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Book Rack, How to Make Amazing Unit at Home

If you have a lot of free time on weekends, one of the most brilliant ideas you can do is make a book rack.

Bookshelves are DIY concepts that are so easy to establish and bring a dramatic influence on your home. It can deliver a more compact ambiance.

Not only books, but you can also put a variety of fascinating accessories on the bookshelf, such as small flower pots, miniatures, and even picture frames.

The project is worth all your time, money, and effort. Lovely, isn’t it?

Steps of DIY Floating Shelf

A DIY floating shelf concept is an appealing idea for book rack. To do this project is not rocket science since you just have to follow the steps below.

1. Measure the Size of Bookshelf

Book rack

Prepare a tape measure to measure how long the bookshelf you will make. Consider giving a sign using a pencil so that you understand the size of the plank required in this project.

2. Buy or Make Planks


You can pick the gutter to make a bookshelf, but for an easier DIY, it is still a smart pick to choose an unused plank or just buy it at a hardware store.

After you get a plank as a main material for the book rack, you can paint it with the shade you intend.

For a minimalist house, pick the white shade, because white color reflects simplicity and modernity.

If you want to get a bolder look, opt for the deep shade like black mahogany paint, or dark blue paint.

The dark shade will present a contrast to the gleaming wall and make your house look cozier. However, it is all your call to pick the right color that suits the plank.

3. Install the Plank to the Wall

 Book Rack Inspirations

Let the paint dry for some minutes. After that, install the plank to the wall. You require some screws and a hammer to complete this step.

Make sure that you stick the plank well to the wall; otherwise, it might fall and injure yourself.

The Best Book Rack Inspirations

Voila! You get the amazing floating book rack that can change the way you look at your room!

Well, making the floating book rack is a piece of cake, right?

However, you might want to see some inspiration for the best book rack to install at home.

We gather up some inspiring floating bookshelf that can support your book collections and beautify your room. Let’s take a look!

  • Simple Book Rack Design

Simple book rack

Featuring wood as raw material, this simple book rack design brings a subtle and warm impression.

For long wooden floating shelves, you do not need to prepare the paint anymore since it already possesses a fascinating accent.

However, to create a glossy finish, you can coat it with varnish. Besides giving the luxurious impression, the lacquer will make the wood more durable.

  • Floating Shelves in Tiers

Book rack

Installing more than one plank for tiers floating shelves is a smart hack to store goods and avoid the stuffy impression at home.

Consider installing two or three shelves in different heights and positions. This method will give a more spacious atmosphere and a more playful track layout.

  • White Book Rack in 4 Tiers


A floating shelf with four tiers in the middle of a dark room is an interesting idea. It delivers a dramatic impression and makes your reading room looks warmer.

  • Dramatic Contrast

Simple book rack

There is no harm in painting only on one part of the wall since it can give the dramatic and contrasting bookshelf idea.

Splash the deep shade around the bookshelf and do not forget to use bright color paint for the book rack.

  • Sleek Shelf

Book rack design

Featuring a floating book rack might deliver you a sleek and ultra-minimalist impression.

All you need to do is paint the walls by white or other bright colors, then install a bookshelf plank in the matching shade.

What You Need to Consider Before Installing a Book Rack

Simple book rack

Making a bookshelf seems like something you can do with your eyes shut.

However, some people often make small mistakes and forget the details when dealing with bookshelves DIY projects.

You need to consider several things before installing a bookshelf.

Pay Attention to the Size of Your Room

Book rack designs

Installing a too long shelf in a small room will create a stuffy impression. You can take a lot of inspiration from the Internet, but never forget to adjust it to the conditions of your home.

For a tiny space, make sure the length of the plank is no more than half of the wall.

The multilevel rack might be an ideal option for a bookshelf that can hold more books and other items.

Pick the Right Rack Shade

Book rack

The key to subtle home decor is how you mix and match the color. See the color that surrounds the room and think about the right rack shade you might opt for.

White is always the right pair for any color. In a dark room, it creates an amazing contrast you will fall in love with.

Consider the Room Theme

Book rack inspiration

There is various type of room theme and you must understand it before doing further DIY rack project.

See whether you have a vintage room or an ultra-minimalist one. It can help you to find the right bookshelf style and color.

For a bohemian or vintage room theme, you can feature a brown wooden shelf or use real wood to create a classic and vintage impression.

Meanwhile, if you have a modern ultra-minimalist room, a white or black rack can be the right choice.

Don’t Put Too Much Thing

Book rack

At first, you thought that your shelf is strong enough to support anything on it, but it is not only the matter of how strong your book rack.

Putting too much stuff on the shelf will make the house look stuffier, and you do not want it to happen to you.

Keep yourself safe at home and make a nice atmosphere by not being too much. You can refer to the minimalist style to understand which thing you can put on the bookshelf.

Furnishing a house with bookshelves is one of the best things both in style and in functionality. Plan a book rack that fits your home and budget and you will get the coziest place in the world.

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