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Relaxing and Fun Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas

Most people create beach bathroom decor for their vacation house. However, if you do not have one, why not make it for your home?

You cannot find any other place better than the bathroom to create a beach decoration. Therefore, transform it into a different place.

However, if you do not like the beach bathroom decor, try other kinds of decoration that will make it feel different and relaxing. 

Here are some inspirational decor ideas that will make your bathroom look just like other rooms in the house.

1. Wood Tray & Candles

Wood Tray & Candles

If you do not have much budget for your bathroom decoration, then try tucking in some candles and a wooden tray in the corner of the room. Thus, they can bring a warm and relaxing atmosphere inside.

However, to make it look a bit like a beach bathroom decor too, choose light color candles like baby blue and white. Also, add some shells around to complete the whole look. 

2. Modern Black & White

Modern Black & White

Nothing can ever go wrong with a black and white theme. Besides, you can match almost any kind of design and decor using these two natural colors. 

However, if you do not want the bathroom to look too dull with black and white, then match it up with some natural accessories like a wooden mirror. 

In addition, hang an iron bar beside the mirror to put your small towels.

3. Fresh & Green Decor

Fresh & Green Decor

Create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom by bringing in some candles and plants together. Further, the combination of these two decorations will make you comfortable in the bathtub.

Put in some different kinds of plants and place them in different places. Also, you can put one on top of the toilet or the shelves.

4. White Modern Bathroom

White Modern Bathroom

One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom look and feel clean is by dominating the whole room with white. However, it is a bit tricky because they can get dirty easily too. 

Therefore, if you decide to dominate the whole room with white, make sure to choose materials that cannot get dirty easily. Hence, ceramics and marble are the best options for this kind of design. 

5. Serenity with Nature

Serenity with Nature

Let the serenity come into your bathroom with some fresh air and natural lighting. You can make this theme by painting the whole room in white.

Also, combining the white room with some soft colors such as brown and green might be a great idea.

Furthermore, to bring the real nature in, hang some plants above or beside the tub. Do not forget to have a window that can bring in natural lighting into the room. 

6. Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom

If you want something vintage but modern at the same time, then the farmhouse theme is the best option.

Combine wood, natural color with marble and white materials. For example, you can use wooden mirrors and pendant lightings to get a rustic touch.

Next, to make it modern, use white-brown marbles for the sink and the flooring. Moreover, this great combination will deliver a luxurious farmhouse bathroom. 

7. Beach Bathroom Decor

Beach Bathroom Decor

Most people love the beach because it can make them feel relax. So, to bring that relaxing atmosphere in the house, apply this theme in your bathroom. 

Thereupon, paint the ceiling and walls with light colors such as blue or white. As for the beach decor, hang on shells and starfish on the wall. Besides, you can put them in bottles or jars, so they do not break easily. 

If you want to make the beach bathroom decor look more like a vacation, use themed bathroom shower curtains.

8. Rustic Shelves for Beach Bathroom Decor

Rustic Shelves for Beach Bathroom Decor

A simple beach bathroom decor that you can apply is the rustic shelves. However, rather than having to paint the whole room with bright colors, why not just bring the environment in. 

Then, you can easily get simple boxes from the craft and transform it into hanging shelves. Next, organize your collections of starfish, shells, and sands on to it. 

Finally, you get a combination of rustic and beach bathroom decor at once. 

9. Beach Bathroom Decor with Candles

Beach Bathroom Decor with Candles

If you do not have much space and budget to make the plans above, then bring on the beach using candles and its holders. 

Further, create a beach candle decoration with sands, shells, and starfish. Then, fill in the whole cup with these elements and put the holder beside your bathtub.

For the sands, it is best to get the ones from the craft store rather than the real ones. Additionally, they last longer and do not smell even if it gets wet.  

10. Beach Style Bathrooms

Beach Style Bathrooms

Those who like beach style bathrooms, but do not want to bring in too much can try to play with the colors.

This place is usually known for white and blue colors, so why not paint your bathroom with this combination. As for beach decor, use paintings instead of shells and starfish. 

11. Beach Bathroom Decor with Spa Atmosphere 

Beach Bathroom Decor with Spa Atmosphere

Treat yourself as well as you can by creating and decorating your bathroom in the most comfortable ways. 

Thus, add some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere and a refreshing scent. You can also put in some flowers to make the room look prettier. 

12. Navy White Bathrooms

Navy White Bathrooms

Rustic decoration does not always have to be soft and old. Bold colors such as navy and white can also create the same theme. If you need a distinct version of this style, then try this combination.

First, change the bathroom tiles with lapping tiles, both for the walls and the floorings. However, remember to use pail-white rather than the clean shining ones.

Then, color one part of the walls with navy blue. On this side, hang on a wooden frame that consists of an old picture or some words of wisdom. 

Moreover, to match the theme, change your faucet, shower, and benches into wood color or brown. This will complete the look for the navy vintage bathroom. 

From all the options above, one of the best and easiest themes that you can apply is the beach bathroom decor. Just with some light colors and small accessories you can bring the environment in.

Redecorating the bathroom can cost expensive, especially if you want to change the whole design. Therefore, it is important to consider small details that can make a change. 

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