Baseboard Cleaner to Remove the Dirt in the House

When it comes to the spring-cleaning routine, one of the elements that you must prepare is a baseboard cleaner. Many people overlook this area of the house because it is usually unseen. 

Baseboard is the board (could be wood, plastic, or vinyl) that covers the area between the bottom part of a wall and floor. It is located near the ground, so it easy to get dirty from dust and water. 

Fortunately, cleaning baseboards are easy, and you don’t need to do it daily. Just with some simple steps, the area can come clean and shining. 

Steps on Cleaning Baseboard

Steps on Cleaning Baseboard

Before you start cleaning the baseboard, there are some steps and equipment you’ll need to prepare. Therefore, to make sure nothing is missing, follow these guides to get a clean area:

After Cleaning Baseboard

1. Remove the First Layer of Dirt

Remove the First Layer of Dirt

The first thing to do when cleaning a baseboard is to get rid of all the dirt and dust. You can do this by sweeping it with a broom, cloth, or even a vacuum cleaner. 

If you use a broom, just sweep along of top to bottom, right and left. Repeat this step 2-3 times in the same spot to make sure there is no missed spot. For vacuum cleaner the steps are the same, however, ensure to use a small brush. This way, you can clean the edges and small areas easier. 

From the options above, a vacuum cleaner usually gives the best result because it can suck up all the dust and dirt easily. 

2. Cleaning the Baseboard

Cleaning the Baseboard

Next, it is time to clean it up with some baseboard cleaner. Therefore, before starting the job make sure to prepare the chemicals or liquids. 

If it is not too dirty, then the baseboard cleaner that you’ll need to prepare is only soap and water. 

The Baseboard Cleaner

For the rubbing, prepare a toothbrush, sponge, or a magic eraser. 

Other than vinegar, there is also baseboard cleaner Walmart that you can purchase in the supermarket. Without adding any water, you can use it for cleaning. 

Another option for those who need professional cleaning can use baseboard cleaner home depot. The component inside this product will help you clean your house, including ones with heavy stain.  

When you have prepared the baseboard cleaner, it is time to clean it up.

Dip the sponge inside the heated water and rinse it off. Then, start scrubbing it onto the baseboard gently. Start from the highest spot and go downwards to prevent getting wet. 

If the stains do not remove, then use vinegar as a change. Rub the stained area a bit harder to make it clean. Same as before, repeat rubbing it to make sure that you have picked up all the dust and dirt on the baseboard. 

For small corners and edges, use a toothbrush or a cotton swab. You’ll be startled to notice how much dirt there is in that area afterward. 

3. Dry it Off

To prevent it from getting moist, dry the baseboards using a clean cloth. Wipe the areas you can reach and make definite there is no water left.

An easier way to dry up the baseboards is facing a fan of walls and baseboards. Let it rotate for 10-15 minutes until you are sure it is done. You can also open all your windows to let the wind in and dry the baseboard, however, this will take a bit longer. 

4. Rubbing Dryer Sheet

Rubbing Dryer Sheet

To complete the job, run a dryer sheet through the baseboard quickly. Just rub it along the way without having to add any pressure.

How to Rub the Dirt

A dryer sheet can help make the baseboard stay clean longer and give a special scent. This also functions as a repel for insects and stinky bugs that may make your board dirty again. 

When & How Often to Clean Baseboard

Baseboards can easily get dirty; however, you don’t need to deep clean them every day. Normally, people will do this during their spring cleaning, so around once a month. 

However, if your baseboard starts looking dark because of dirt, then don’t wait until spring to clean it up.

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To prevent deep stain on the baseboard it is significant to keep them pure daily. 

Without using a baseboard cleaner, just wipe or sweep it up when you are sweeping the area. The results are not clean; however, it will prevent dust from piling. 

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning baseboards should be an easy task. However, some people don’t know what to prepare so it makes it hard and tiring.

To help you out, here are some baseboard cleaning hacks that will make the job easier:

1. Remove All Furnitures & Other Objects

To make it easier for you to move, remove all the furniture, and object to another room. This is the most tiring task; however, it will make a difference. 

2. Cleaning All at Once

Try cleaning all the baseboard at one time, so you don’t need to feel tired again. It may take several times, but after the task, you can rest and enjoy the day. 

3. Use Yoga Mat 

To prevent hurting your knees while kneeling, put something soft and thick below. A yoga mat, unused pillow, or towel can be an option to make them feel comfortable. 

4. Stretch for a While

Cleaning the baseboard may take some time, so don’t forget to stretch out occasionally. This will prevent your back from getting hurt and break the boredom. 

5. Use some Music

Listening to music always makes the job fun. Turn on a high beet song to accompany your cleaning. Dance for a while to loosen up the body. 

6. Use Professional Baseboard Cleaner

Vinegar and normal soap can clean the stain. However, if there is a heavy stain, it is best to use professional products such as Baseboard Cleaner Home Depot to make the job easier.

Cleaning baseboard is not hard, but it surely takes some time. You’ll need around 2-3 hours to clean every part of the house, depending on how big your house is. 

Don’t forget to also prepare a baseboard cleaner to remove the stains and dirt easier. If the stain is not heavy, then vinegar and soap are enough. However, for heavier problems try using professional products. 

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