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20 Best Modern Bedding Ideas 2020 to Give You A Good Night

A well-decorated and comfortable bed is vital to make your space look and feel great at the same time. Therefore, you need to consider some bedding ideas that perfectly suit your taste and personality.

Why? Because decorating the bedroom neither only about selecting the mattress’s size that you prefer nor how to choose bedding colors you like.

Indeed, it is all about ensuring that you will get relax and comfy bedding to lay on after you pass the tiring day.

However, you do not have to be worry anymore. This article will provide you the 20 dreamiest decorative bedding ideas to complete your need and preferences.

1. Dreamy Light Blue Bedding Ideas

Dreamy Light Blue Bedding Ideas

Among the many best bedding ideas, the first choice falls on the light blue duvet. Hence, nothing can resist the soothing impression of this sky color.

Then, homeowners might choose either a bare or stripped design. In essence, with light blue, people can feel comfortable resting as if they were sleeping on a cloud.

2. Trendy Navajo Bedding Set

Trendy Navajo Bedding Set

There will be no word outdate with the Navajo pattern. Also, bedding with this motif is available in various sizes and colors. Thus, you can choose according to your wishes.

For example, the combination of light brown and Tosca is just one of them. If you like the boho style, then this will be a perfect fit.

3. European Solid Duvet Cover for Bedding Ideas

European Solid Duvet Cover for Bedding Ideas

If you are looking for bedding ideas for master bedroom, consider putting this design on your list. 

Further, the appearance of a transparent strip with a solid color that mostly adopts the European style will make your space look simple yet elegant.

4. Two-Tone Fluffy Comforter

Two-Tone Fluffy Comforter

The perfect mix and match bedding ideas come with this two-colored fluffy duvet. Likewise, with this 2-in-1 model, you will quickly decide either the pink or the gray side without rushing your wardrobe.

5. Regal Patterned Bedding Ideas

Regal Patterned Bedding Ideas

The regal pattern is ready to bring you to a luxurious and elegant royal atmosphere. 

Therefore, the neutral gray and white colors perfectly match your bedroom’s interior. The dark wood and gold dominate its style.

Furthermore, with its soft and warm coverlet, you will soundly fall asleep even though it is snowing outside.

6. Bedding Ideas with Pocket

Bedding Ideas with Pocket

Are you looking for bedding ideas that are aesthetics and multifunctional? Then, this bedspread set with side pockets could be your best answer.

You can store lots of small things such as remote TV, ac, iPod, and cellphone inside the pockets. Thereupon, finding these items might be easier.

7. Autumn Theme Bedding Ideas

Autumn Theme Bedding Ideas

You can celebrate the joy of the autumn holidays with this bedsheet set. Apart from the falling leaves, also consider buying other motifs that represent each season.

Thus, you can have a fun and festive look in your room to welcome the new season.

8. Pure Linen Bedding

Pure Linen Bedding

If you want to get the classic clean feel of linen, try to buy this coverlet set. The combination of white, gray, beige, and cream will suit all room decorations such as modern minimalist or farmhouse style.

9. Best Bedding Ideas with Faux Fur Set

Best Bedding Ideas with Faux Fur Set

Who does not love the delicacy of a faux fur bedding set? Of course, everyone will fall in love with it.

Wherefore, the combination of faux fur comforter with lacy bed sheets will make your room look more sweet and romantic. One note, do not forget to arrange a suitable rug for your floor.

10. Minimalist in Grey

Minimalist in Grey

Do you want another simple design that is suitable for your son? Try to go with the bedding ideas grey as above.

Additionally, a pillowcase with a gray gradient on the mattress will be an excellent focal point in his bedroom.

11. Beige Basket Weave Embossed Coverlet

Beige Basket Weave Embossed Coverlet

The unique texture and warmth that the basket weave pattern quilt brings is the best thing to make you sleep well. Besides, there are lots of colors and styles of this embossed coverlet.

Then, you can choose according to your personality. However, these beige ones can bring the warmest look to your personal space.

12. Geometric Pattern on Your Bedding Ideas

Geometric Pattern on Your Bedding Ideas

Who says bedspread with geometric patterns will make a room look stiff. Otherwise, this bedding style will go well with your modern taste.

Further, by adding some industrial decorative items, your room will be the most comfortable place that many people dream of.

13. Floral for Fashionable Bedding Ideas

Floral for Fashionable Bedding Ideas

The floral theme is one of the best bedding ideas for teenage girls that you can apply to your daughter’s bedroom. Then, by combining pink, green, and white, you will get a very cute final decor.

14. Real tree Pattern to Go Earthy

Real tree Pattern to Go Earthy

A real-tree pattern will suit those who like an adventure in the wild. Likewise, the abstract combination of dark green and brown colors that resembles bark makes you feel the forest’s freshness.

Thereupon, you can fall asleep soundly with the songs of nature.

15. Classic Victorian Bedding Set

Classic Victorian Bedding Set

Giving a Victorian touch to your bedding is a brilliant idea. The attention-grabber in this design is the ruffle in the bed sheet and coverlet.

Also, there are two choices for you. The first is choosing linen that offers the simplicity of a farmhouse style.

Meanwhile, the satin version with embossed will make your room classic and magnificent at once. Which one do you prefer?

16. Farmhouse Linen Bedding with Ruffle

Farmhouse Linen Bedding with Ruffle

The farmhouse style! It is the best among the many bedding ideas you have ever met.

Moreover, the combination of pure linen that looks shabby and a pastel pink coverlet with ruffles makes your room look warm, sweet, romantic, and stunning at the same time.

So, get ready for a sweet dream with this soft bedding!

17. Unique Bed Décor for Toddlers

Unique Bed Décor for Toddlers

The next bedding ideas come for your little ones. Providing a comfortable and soft design combined with a unique decoration can help your children start learning to sleep alone.

In addition, consider choosing their favorite color so that they will love the room even more.

18. Colorful Bedding Set for Babies

Colorful Bedding Set for Babies

Of course, your nursery room also needs a little attention in choosing the bedding set for your baby. Thus, consider applying bright colored mini coverlet set will make the nuances of this space look cheerful.

19. Personalized Coverlet Set

Personalized Coverlet Set

Giving a little personal touch to your bedding set is certainly not wrong. Indeed, it will strengthen your romantic impression with your partner.

Additionally, you can custom the words like “Mr” & “Mrs” on each of your pillows. Otherwise, put a name for your children’s bedding set.

20. Animal Print Bed Set

Animal Print Bed Set

Generally, bedspread sets with animal prints are more suitable for your toddlers. However, it does not mean that this theme will no longer match when they are teenagers.

Apart from that, it is also perfect for an animal lover. Then, with white as its base, you can mix and match it with other colors to give a beautiful pop-up.

Suppose 20 bedding ideas are not enough. Thus, you have to immediately mix and match by yourself to catch a nice dream tonight!

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