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33 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas that Make Yours Look More Spacious

Tiny space is not a dead-end. It can be a cozy place for you. Check out some small bathroom remodel ideas that will make yours look visually bigger.

1. Very Small Bathroom Ideas with Light Color Hues

Light and bright walls tend to be reflective, making your bathroom feel open and airy. Try painting it in your next small bathroom remodel ideas white because it always looks good with other colors.

2. Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Dark Color Hues? Why Not?

While many people think that light colors are the best choice for small bathroom remodel ideas, it does not mean you cannot bring in darker hues to your tiny bathroom.

Keep the trims and fixture crisp white to avoid the boxed-in feeling created by dark hues while creating an elegant monochromatic bathroom.

3. Install a Large Mirror

Mirrors can reflect light. Therefore, hanging a wall-to-ceiling mirror is a great idea as it can trick the eyes and make anyone think that the bathroom is not as petite as it seems.

4. Opt for a few Smaller Mirrors

Do not have a huge mirror that can cover your wall? It is okay. You can still hang a few smaller mirrors to do the trick. It will do in a pinch because they can still reflect the light.

5. Glass Shower Door for Simple Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

Some bathrooms are short on space, so they have to get by with a shower only. One of the brilliant small bathroom ideas with shower only is swapping the curtain for a glass door.

The transparent glass door allows you to see the space in the shower while preventing the splash and soap from messing the entire bathroom.

6. Forget about the Shower Door

This is one of small bathroom remodel ideas that will not cost you a fortune – removing the shower door.

If you do it, you will eradicate the border in your bathroom. Besides, it enables you to step into the shower conveniently.

7. Dazzling Mirror

Installing backlight behind your bathroom mirror will help you see your reflection better. It will be great to spend time in the grooming area.

As a bonus, the backlight will incorporate a modern style into your bathroom. Just ditch the mirror frame, and replace it with string LED light.

8. Small Bathroom Layout

Small space 101; always let natural light illuminate the room. You can also apply this theory to your small bathroom.

If you are going to make a bathroom from scratch, paying attention to the layout to maximize the natural light is necessary.

You might need privacy when doing your stuff in the bathroom. Thus, installing frosted glass will solve your problem without blocking natural light.

9. Install a Skylight

This bathroom looks fantastic with large fish-scale tiles that bring in coastal vibes to space. You can put it on the list of your next small bathroom remodel ideas.

Do not forget to install a skylight right over the shower room to shed plenty of natural light on it.

10. Be United

Grout, which is different from the tiles, will accentuate the lines clearly, making your bathroom look smaller.

For your next small bathroom remodel ideas, try applying grout that matches the tiles to create a seamless effect, just like this elegant marble-like bathroom.

11. Go for One Material

Accommodating several different materials in a petite bathroom will make a chaotic scene. Tone down the visual noise by sticking to two or three of them only.

12. All-White Bathroom

Many small bathroom remodel ideas suggest you paint yours white. You had better do it.

When you paint your bathroom white, from the floor to the ceiling, you have broken down the boundaries, making every corner flow into one being.

13. Install Tiles up to the Ceiling

Backsplash can do more than just protecting the wall from stain. It can beef up your bathroom, too. For your small bathroom remodel ideas, try extending your backsplash from the floor to ceiling to make it look higher.

14. Paint the Ceiling the Same Color as the Wall

Making everything flow into one being is your go-to trick when it comes to expanding a bathroom visually. So, paint the ceiling, walls, and floor the same color to make this idea tangible.

15. Extend the Tiles into the Shower Room

Installing the same tiles in the shower like the ones in the vanity can be an outstanding small bathroom remodel ideas. It can make the entire bathroom look united. Make sure you install the glass door to round out it.

16. Ditch Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Bulky cabinets take up lots of space. Therefore, why do you have to install them in your minute bathroom? Ditch the cabinets and see how spacious your bathroom is.

17. Try Floating Vanity Instead

Every inch counts. For this reason, opting for a floating vanity rather than the one with legs for the next small bathroom remodel ideas will add lots of valuable space.

18. Invest in Multipurpose Cabinet

Investing in a multi-purpose cabinet is such a great idea. Look at how this modern mirror hides grooming essential well.

19. Be Stylish with Wall-Mounted Shelves

One of the best small bathroom remodel ideas on a budget is by making wall-mounted shelves yourself. Just attach some shelves, support them with L-brackets, and you are good to go.

20. Tap Your Bathroom Door

Do not let the space behind the bathroom door lie dormant. Install some racks on it will help you hold the clutter at bay.

21. Look Up for Storage

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Besides the space behind the door, you can also make use of the one over it. Just install a shelf to host several less-used items.

22. Install Large Tiles

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

As you can see, this small bathroom remodel ideas prefer large tiles than the small ones. Large plain tiles will make your bathroom less busy. Besides, they reflect the light better than do the small patterned ones.

23. Seamless Flooring

This bathroom features marble-like tiles that cover the floor and walls. The seamless look provided by the thin grout makes them united while adding an upscale look.

24. Add Some Accent with Mosaic Tiles

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

While mosaic tiles are not recommended for small space, it does not mean you cannot have it. Framing your mirror with them can accentuate it well.

25. Lay the Tiles Diagonally

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

It is said that laying the tiles diagonally can trick the eyes and make a small bathroom look more spacious. Well, this one has proven that it is not just a myth.

26. Make an Accent Wall

Another small bathroom remodel ideas to create an accent wall in a narrow tunnel-like bathroom that surely worth trying.

The accent wall will draw the eyes to it, pulling everything together, and making the bathroom look larger.

27. Get Rid of Clutter

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

One of the simple bathroom designs for small spaces is keeping the clutter in check. Hide less-used items away so that it will stay clean and minimalist.

28. Make a Built-in Shower Niche

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Instead of making a wall-mounted shelf that takes up a little space, a built-in niche can do better. A built-in niche can host soap and shampoo while maintaining the valuable space.

29. Use all Nook and Cranny

Every nook and cranny in a small space is precious. Tap into the most awkward corner in your bathroom by purchasing a custom vanity like this one.

30. Get a Bathtub Caddy

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

This is one of the easiest small bathroom remodel ideas. Try adding caddy to your bathtub.

Adding a caddy is one of the small bathroom ideas with tub which is inexpensive and easy. Just grab some boards, screws, and stains to make one.

31. Bathtub-Shower Combo

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If there is not enough room for a bathtub and a shower, why don’t you just install them at the same spot? It will save lots of space. Just like this small bathroom remodel ideas.

32. Hang Clear Shower Curtain

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You might worry about the mess created by the splash from the shower. To overcome this problem without compromising the space, hang a transparent curtain.

Make sure you jot it down in the list of your small bathroom remodel ideas.

33. Clean Floor Space

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

One thing for sure, clean floor space is the most important thing that you need to maintain to get a spacious bathroom. Therefore, making your vanity and closet float is essential.

Those are 33 small bathroom remodel ideas that will make yours seem larger and more appealing.

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