, make sure they are installed well and steady. Because the last thing you want is them breaking down and cause flooding in your backyard.

3. Laying Down the Tarp


Once you are sure that your frame is strong and steady, it is time to line it with a light color tarp. It is best not to use dark tones because they absorb heat, which can cause the ice to melt.

Then cover the whole backyard ice rink with the tarp. Make sure that all edges are also covered and there is no blank space. Then push and smooth it until it covers the bottom part of the frame.

Make sure that one area does not have too much tarp, so pull it up a bit if you think it is piling up too much. Once it is all covered up, staple the tarp in the exterior position so it does not slide out.

You can cut and throw away any excess so that the frame looks neater. This will also prevent people from tripping down due to the tarp.

4. Fill in the Backyard Ice Rink


The last yet most fun part of making a backyard ice rink is filling the arena. The best time to do this job is in the days where the first freeze is coming.

You should at least wait until the temperature is below 36 degrees F for a few days. At least this will ensure that your ice rink can freeze and become hard.

It is also best to check the weather forecast, to make sure that it will not be raining in the next coming days. If the ice is not hard yet, then it will ruin your whole plan.

Once you have it all check, then start filling in the ice rink at once. Because if you do it a few times, the layers will damage the liner and the water cannot freeze.

Let the water overnight or a minimum of 8 hours. Before using it, test the stability of the ice using a broomstick and try sticking it in.

 If everything goes right, then it should be hard and steady. However, if your broomstick can go through, it has not frozen quite yet.

5. Synthetic Ice Rink


If you have more budgets and want an easier way, then you can use synthetic ice rink. They are not as smooth as the real ones, but you will not need to install them on your own.

 However, one thing you should prepare if you prefer to use synthetic ice rink is the money. It is more expensive, and it needs extra maintenance to keep it fit and smooth, but the quality is strong.

Why people prefer to use this kind of ice for hockey training rather than the real ones might be based on this reason. They will stay strong no matter how hard or long you use them.

6. Home Indoor Ice Rink


If you want to make your arena to be more private, then you can build a home indoor ice rink. It will be more expensive compared to the backyard design, but it is worth to have.

 A home indoor ice rink cannot use real ice for the arena; because to make it frozen you will need low temperature. Moreover, this will be hard to get if the water is inside a house, where it is warmer.

Therefore, to enjoy the arena, it is best to use synthetic ice rink rather than frozen water. Not only will it be safer to use but also easier to maintain.

Well, with these easy steps you can get your personal ice rink and enjoy the whole are with your friends and beloved ones. Whether it is summer or winter, enjoy skating in your indoor arena.

The most important thing about whether having an indoor or backyard ice rink is the maintenance. Make sure to clean the arena regularly or after using them.

The crumbles of ice after using them can cause the surface to become rough. This will slowly destroy it if the owners do not clean them up regularly.

Thus, if you have a limited budget and need it seasonally, then backyard ice rink is the best option. However, if you want something more private and personal than build one inside.

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