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11 Bathroom Sink Ideas to Make You Feel Different

Technology has brought significant changes from time to time. It also applies to the world of architecture, one of which is proven by the increasing variety of bathroom sink ideas.

Currently, the sink has become a mandatory feature in the bathroom. Apart from its function as a place to wash your hands, it turns out that this section can also create a stylish look in your room.

The materials used as sinks are also quite diverse and won’t be boring. The following are some bathroom sink ideas that you can adjust to your home.

1. Under-mount Bathroom Sink Ideas

According to its placement, sinks are divided into two types, namely top-mount and under-mount. We can look at this through the position of the rim or the edge of the sink.

The under-mount is where the rim is located lower than the countertops. Thus, you can direct dirt or water splashes back into the bathroom sink.

This design allows you to clean the countertops perfectly. However, However, you own to be prudent to place items so that they don’t fall into the sink.

2. Top-mount Sink

This design is the opposite of under-mount. The rim of the top-mount sink is higher than the countertops. Of course, this design even has its stead and disadvantages.

The higher rim will prevent water or objects on the countertops from falling into the sink. Therefore, you have to direct various impurities to other places.

However, both under-mount and top-mount generally have a fairly standard design. However, you may be able to get unique styles in several stores.

3. Small Bathroom Sink Ideas

Many people choose a large bathroom sink because they consider this feature to be quite crucial. It’s not wrong, because one of the functions of this object is to wash your face.

However, for those of you who prefer a minimalist design, a small sink can also be an option. There are many attractive designs that not only save space but can also give a stylish impression.

Many things, such as basins, pots, etc. have now been transformed into stylish sinks. Plus, you can also enjoy the aesthetic value in every corner.

4. Bathroom Sink Ideas in Little Space

Land area is often a problem in interior and exterior arrangements. When dealing with little spaces, you have to turn your brain to present a comfortable room.

One way is to use bathroom sink ideas that don’t take up a lot of space. You can use a vanity that is complete with storage and other equipment.

Apart from using vanity, you can also choose a sink design that has a small size. Don’t forget to maximize the use of the walls so that they use space more effectively.

5. The Elongated Style

Sometimes small sinks don’t quite accommodate your activities there. For that reason, an elongated design appears that extends to the side.

With this model, you can install more than one water faucet so that several people can use it at once. Besides, the elongated design also increases the water holding capacity.

Of course, over there are many styles you can apply to this design. Elongated sinks are flexible to modern, contemporary, rustic, farmhouse, and other concepts.

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6. Modern Bathroom Sink Ideas

Modern concepts always emphasize efficiency in the use of space. Sinks that favor this style have a minimalist design and have multiple functions.

Vanity is the right choice for those of you who like modern concepts. Besides, the dominant color is generally bright, such as white. Bright tones are thought to give a broad feel.

7. Ultra-Modern Ideas

Ultra-modern presents an elegant, classy, yet simple, and minimalist concept. These styles are known to be in line with a finger of the latest technology.

These bathroom sink ideas will be very suitable for today’s societies who crave a practical and innovative life. Convenience is a bonus that you get from implementing this concept.

To get a level of comfort above modern concepts, you can look for references from various sources. There are many models of bathroom sink design with price that you can choose.

8. Going Rustic

Apart from being modern, the rustic concept is one that has many fans. The unfinished look is one of the characteristics that make this concept look different and attractive.

Rustic also has quite a variety of applications. You can experiment with shapes, colors, and designs. This concept is most widely-adopted in DIY bathroom sink ideas.

9. Bathroom Sink Designs with Cabinet

The cabinet is one of the required features in various spaces. You can even adjust it to your bathroom sink ideas.

You can use it to store various objects related to the bathroom. Laying it close to the sink will make it easier to pick up the soap, towels, and other items.

Some furniture, such as vanity, is equipped with a storage area. But you can also mix it yourself manually.

10. Try to Use Basin

As previously explained, bathroom sink ideas now are very diverse and are no longer monotonous. The use of materials also expanded and began to use something unusual.

One that is quite popular lately is the use of the basin as a water container. You can choose any materials, from ceramics, clay, and others.

The use of a basin in bathroom sink ideas is quite flexible when side by side with various home decor concepts. You can also play with colors according to your tastes and needs.

11. Bathroom Sink Decorating Ideas

Apart from the use-value of the sink, there is nothing wrong if you also place various decorations to beautify your bathroom. You can place a variety of beautiful accessories around the sink.

Some of the decorations that you can put around the sink are mirrors, unique hangers, and toys. You can also experiment with the form of storage or water faucets.

Every part of the house should receive maximum attention. The design of the space, furniture, and decoration must also be as beautiful as possible to make residents feel comfortable.

Meanwhile, bathroom sink ideas often don’t get attention. This spot can be an extraordinary place if you decorate it with the right concept.

With these recommendations, anyone can create elegant comfort. How about you? Have you thought of bathroom sink ideas for the place you stay?

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