3 Effortless Box Shelves that You can Make at Home

Nice and stylish storage does not have to cost you a fortune. Check out these mind-blowing and effortless box shelves that can you make at home on the cheap.

Bamboo Cutting Board Cube Box Shelves

Wooden box shelves have never failed to add an upscale look in any room. Therefore, many people are crazy about investing in them. Unfortunately, some wooden shelves are exorbitant.

For this reason, some people prefer making than purchasing them. You can make chic wooden shelves although you are not an avid carpenter.

Because this project does not entail measuring, cutting, sanding, and all that jazz. Here are the materials you need to make quick-and-easy wooden shelves.


  • Bamboo cutting boards
  • Wood glue

Step 1

Apply some glue along with one of the ends of the cutting board.

Step 2

Take another bamboo board, and attach it onto where you put the glue. Hold them for a few seconds to make sure they have stuck to each other firmly.

Apply the heavy-duty glue on to the other end, take another board, and repeat the steps until you get a perfect cube.

Step 3

Take some other boards and do the previous steps until you get three boxes in a row.

You will not need four boards to make each box because the sides separating one cube with the other do the double duty. If needed, you can add as many boxes as you want. But three will be just fine.

Step 4

Place the wooden box shelves anywhere you want.

Step 5

Store anything that you want to display, such as books, toys, succulents, and more.


You can use any adhesive. Just make sure the glue you are going to use is a kind of heavy-duty one that can hold the boards well.

Thus, hot glue will not work like a charm. You will soon find your shelves broken into pieces.

If your bamboo boards keep falling during the process because the glue is not completely dry yet, try applying hot glue on the ends of the edge. But you will still need wood glue, too.

To make your box shelves sturdier, you can try reinforcing them with nails or screws. Try painting the storage with the colors of your choice to kick it up a notch.

Cardboard Box Shelves

Do you have many unused cardboard boxes at home? Do not throw them away! Give them a second life instead, by turning them into box shelves.


  • 3 cardboard boxes at the same size.
  • Heavy-duty glue.
  • Thread.
  • Paper tape.
  • A thick craft paper.

Step 1

Cut the top covers of the box until you get open cardboard storage. Do the same thing to the rest.

Do not throw the covers away as you are going to need them in the next steps.

Step 2

Generously apply heavy-duty glue onto one of the sizes of the box. Spread it well.

Step 3

Take one of the covers then attach it to the box. In this way, you will get a thicker and sturdier side.

Step 4

Apply the glue onto the cover attaching to the box. Take another cardboard, and bind it to the previous one. Repeat the aforementioned steps until you get three boxes in a row.

Step 5

Cover each of the dividers with paper tape to smooth the rough and uneven edges as well as binding them together.

Step 6

Reinforce the structure by running the paper tape from one side of the box to the other lengthwise. Repeat it twice or three times.

Step 7

Take two pieces of the cardboard covers, and attach them to both the width of the shelves to conceal the flaws.

Step 8

Wrap each edge of the width with paper tape to smooth and reinforce it.

Step 9

Generously apply the glue over the length of the box, spread it thoroughly with scrap, and attach long cardboard onto it.

Make sure the length of the cardboard is the same as the one on the shelves. Repeat these steps to the other sides until you do not see any paper tape at the back anymore.

Step 10

Run the paper tape along all the edges of the box shelves to get a smooth and tidy look.

Step 11

Cover all the bottom flaps with paper tape to prevent them from mounting outward.

Step 12

Poke two holes at the bottom of the shelf. You can do this with scissors, a knife, or a nail.

Step 13

Thread the holes, and tie a knot to secure it. You are going to use this thread to hang your shelves.

Step 14

Apply the glue to the entire surface of the shelves. Wrap the cardboard around with a thick craft paper until it is completely covered.

Final result

Now, drive a nail to the wall, and hang your shelves.

Faux Marble Box Shelves

Marble has never failed to bring in luxury to space. Therefore, having marble box shelves will be a great idea. Instead of purchasing a real one, try making these faux marble shelves that will not make you broke.


  • Small Plastic Crates
  • Zip ties.
  • Plastic marble tiles.
  • Spray paint

Final Result

Step 1

Put three plastic crates side by side, and bind them together with zip ties. Repeat the steps until you get three rows of open storage.

Step 2

Spray paint the inside of the crates. Do not worry about painting the entire surface as you will cover it up with plastic marble tiles anyway.

Step 3

Get all the rows and put them side by side. Bind the shelves together with zip ties.

Cut the ties with scissors to make the boxes look clean and tidy.

Step 4

Cut into the marble tiles with a utility knife or razor. Make sure that it is sharp.

Step 5

Peel the backing of the tiles, and attach them on the outer surface of the shelves. That is it!

Making fancy box shelves does not have to be arduous. With a little bit of imagination and elbow grease, you can get one on the cheap. Happy trying!

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