Choosing the Best Bow Rake for Various Lawn Problems

A bow rake is supposed to be a required equipment tool for lawn owners. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what this object does and how it differs from other sweeping tools.

To make the most of it, please read this review until the very end.

1. The Bow among Garden Rake


In the world of gardening, we know several types of garden rakes that have different functions.

According to Bob Villa, there are at least five types that are frequently used by lawn owners, ranging from leaf, shrub, bow, hand, and thatch rake. Each of them has its use.

Leaf and shrub have almost the same function and are designed to clean leaves and light dirt. Meanwhile, the bow rake has solid tines and can clean sand, rock, and other harder material.

The hand-type has almost the same function as the bow but without a handle.

Thatch is known as the most heavy-duty garden rake that has sharp blades on its head.

However, the bow is known as a multi-function tool because it can do all types of work, including dethatching and removing the gravels.

2. 7 The Best Bow Rake to Choose


When you open the reference of bow rake Home Depot shown on the website, you will find a variety of quality designs. However, each of them turns out to have its character.

The following are some that you can choose.

Ames Jackson Pony Bow Rake


This product is a type of heavy-duty bow rake with a beautiful handle. The size is also long enough, so it will not cause back pain.

Although heavier than aluminum or fiberglass, Ames Jackson Pony is still the strongest. Its 16-tine head can handle a variety of tough jobs.

Emsco Group 1222-48 Garden


At an affordable price, this product will help you do even the toughest landscaping and gardening jobs, such as gravel and soil leveling.

With a waterproof rubber handle, you will still be comfortable using it even in the worst weather conditions.

Seymour Structron BR16


The advantage of this product is a high-tech handle made of plastic and fiberglass. The head has 16 tines that help clean bedrock in the garden.

It also has a 60-inch handle that makes anyone comfortable, no matter the height is.

Seymour Structron is very useful for cleaning bedrocks because it has slightly curved steel teeth. Despite the metal-based materials, this product is light enough so that it does not make you tired when used.



The uniqueness of this product is that it has an extra handle that helps you not to get tired quickly while working.

ERGIESHOVEL ERG-BWRK16 has 16 tines that can handle debris and rocks without worrying about breaking.

True Temper American 1849400


The True Temper American 1849400 is made of 100 percent steel so that we do not need to doubt its strength. Meanwhile, the handle is ash-wood-made that is comfortable to use.

Hence, this product is considered one of the best in the world.

The advantage of this product is its ability to aerate the soil so that various impurities can be clean instantly at the same time.

Besides, the handgrip design also makes users feel comfortable and does not be tired easily.

WOLF-Garten 1647004


What is unique about the WOLF-Garten 1647004 is the design that does not have a handle, but has features that allow it to combine with many other handgrips.

This kind of model makes an easy storage process.

This product is perfect for use in rock gardens and allows for racking, seedbeds, and even handling gravels.

Besides, WOLF-Garten 1647004 has a length of 13.8 inches that allows maneuvering while working on a lawn.

Bully Tools Bow Rake

Bully Tools Bow Rake has heavy-duty steel materials that enable you to rake up rocks, dirt, and sticks. It has a stable connection as the handle and head connected with welds that prevent them from separating.

It will be the best choice to keep your garden clean.

Apart from the products discussed above, of course, several others might be suitable for your lawn things.

To add more references, do not forget to visit various websites that discuss the latest garden rake developments.

3. How to Removes the Leaves Things

Temper American 1849400

Since this job is relatively easy, of course, you do not need to use a heavy-duty bow rake. True Temper American 1849400 could be an option because it can clean leaves as well as scattered debris.

Apart from that, you can also use The Ames Companies 2915100.

4. Using Bow Rake for Gravel


As previously explained, this garden equipment can complete jobs that are heavier in leaves, one of which is removing gravel.

Several products are suitable for this purpose, including Emsco Group 1222-48 and WOLF-Garten 1647004.

Both are known as heavy-duty equipment with heads made of steel that makes it able to survive on a rocky lawn.

Both products also have a lightweight bow rake handle that is adaptable to even the worst conditions.

5. Using Bow Rake for Dethatching


Dethatching is one of the main processes to do so that the grass looks green and healthy. However, removing all thatch without damaging the plants is not easy to do.

Fortunately, a bow rake will solve this problem.

The best tool for this is The Ames Companies 2915100 Thatch Rake. It has a self-cleaning 15-inch rake head that helps save cleaning time.

Besides, it has curved tines to clear the dead clipping grasses around your lawn.

6. Straight Rake vs. Bow Rake


A bow rake is multifunctional and able to complete various types of work from light to heavy.

Nevertheless, for dethatching matters, the straight will do better because the head shape has the function of cleaning the dirt in one sweep.

7. Bow Rake vs. Landscape Rake


The landscape-type is designed for tough work, for example, dealing with gravel. Meanwhile, the leaf rake is for light work.

If scaled-down, bow rake falls somewhere in between but still manages to handle both functions without a problem.

Bow rake has differences and features compared to other sweeping tools. Use that according to function, of course, will give maximum results for your garden.

Do not forget to choose the best product according to the lawn problems you face.

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