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16 Breakfast Nook Table Ideas You Need to Have

Breakfast helps you invigorate yourself. For this reason, having a special spot to enjoy it is necessary. Check out these 16 breakfast nook table ideas for a better morning to start your day.

Modern Farmhouse Breakfast Nook Ideas

Combining crisp white and navy blue cushions incorporate positive vibes into space, boosting your mood to start the day.

The square breakfast nook table is quite spacious so that you can set down the food and drinks. A built-in corner bench is added, allowing you to invite more people to have breakfast together.

Rustic Breakfast Table

Well-worn furniture is not always dated. It can give a distinctive charm to space, just like this breakfast nook table.

The distressed table embodies rustic flair immensely. The gray chairs with peg legs pay tribute to the past well. A jute rug lies under the table and chair, ensuring your feet stay warm.

Industrial Table Style

This small breakfast table is big in style. Unlike many other tables, it features an uneven edge that makes it look chic. The blackleg resembles a wood trunk immensely.

Two leathered-cushion chairs and a bench allow you to have breakfast comfortably. Above the table is an industrial-style pendant light that illuminates the space while maintaining a stylish look.

DIY Breakfast Nook

Making use of what you already have is the best way to make a breakfast nook table on the cheap. If you have an old sewing machine, congratulations! You can turn it into a chic table like this one.

Breakfast Nook Ideas with Round Table

A round table has no corner, making it perfect for a few different users at the same time. The crisp white table matches the bench and trims well.

Glossy finish incorporates a little bit of modern style into space. Mixed materials and texture enrich the look of the breakfast nook. Team up metal chairs with blue velvet cushions provide comfort for the entire family.

Built-In Benches and Table

If you happen to have a nook that does not block the traffic in your home, try making built-in benches and a table. The absence of table legs gives you more space to stretch out.

To make this table, you simply screw a board to the wall. Adding L-brackets as extra supports will be much better for peace of mind.

Cozy Small Round Breakfast Nook Table

Apartment dwellers are used to getting by with limited space. They have to make use of it wisely.

If there is an awkward space like this one in your apartment, turn it to be a cozy breakfast nook. Just add a tiny table and two chairs, and you are all set.

Breakfast Nook Table with Storage

Pastel blue and crisp white found in this breakfast nook embrace nautical style well.

The built-in bench features some drawers for additional storage space. The peg-leg chairs add a little bit of retro style to the breakfast nook.

Multi-Purpose Breakfast Nook

Are you short on space? Do not worry! This Murphy table can be the best solution to your problem. This table is foldable, thanks to the hinges and folding shelf brackets that allow it transforms.

When unfolded, it turns into a nice breakfast nook. Once you are done with the breakfast, fold it back to its initial position to get a handy cabinet.

Foldable and Movable

A multi-purpose table has anything that you need to carve out a perfect breakfast despite the small space. The table features hinges that allow it to extend the top in case you have more guests dropping by for breakfast.

While inside the table is a storage space that can hide the chairs away. When you are done, just fold the table back, and hide it away to maintain a spacious kitchen to work. Thanks to the casters that make it easy to move.

Cottage-Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

There are plenty of breakfast nook plans that you can choose from. One of which is this chic cottage-farmhouse breakfast nook table. Crisp white rules the entire space well, creating good vibes that can invigorate anyone.

A little bit of weathered finish is added to the tabletop, alleviating a super-hygienic look. To spice up space while incorporating a little bit of nautical style, some teal accents are added.

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook Table

If you are into a luxurious breakfast time, this idea will be your greatest bet. An upscale look can be seen from the line sectional couch and velvet chair.

A round glass table provides enough space for you and your family. The black metal spherical pendant light adds more style to the breakfast nook.

Eclectic Breakfast Nook Table Ideas

White can be a perfect color base for anyone. In this breakfast nook, you can find various colors and patterns that amp it up.

A rattan pendant light suspended from the patterned ceiling is another charm that you should not miss.

Drop-Leaf Breakfast Nook table

This small breakfast nook table will be your safe bet if your kitchen lacks space. It features hinges on both sides that enable you to expand the top. Fold the extended leaf back to save some space.

Retro Breakfast Nook Table Ideas

This breakfast nook table provides the charm of retro style while maintaining a little bit of modern flair.

The most conspicuous thing here is the pattern of the table’s sides and legs. Chairs with pops of colors are typical characteristics of this retro charm.

Make Use of Every Nook and Cranny

This is a brilliant way of tapping into the most awkward space in the kitchen. This breakfast table fits in perfectly with any weirdly-misshapen cranny.

The table also features hinges that allow you to fold it back when not used so that it will not block the traffic. Shove the chairs under the table, and the breakfast corner is gone.

Scrumptious food is not the only one thing you need to carve out a perfect morning mealtime. A chic breakfast nook table is a ‘wow’ factor that you should add, too.

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