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Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

The bathroom vanity ideas are not only the place to store things. They also make a statement there, keeping the subtle atmosphere and make the room more compact.

There are plenty of bathroom vanity ideas but again, the ideal choice is the one that can adapt to the theme. You have to be careful when choosing a vanity that suits your bathroom.

Because once you install it into the bathroom a renovation, which spends many budgets is needed if you want to replace it.

Several recommendations for the best bathroom vanity ideas DIY is not too big, so it does not take up too much space.

Let’s try to keep things in order while making your bathroom feel spacious.

1. Weightless Bathroom Vanity Ideas DIY


How can you resist a vanity full of magical nuances?

The white color that coats its surface conveys a subtle and spacious impression of the bathroom. However, that is not the main attraction in this bathroom vanity.

The base of the vanity does not touch the floor so it looks floating and delicate. This concept belongs to bathroom vanity ideas for small bathrooms or those with a minimalist concept.

Even though it is floating, it can support a heavy sink and does not contain a cabinet for storing various toiletries and towels.

This build-in vanity requires serious construction skill, or even better, you can just buy it from the online store and install with the help of constructor services.

The surface of the bathroom vanity is the lacquered shine that it is going to make your bathroom an ultimate luxurious place.

With its rectangular shape, it creates a compact look. It is one of the ultra-modern bathroom vanity ideas with only a shower and a water closet.

Pair the vanity with a rectangular glass and keep it ultra-minimalist. You will realize how attractive your bathroom will be.

The weightless bathroom vanity ideas are the solution to create such a relieving room without spending too much budget.

Place the towels in there and no more messy bathroom. Taking a bath never felt that good before.

2. White Shabby Chic and Simple


If the ultra-minimalist concept is too boring, a shabby chic will aid you to accomplish a dreamier bathroom.

Shabby chic style in the picture is a combination of classic, rustic, and modern bathroom vanity designs. It is symbolized by the use of playful and dazzling colors.

The corners of the furniture in the shabby chic concept are not too sharp, so it avoids an ultra-minimalist impression.

Shabby chic provides a feminine atmosphere and is one of the most lovable concepts for women and children’s bathrooms.

This shabby chic vanity features a broken white shade. The corners are slightly curved with accent lines on the drawer.

The drawer grip features black shade, make it a contrast to all broken white surfaces.

Combined with a flowerpot on the top and a rectangular mirror with a rustic concept, you have successfully created heaven in your bathroom.

Support this lovely idea by using good lighting in the bathroom. A lamp with a classic frame and high wattage is the best choice.

You will fall in love over repeatedly with this white shabby chic bathroom vanity because it features timeless beauty no woman can ever resist.

White tile flooring is a nice statement to complete this calming concept.

3. Asymmetrical Bathroom Vanity Ideas


One cabinet above and the other is below. This vanity idea is a nice statement to get rid of an unpleasant bathroom.

That is why it is called the asymmetrical bathroom vanity ideas. This furniture consists of a plank that supports two cabinets.

You can give accents in the form of flowers or a picture frame on the table to make it look more subtle.

Even though it looks fragile, this vanity is quite strong. These cabinets can support many toiletries and towels.

The warm color on the vanity surface gives a simple impression. For the shabby chic concept, minimalist, or even a classic one, this vanity is a good pick.

On the countertop, there is a sink with a contrasting color. This color difference will give a playful impression in the bathroom.

Thin vertical glass is a good companion to this bizarre vanity idea. It will reduce the stuffy impression in the bathroom.

Compared to big vanity, this furniture is relatively affordable and easy to install at your bathroom. For you who own a tiny bathroom, this idea is a good deal.

4. Mirrored Bathroom Vanity Ideas


This mirrored vanity is a kind of appreciation for you. Every time you make up yourself in the bathroom, you will feel like a glamorous Hollywood Star.

The mirrored accent is a good effort to create an air space. The mirror reflects anything near it so that is where the magic comes from.

The vanity consists of the cabinet and the drawer. Everything is concealed with glass, so you can imagine how it will reflect your reflection in every corner.

Looks like you do not need a mirror more, but for the matter of balance of interior details in the bathroom, you can place a simple one.

As the mirrored vanity has stolen the attention, better to pick other simple types of furniture so that you do feel unlike in a hardware showroom when being in a bathroom.

Pay attention before choosing this mirrored vanity: if you are a clumsy person, or if a kid often uses the bathroom, pick the other idea.

The mirrored vanity is a bad choice if you break things a lot, or if a child is not careful. If you shatter the mirror, not only everybody gets hurt, but also it takes a serious renovation to fix it up.

If you are not a careful person but still insist to present this glam, combine the mirrored concept with other material.

A lacquered vanity plus mirrored drawers can be an outstanding choice. We enjoy the idea of how the bathroom vanity can present a huge difference to your bathroom decor.

Although it is located under the sink, the bathroom vanity is an item of important furniture. It is the first thing to steal people’s attention when they go to the bathroom.

Picking the right bathroom vanity ideas are going to encourage you to finish your home decor project. Thus, have you decided which one that satisfies you the best?

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