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Brick Patio Ideas with Cohesion, Pattern and More

Many adore brick patio ideas due to their aesthetic looks and the cost that is quite affordable.

Durable and easy to use are just a few of many advantages that one can get from these straightforward materials.

Brick patio ideas sure have the charm to draw people’s attention with their beautiful patterns and designs. No wonder their popularity is long-lasting until today.

Using a dry-laid installation, you can get your pavers installed under $20 per square foot. You just need to lay bricks above ground stones or sand.

Another budget-friendly way is to use mortar-set installation. This one cost relatively the same as the previous method.

It includes pressing the materials into the mortar base over a concrete slab with rocks beneath.

1. Simple Pattern Brick Patio Ideas

Pattern Brick

Offering and old-fashioned yet astonishing look, brick patio ideas have many styles you can explore by applying them to your house.

This motif is simple, as it is arranged the same way down. By laying bricks like this, you do not have to worry about cutting the materials.

This means you can get the job done faster than using different methods where cutting is necessarily needed.

If you want to make your patio visually larger, a vertical set is suggested. By doing so, the patio will appear somewhat wider and, of course, stunning as usual.

2. Brick Design in Bond Style

Brick patio ideas give more than just a flat surface. The appearance of every brick pattern shows how attractive it is.

Set a pattern so that the line in the middle of two joined bricks meets the center of another break. This trick will help you create a traditional look.

If you, by any chance, need a bit modern touch or style for your patio, arrange the brick to one-third pattern.

 As a full brick will not fit to fill the gap in between, you should cut bricks to get partial ones. Use a grinder that is meant to do the task.

3. Draw Attention with Herringbone Pattern

Not only does it strong and durable, but a herringbone pattern is also appealing when it comes to paving.

With each of the brick interlocked, it creates a style and installation that will not easily come out the ground.

It is considered one of the best ways of arranging brick that can withstand heavy movement or activity.

To create the pattern is easy. This L-shaped method is made by simply gathering a vertical brick with a horizontal one at the end of each brick.

The fish-skeleton-like style draws admiration for many homeowners. Apply this pattern if you feel like paving your yard or patio.

4. Circular Brick Patio Designs

Another worth applying brick patio ideas is a whorled pattern. Seeing this style of brick makes you can easily find where the center of the patio is.

A circular pattern will take some patient, time, and energy to build this kind of design unlike those brick designs or styles above that are fairly easier to build.

The precise measurement and cut is the key to create a perfect circle. You will feel a relief after you see the result once it is done.

The patio is now the center of attention. Get some chairs and a table under a big umbrella and enjoy your evening in your backyard.

5. Edges and Benefits

Many reasons why homeowners have a garden although it may small are that it can make a yard more than just a wide field with grass.

It does make your yard look much better. Building edges to your garden help give some protection to the plants or flowers.

Edging plants has several purposes not only for avoiding plants or flowers for getting trampled. It can also solve soil issues, one of which is compaction.

This picture explains why you need edges for your garden. You can install use bricks as the material, and create give them protection from pests.  

6. Stunning Exterior Brick

The differences between wood and brick are that wood would attract insects whereas bricks do not.

Besides, bricks do not decay or dent just like any wood products. Although it may a little expensive for siding compared to vinyl or aluminum.

Brick patio patterns can be blend with an exterior siding. With a careful combination, you can create a stunning appearance in both the house and patio.

Just look at how lovely this house is! A smooth transition is well executed in this picture, don’t you think?

7. Pick the Right Color

DIY brick patio ideas can be designed to match with other features. Colors play a big role, and with the right choice, they can complement other elements well.

You can use these colors including burgundy, light red, and pale pink bricks would go with exterior siding in rusty-red bricks.

If you want to give a contrast between the house and patio, light or dark neutrals will do. They include gray, beige, sand, and dark brown.

Some other ways can also be introduced here by pairing colors to add textures. For example, you can create a straight-set patio by combining red and pink bricks.

 Or you can make another brick patio idea with whorl design by blending dark brown and brick slivers.

8. Well Coordinated

Bricks are a material that would not be a problem when paired with wood, stone, or metal. Those are proof that they are a great asset when it comes to construction.

Bricks go with earthy or neutral colors as well. Their versatility is what makes them a popular material used in various buildings.

Some may mix them with a wrought-iron fence or steel patio furniture to create an industrial look as well.

9. Maintain Them Properly

Like any other material, bricks would need some maintenance. This is crucial as it can prolong their look and quality at once.

Here are some ways you can keep their seamless appearance long-lasting.

  • Firstly, clean up the patio if there is debris that gathers on the patio with a broom. Make sure to reach the brick joints.
  • Secondly, throughout the years, bricks can lose its color and brightness. To restore it, you can use a pressure washer by renting from The Home Depot.
  • It can help you get rid of grime and stains.
  • Then, to prevent bricks from being stained from oil, stains, and dirt that ruin the brightness, you can use a brick sealer.
  • It will also hinder weeds and mold from growing, and protect the brightness from the sun.
  • Finally, replace any bricks that are broken or get damaged with new ones by using crushed stones as a base or foundation.

Brick patio ideas are attractive with so many patterns or designs to choose from. The ability to combine them so that it coordinates with other features is the key.

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