The Best Painters Tape for Every Surface and Interiors

Using the best painters tape in painting the wall would give you a clean and crisp result. The choice should be based on the surface.

A painters tape is very helpful in applying paint to the area that you want to avoid. As a result, you’ll gain a pro-quality outcome.

This special masking tape is quite easy to remove. Usually, painters apply on the spot where two surfaces meet. So, the paint won’t spill to the other things like crown moldings.

If you didn’t intend to paint the space, just tape it. When it’s got peeled off, you’ll get the crisp and even border edge. It’s also aesthetically pleasing to see.

The use of painters tape in your project would be so supportive. Before you choose the best painters tape for your job, you need to consider a few things.

1. What To Consider Before Choosing The Best Painters Tape

Job Duration

If your project would take a long time to finish, you have to get the painters’ product that can handle that duration. Some tapes don’t have the quality of adhesive backing needed.

So, you should check the packaging for that information. For example, a waterproof and exterior.has a strong adhesive. Peel it off under 7 days to prevent damaging the surface.

You can let the low-adhesive and medium-adhesive to stick longer to the wall. Make sure to check the label before using it.

Adhesion Level

Speaking of adhesive, the level of stickiness should be your concern. Moreover, you need to choose the right strength for the adhesion. Here’s the guide.

  • High or Heavy-Duty

This kind of adhesive has a strong level of stickiness. That’s what makes it perfect for outdoor use. You should remove it for 7 days.

  • Medium

A painter’s tape that has medium adhesive can handle indoor use such as drywall and plaster. If the surface gets scratched easily, this is the one to pick.

  • Low

A tape with low adhesion level suits the delicate surfaces. According to the brand, it can remain attached for up to two months.

  • Special

Besides low, medium, and high levels of adhesion, there’re some painter’s tapes that are made for special purposes such as flooring protection.

The Width of the Tape

You have to find the ideal width for your surface. For example, taping off the window, molding, and trim will need 1.41 and 1.88 inches of tape.

Those will cover the spot you need to avoid. To paint the corner, the tape should be in the width of 0.94 inches to fit easily into a tight corner space.


It’s also one of the important considerations you have to deal with. That’s because the colors of painter’s tape are largely arbitrary.

The color of the tape doesn’t signify its quality except for the blue one. That color means it’s UV resistant. So, the product will be perfect for both outdoor and indoor jobs.

The blue painter’s tape can even handle a project that’s exposed to the sunlight. You’re not going to face a problem with it being difficult to remove.

2. The Best Picks of Painters Tape

Here are some of the best painters tape according to the project.

Best Painters Tape Overall: Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape with UV Resistant

This product of painter’s tape is great for all kinds of surfaces. If you get the perfect brand, it will have a gold standard which is guaranteed great quality.

Differ from other product, this is one of the best painters tape that UV resistant and have a medium adhesion. You can remove it for 14 days without damaging the surfaces.

The width of this original painter’s tape is from 0.7 to 2.82 inches. You can pick one that matches your project.

As a recommendation, you should go with the 1.88 inches tape to deal with flat and curved surfaces like glass, wood, textured walls, and ceilings.

Best Painters Tape for Wood: Premium Professional Painter’s Masking Tape with BLOC-It

If your project is dealing with woodwork, you can consider using this item. This tape has edges that are specially designed to prevent the bleeding of paint.

That’s because there’s a high chance it could happen on wooden surfaces and it will do the same to the laminated and lacquered surfaces.

The product is nicely priced. For a single roll, it will cost you about 8 dollars for the 1,88 inches one on Amazon.

Even though this painters tape is UV resistant, you should still remove it before 14 days to get the best result. The 0.94 inches one is an ideal choice for detailed painting and corner.

Best for Delicate Surfaces: Yellow Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape with PaintBlock

This painter’s tape is usually used to tape fresh paint, wallpaper, and finished wood. Even lots of people admit that this item is the best painters tape for wood-related projects.

But it has low adhesion. This tape features absorbent polymers that will work great on latex paints. It will form a barrier of gel to avoid paint bleeding.

You can leave the tape within 60 days indoor. Besides, it’s not recommended for outdoor use especially with direct sunlight.

You can pick the versatile one, the 1.41-inch tape. It’s ideal to use for windows, detail work, and trim.

The product is very easy to remove which doesn’t mean it will be easily peeled off on itself. Using this painter’s tape can create a crisp, stunning line.

Best Outdoors: Pro Weather-proof Painter’s Tape Exterior Surface

Many people said that this is the best painters tape that specifically designed for outdoor use. It features enough adhesion to use against stick-resistant surfaces like concrete, brick, and stucco.

The heavy-duty power of adhesive from this painter’s tape can handle sun, rain, and wind. It will stay strong in any weather.

People use it for many kinds of purposes including repairing cars or motorbikes. Get the highly-versatile one, the 1.41-inch tape.

For a more wiggle room, you can aim for the bigger one, the 1.88-inch version. Because it contains a strong adhesive, take the tape off the surface within 7 days.

On Amazon, you can purchase this painter’s tape with a pretty good deal. It’s only for about 9 dollars per piece.

The use of this product we’re talking about is quite important. It will help the painting project of the house. If you pick the best painters tape, you can get a clean, crisp result.

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