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10 Boho Wall Decor that Spells Free Spirit in Your Room

Boho wall decor – Bohemian style is famous for fringed fabrics, brightly colored patterns, and nature involvement. Moreover, when someone applies such a concept to space, the free spirit could be visible all over.

Meanwhile, eclecticism is more likely what people call it because there is no set rule in applying the said style. Since it is going trendier these days, boho wall decor becomes catchier, in an excitingly good way.

Therefore, look at these ten examples of boho wall decor to see the excitement they cause as stated just now. Some are available for purchase online, whereas others are on the list of DIY projects.

1. DIY No-Weave Wall Hanging


Your first DIY boho wall decor is this no-weave wall hanging. Thus, if you leave your walls with plentiful of negative space, this bohemian decorative piece is just faultless.

Additionally, you need some requirements to start this DIY project.

They are all-purpose glue, cotton table runner, gold tube beads, pins, as well as chunky wool, pompoms, and sewing machine thread, all in white colors.

2. Driftwood Jewelry Organizer


Next, there is a jewelry organizer made of natural driftwood. This is an online store product, and you can do the purchasing with ease, but the DIY version is also possible to have.

You know the deal with goods from nature is that no two items are alike. Thus, guarantee 100% uniqueness will be yours.

Furthermore, driftwoods are usually visible on the river shores, so you know where to find one. Clean the materials thoroughly and make sure they become dry before you start the creating process.

After that, attach some hooks or small nails alongside the wood, and you are ready to display your collection of jewelry.

A tip for you: make a couple of displays and have a mini accessories exhibition on the wall.

3. Wool Fibers Tapestry for Boho Wall Decor


If you need a focal point in your slumber room, this piece of the tapestry is worth considering. Besides, the making process is fascinating with the weaving and dyeing methods involved.

After dyeing, the next process is to prepare a walnut panel by sanding and sealing it. Then, get ready to mount the wool fibers together. The product in the picture uses a varying of sandy beige shades.

4. Set of Two Wall Art


Though minimalism is in contrast with the bohemian concept, this minimalist wall art set is also suitable in your boho room due to its nature-related quotes.

Indeed, making a set is not hard to do. You only need to find a similar quote, print, and give it a frame, and that is that. Opting for a light-toned wood casing will be a recommendation for you.

Then, this set will look gorgeous above your headboard or mounted separated above each bedside table.

5. Boho Wall Decor with Tassel Garland


Macramé defines bohemian style faultlessly. Thus, if you have a wall décor like this one, it is a definite boho, then.

Furthermore, this crochet garland will successfully beautify your bedroom or nursery since it is made of soft acrylic yarn.

Otherwise, draping it over a mirror would be a lovely displaying option, too.

6. Boho Wall Decor Living Room


Are you looking for a proper wall hanging for your boho living room? This macramé piece will do the job beautifully! Besides, it is large enough to fit your spacious space perfectly.

Moreover, by involving yarn threads and cotton, this boho wall decor is magnificently durable, safe, and versatile. You can utilize it as a backdrop for parties, a curtain inside any room, and a photo display.

It also makes an impressive present for boho lovers, as it portrays the niftiest quality. Once kept, it will be a long-lasting piece of décor.

7. Hanging Photo Display for Boho Wall Decor


Though we still need it, displaying memories through photographs in an album is a bit outdated. So, the fresher way is by executing Boho wall decor ideas like this one.

Likewise, this kind of simple project involves wood dowel, cotton cord, and wood clips you usually use to hang the laundries. Since it is removable, you can reorganize the pictures anytime.

Now, you have an artistic photograph organizer that also functions as sweet and attractive home décor. It is more than suitable to decorate bedrooms, café, dorm rooms, lounge, and office.

Presenting it as a gift for housewarming and wedding occasions is also a good idea. Looking at the wonderful memories will be reminiscing as well as satisfying.

8. Rustic Boho Wall Decor


You will take organizers to another level higher with this unit of floating shelves. It feels not only bohemian but also fits the concepts of minimalist, modern, and rustic.

Accordingly, this wood wall shelf works to house several small items, such as accessories, collectibles, framed pictures, keys, mini potted houseplants, reed diffusers.

Besides, this shelf works great for spices if mounted on the kitchen wall. In other words, you will encounter no problem at all with this hanging on several room walls.

Furthermore, the requirements to make a set of 3-tier shelf are only sturdy cotton rope, three pieces of torched wooden planks, and a little bit of creativity.

Macramé hanging shelves like this one make a quirky gift for your family members and colleagues on occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarmings.

9. Lighted Star-Moon Dreamcatcher

Some Korean drama has once introduced dreamcatcher in its episodes. Then, that kind of décor was booming not long after that.

Everybody seemed to look for it, not based on a particular belief related to bad dreams but because of its appearance on the show.

If you search for Amazon boho wall decor, this piece of dreamcatcher will draw your attention the most. They say it symbolizes a blessing, mystery, primitiveness, and warmth.

Then, you will know the claim is true only by casting a glance at it.

10. Boho Wall Decor with Macramé Plant Hangers

Macramé designs are visible in most boho wall decor, and these plant hangers are no exception. As it uses durable and strong cotton cords, the plants will safely dangle on your space walls.

Whether you mount them indoor or outdoor, they will just look elegantly great. Though simple, every piece got thorough handcrafting treatment and vintage flair.

They are not only aesthetically beneficial but also effective in saving some planting space. Having them dangling on your balcony garden or office will gladden those who see.

For all the benefits these macramé plant hangers have, you might feel too bad to keep them yourself. Thus, give some to your plant-lover friends and colleagues. They will be more than thankful.

Well, thank you for scrolling down this page until the end! May you find all the information about boho wall decor above useful, dear readers.

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