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22 Wonderful & Timeless Brick Fireplace Ideas for Your Lovely Home

Updating the brick fireplace in your living room is an essential thing you need to do. The goal is so that your interior design is not outdated.

There is various ways on how to make a brick fireplace look modern. Some of them will be talk thoroughly in this article as your reference for redecorating it.

Here are twenty-two brick fireplace designs ideas that you can follow.

1. Whitewash Brick Fireplace

Whitewash Brick Fireplace

When you are bored with the aged appearance of your red brick fireplace, or you find that this concept is no longer suitable for your soft interior, then try whitewashing immediately.

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It doesn’t get much better than this. Whitewash will make your living room warmer and new.

2. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse fireplace design will never disappoint you. To get the look like above, you only need to paint the bricks in a lighter color.

Then combine it with other dark elements, such as wooden board as a mantel and kerosene lamp as the additional decoration. Now you can enjoy the traditional look you dreamed of.

3. Fireplace in Beige

Fireplace in Beige

Desire another color than white and red for your brick fireplace? Try coming up with these beige shades.

In point of fact, this color will further strengthen the vintage vibe in your living room.

4. Cream Brick Fireplace with Decorative Mantel

Cream Big Fireplace (

Another picture of brick fireplace with mantels introduces you to a unique concept like the one above.

Having a bright complexion like cream or white will make you easily redecorate the mantel as the season’s change.

You only need to add or replace any decorative elements such as greenery, candles, etc., on top of your fireplace.

5. Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style

Who says bricks are not suitable for minimalist design? Factually, you will be able to make it all happened by adjoining your fireplace with simple white built-in shelves.

6. Cream & Paneled Wood Mantel Combination

Cream and Paneled Wood

Again, cream color comes to fill your living room. And indeed, this shade fits perfectly with any interior design, especially when combined with paneled wood as your fireplace mantle.

You will find that your gathering space becomes warmer and looks spacious.

7. Grey Vibes

Grey Vibes

Another step to make your fireplace look elegant but straightforward is to color it in gray. Make sure to add striking accents, such as gold-framed mirrors, warm white table lamps, and cream-colored walls.

Further, set the mantel using textured wood. That way, your brick fireplace will soon become the prima donna of the room.

8. Classic Look

Classic Look

If you like classic interior design, make sure to paint your fireplace in white, beige, or cream.

Then, consider placing several antique stuffs such as a mirror with a gold frame and other ornamental elements to make the classic scratch come to life.

9. Shiplap Fireplace

Shiplap Fireplace

To increase the casual and fresh impression of your living room, you can install a white shiplap around your brick fireplace.

And don’t forget to keep giving a touch of greenery and flowers with bright colors so that your space doesn’t look pale.

10. Wood Framed Fireplace

Wood Framed

Want a timeless brick fireplace design?

Then this wooden framed fireplace can be your choice. There will be no outdated elements of this concept.

What’s more, you can choose any decorative ornament you want, because this theme matches any style.

11. Rustic Stone Textured

Rustic Stoned

Another timeless design is back by bringing in the stone textured brick. The shape that is slightly flattened and arranged very close altogether makes the appearance of your fireplace surface smoother than the typical design.

Any theme will match this type of fireplace concept, be it a farmhouse or a modern one. And of course no one can disclaim its aesthetics.

12. Minimalist Farmhouse

Minimalist Farmhouse

Farmhouse, with its natural concept, will give a warm impression to every occupant of the house. However, what happens if you combine it with the compact features of minimalist design?

Of course, it will be the next outstanding theme that you can’t deny. To own this kind of modern brick fireplace, you only have to set a raw wood as the mantel.

Further, add some simple ornament such as a circle mirror and some candles.

13. Eclectic Style with Seasonal Décor

Eclectic Style

There’s nothing wrong with having a fireplace with an eclectic design. In fact, this theme will be very suitable when it starts to enter the autumn time.

Then what if the seasons have changed? Take it easy, you can still do redecorations just by replacing all the knick-knacks on the mantel according to the characteristics of each season.

14. Brick & Shiplap Combination

Brick and Shiplap

You are bored with the whitewash brick fireplace theme that has accompanied you for years? But on the different hand, you also don’t want to lose the warm nuance given?

This combination gives the right answer for you. The married of shiplap and whitewash brick will undoubtedly provide an exciting renewal in your living room.

15. Textured Wooden Mantel

Textured Wooden Mantel

Using textured wood as the mantel of your fireplace will bring you to a very natural and earthy vibe. Of course you don’t wish to miss it, do you?

16. Decorative Window Frame

Decorative Window Frame

Do you have any old window frames? Then, don’t rush to throw it anyway as this stuff can be a very eye-catching ornament for your fireplace, especially if you are a farmhouse style lover.

17. Metal Brackets

Metal Brackets

The combination of wood and brick is the most amazing thing for your fireplace. Especially if you are considering installing the metal brackets as mantel supports.

Of course this style will be very rustic and stunning at the same time.

18. Cute Sign above the Fire Place

Cute Signs

Regardless of which style you use to show your fireplace’s grandeur, it all looks incomplete if there is no sign that you place right on top of the mantel.

Therefore, to put at least one cute frame of daily quotes or else won’t go wrong.

19. Welcoming Christmas

Welcoming Christmas (

Besides considering redecorating in every season, of course you also shouldn’t miss any big annual celebrations, such as Christmas Eve, to give your brick fireplace a new look.

You can put a mini Christmas tree in front of your fireplace, and some signs on the mantel.

20. Handwritten Signs Decor

Hadwritten Sign Decor (

There are various kinds of decorative signs that you can choose to increase the aesthetic aspect of your fireplace.

One of them is handwriting work which contains inspirational quotes or some kind of reminder to be grateful every day.

21. Modern Rustic Style

Modern rustic style (

How can you get both rustic and modern on your fireplace at the same time? The answer is to correctly install a dark colored floating shelf right on top of it.

Also, don’t forget about some simple ornaments like coins in frames and dried flowers.

22. Additional Coffee Table

Additional coffee table (

Spending time in front of the fireplace with a blanket cover up your body and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in your hand is a very impressive moment, isn’t it?

Therefore, it is better if you also put a table in front of the fireplace as the support item to enjoy your relaxing time.

Those are all the ideas about the brick fireplace design that you can apply to your home. Have you decided which one you will try?

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