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Bar Wall in 17 Artistic DIY Projects to Beautify Your House

Enjoying a cocktail is what most people choose to relax after a busy day. These 17 artistic DIY bar wall projects will help you to sip your favorite drink without going out on the town.

You can unwind whenever you need by building your bar wall. Also, you can try to assemble and adapt one of the ideas below to express your personality of a minibar at home.

There are two options to help you out. First, you can upgrade your existing minibar. Second, you can use your free time to make a DIY bar wall from the start.

Whatever option you pick, the joy of customizing your bar will be delightful. Your place to drink at home will have some new features.

Here are 17 ideas to build a minibar to attract your friends or family to stay longer. Whether it suits your house theme or reflects your personality, don’t be afraid to express yourself.

1. Pretty, Hidden Bar Table

One of the sliest ways to have a cool bar is to make it hidden. This wall table has a cabinet that is wall-mounted so it can be hidden. The fold-down door must be sturdy and able to withstand the weight of your drinks.

It is not only a pretty bar on your wall but it also saves a lot of space. Once you open it, you will have a quick entertaining area to provide your drinks.

2. Colorful Bar Wall Table with A Lot of Storage

Reuse your old table to assemble this minibar console. You just need to cut into two and joint them to the wall. Your bar will look more amazing with this open design.

The open design allows you to create more storage to decorate and place your wineglass. Place some plants or fresh flowers. Paint it with bright colors to welcome your guests.

3. Secret Bar in a Closet

This next idea is perfect to hide your liquor gems from your children’s sight. It is not only safe but also has an aesthetic design that more looks like a simple, small closet.

This bar area can be unlocked and locked that secure your privacy. By adding a mirror inside the closet, it reflects the wine glasses and the liquors more enchanting.

4. Vintage, Retro and Compact Minibar from a TV

Who said a vintage television is useless? Take a look at this inspiring design that will remind you of Mad Men tv show.

If you have an old television, refit it to a compact bar table. Keep your drinks and everything inside this vintage set. It will become a retro centerpiece in your house!

5. Bar Racks and Shelves in Mini Apartment

If you live in a small apartment but want to have a cool minibar, raise your hand! Take a look at this creative solution clustering wine shelves and racks on your apartment’s wall.

When you build this, it won’t take any floor space but still giving you the bar vibe. Some decorations like a chalkboard and plants can be a perfect combination to set up the tone.

6. Funky A Minibar in A Kitchen Cart

Have you ever thought to change turn your kitchen cart into a minibar? Well, this is proof that you can do it.

This kitchen cart has many built-in storages. You can have a wine rack for extra space under the cabinet. Use bright, funky color to pop out this minibar.

7. Neat Locker of Liquor

This bar wall idea is on a whole new level. Using a library card catalog, you can have a room for your wine bottles. Stick a label for each drawer to open it fast and find the right bottle.

8. Creative Shoe Rack for a Bar Cart

Don’t throw away your old shoe rack because doing this project, you can turn it into a creative bar cart. Customize it easily in a colorful stick and add wooden letters.

You can place a “bar” sign on it and your minibar is ready in a minute.

9. Corner Bar Wall

Proudly show off your best collection of wine glasses and drinks by building this fantastic display bar in the corner.

It is not only eye-catching but it looks like the bar is floating.

10. Unique Wineglass Display

This bar wall uses the thing you’ve never imagined. A garden’ rake!

Who would have thought that it can be a unique touch for your bar wall to hold your wine glasses?

11. Industrial Metal Pipe Bar

Even though the bar wall can be in the form of a cart, we bet you wouldn’t skip this design.

The metal pipe in the cart turns your minibar into the industrial, masculine design.

12. Sewing Machine Minibar

Are you looking for an antique bar wall? This vintage sewing machine can a container for liquors and bottles.

It is great for both outdoors and indoors to gather with your friends.

13. Classic Bar

Just stack some wood boards and cinderblock to reassemble this classic minibar. It is easy and it brings a little modern flair from its wood and concrete material.

14. The Charming Minibar

The next idea is from classic and charming balusters, shelves, and doors to have a rustic bar wall. First, paint a coat that is see-through to confined the pare skin.

Then, you can add some storage space with shelves to store your glasses and bottles. Finally, place a metal ice bucket for the finest, big bottle.

15. Repurposed Timeless Furniture

Timeless furniture is not only a beautiful decoration but also an art when we can turn it into something else.

This bar looks more appealing with a tilt-out container and roll-top cabinet.

16. Stylish Column Side Table Bar

A stylish paint is added to this column side table to change it into a chic bar wall. The place to hang the bottle openers and towels are in the hooks on the door.

17. Repurposed Suitcase for a Minibar

If you don’t know what to do with your large, old suitcase, then this is the right project to transform it into a minibar. When you close it, it looks like a piece of art on your wall.

One of those astounding 17 bar wall DIYs surely matches your preference. The question is, which one?

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