Wonderful Bathroom Plants with Numerous Benefits

Bathroom plants bring a fresh view and purify the air. They can be a little entertainment while you are having a shower.

If you are interested in having plants in the bathroom, you should think of what kind of plants that fit in a room with low light condition.

Bathroom plants can consume space depending on what type of plants you are intended to have. It means you should have a bathroom that does not too compact. 

These plants can be a good candidate for having greenery in the bathroom. I hope they can grow well in your area so that you can keep them.

1. Air Purify Plant

Snake plant is dubbed one of the easiest plants in the maintenance category. It is a perfect choice for the bathroom.

You do not have to worry if you often go on a long trip as the plant, better known as Sansevieria, can live without being watered for weeks.

In addition, it can help clear chemical substances called formaldehyde found in everyday products such as toilet paper, tissues, and some cosmetics.

That is why you should put this lovely plant in the bathroom.

2. A Plant for Newbie

Spider plant would be a good choice anybody can pick for anybody who has no idea how to take care of plants. It does not really require time-consuming care whatsoever.

It can be one of the bathroom plant options as it is able to adapt in many severe conditions in order to survive.

It requires to be watered once or twice a week, and that will be fine.

As the name suggests, spider plant looks like the eight-legged creature, waiting on the web for its prey to pass by. Its thin, long leaves beautifully hang loosely from its center.

It can grow well in a medium-light environment, which is similar to a bathroom atmosphere.

3. Benefits of Bathroom Plants in Bathroom

You can get many benefits of bathroom plants in bathroom. Taking a shower would be a fun daily routine accompanied by lovely greeneries.

By knowing these facts, your desire for putting bathroom plants will eventually grow even more. Here are some of the advantages offered.

Improving air quality is one of the benefits you will be rewarded. It is a clear fact as you can feel fresher air yourself.

Absorbing excess moisture is another reason why you should consider having plants installed in the bathroom.

Bathroom plants also help fend bacteria off that grow and hide in the surrounding area. Finally yet importantly, they can be a mood booster as they reduce anxiety and stress level.

4. The Hardy Plant – Aspidistra

If you are looking for a plant that grows well during the summer, and, at the same time, it survives the long, cold winter. Iron cast plant will stand in the first line.

This bathroom plant is native to China and still related to the lily family. It is also called aspidistra, and it was somewhat popular during the Victorian era.

This plant is slow in growth, but it can live long enough. It thrives in low-light environment, and it is not hard for it to get used to with a regular climate.

5. Three-Like Bathroom Plant

This upright plant may not like being in a very cold temperature. Dracaena would prefer 15-21 Celsius during the day and slightly cooler at night.

Dracaena would not be a problem to be displayed in a bathroom as long as you know how to take care of it – it is simple, though.

Keep the soil to stay moist is one of the best ways to give it proper care. Create good drainage, and never let soil gets soggy.

You can keep its height by pruning the stem in order to maintain its growth. You can put a dracaena in fairly bright but indirect light, as it is crucial for its growth.

6. Pretty Houseplant

Most orchids are fond of moisture. It also needs a good drainage system. They are suitable for indoor plants.

Orchids would as well fit as bathroom plants that will definitely elevate the décor. They can be found in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on the species.

They would want you to provide all the necessary basic requirements including, humidity, temperature, and light.

If you can provide those elements, the rest would not be too difficult to give.

7. Woodland Plants

Another easy-to-care, indoor plant would be ferns. You should pay attention to what the plant needs.

Dry air and extreme temperatures are not ferns’ cup of tea. There are varieties of ferns that are suitable for many different kinds of weather.

Here are some requirements that will support their growth. Most ferns thrive in humid conditions as they like moisture.

A well-draining soil should be provided as they could die in waterlogged soil or pot. Avoid placing ferns in a low light condition.

That can result in slow growth and their fronds will turn yellowish.

8. Stunning Ivy

Adorn your bathroom with hanging plant ideas. This can be an alternative of decoration.

Potted plants will not have any problems if they are hung on ceiling, a ladder, or any high places as long as their basic needs are given.

Hanging bathroom plants are an easy way to create a better appeal when you need a new situation.

Ivy would be a clever move for a hanging plant idea as you may already its ability to grow and climb walls.

9. Peace Lily

Peace lily is also a type of a plant that is easy to care for among those plants previously mentioned above.

It is also huge that you will find it displayed in many homes and offices. This houseplant would make a good bathroom plant too.

Not only does peace lily have a beautiful appearance, but it also cleans the air in the bathroom.

Avoid giving too much water, as it prefers a less water soil condition. To see whether it needs watering or not, you can check the soil first.

Damp soil is a signal that you do not have to water it now. On the other hand, if it dries, then give some water.

10. A Plant with Amazing Substance

Aloe Vera does not only work as a plant that beautifies your house. In fact, it can be a medicine for several occasions by making use of its gel.

It can help the healing process of cut and burn skin as well as clear some common face problems such as acne and redness. 

Moreover, Aloe Vera has stunning green foliage with small horns on each side of the leaves. All of these bathroom plants are not there just for show only as you gain many benefits from them – more than just for aesthetic value for sure.

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