How to Make Your Bronze Jewelry Glow like New

Every woman loves to wear accessories to make them look pretty. Most women usually prefer diamonds. However, to make it simpler, you can choose bronze jewelry.

Even though they do not shine as bright as gold, they are still favorite things to wear. 

One of the reasons why bronze jewelry has become a favorite is because it can last long with the right treatment.

Even after years of wearing or keeping them, they will still look good as new. 

The next reason why people prefer bronze jewelry compared to others is that it makes you look good. Whether you want to look modern, simple, or vintage, it will complete your overall look.

It will not make you stand out too much, but not sink you either. 

1. Methods to Clean Bronze Jewelry

Bronze jewelry is an accessory that is durable and resistant to many liquids. Thus, even though you accidentally spray water or other chemicals on it, the color will not fade away. 

However, to make the color last longer, it is important to keep them in a safe place. Moreover, give regular treatments so that they keep glowing even though you do not wear them.

The treatments are very easy, and you do not even need additional chemicals to clean. Just by using a home ingredient, you can always make your bronze jewelry look new.

Well, here are simple ways to take care of your accessories.

Lemon, Olive Oil, Baking Soda

One of the materials in the house that you can use to clean your jewelry is lemon and olive oil. These elements are known to have great benefits for your health and skin.

Nevertheless, who figured that it could also be used to make accessories glow?

The first thing you should do is to make the chemical. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of lemon in one place. Squeeze enough until the mixture is wet or creamy like toothpaste.

Then add a few drops of olive oil to complete it all. 

Next, rinse your bronze jewelry with hot water to clean all the specks of dust away. Then wipe it all until it is very dry. Make sure not to continue to the next step before doing this in the beginning. 

With a glove, smear the mixture on your bronze jewelry from front to back or the other way around. For small pieces that are hard to achieve, you can use a toothbrush to clean it.

You can also use it to get rid of old specks of dirt that are hard to remove. 

Let the paste dry for around 30 minutes before you rinse it again with warm water. Then, when you are done, put in a close place so dust cannot come to attack it.

Cleaning Modern Bronze Jewelry with Salt

Another ingredient you can use to clean your modern bronze jewelry is salt. This element is just as effective as the one before, but this time you will not need to rub as hard. 

Other than salt, you will also need white flour, vinegar, and olive oil for the mixture. Take two tablespoons of each and mix it all until it makes a thick paste.

Then, similar to the previous step, rinse the accessory and wipe it all off. 

Rub the paste onto the modern bronze jewelry using your fingers. Cover the whole accessory with the element and let it sit for a minimum of an hour.

The longer the time, the better the outcome will be.

Then, when you are finished, rinse it and gently remove any residue on the jewelry. That way, it does not leave any stain. 

Do all the treatments above at least once every two weeks. This will make all your bronze jewelry, from necklaces to rings to bracelets always looks like new. 

2. Preventive Maintenances for Antique Bronze Jewelry

The steps above will keep your accessories last longer. However, other than that, it is important to do some regular maintenance, especially after wearing them.

Whether you have new or antique bronze jewelry, the steps are the same.

The first thing to keep in mind is to wipe off your bronze jewelry ring after wearing them. Rub them off with a soft fabric to remove your body’s oil on it.

This also applies to necklaces and bracelets, but these accessories do not stain too much. 

On the other hand, if you do not plan to take them off, wipe it regularly, around every 3 days. Therefore, the oils will not be stuck on the rings or necklaces and ruin the jewelry.

Alternatively, you can also apply some sunscreen or hand body on your direct skin every day to prevent the stain. 

If you are not wearing them, place the bronze jewelry in plastic and keep them in a closed safe. It should not get too much exposure to oxygen and dust.

The high exposure amount will cause patina on your rings or bracelet.

Even though bronze jewelry is resistant and durable, it is best not to wear them when you are exercising. It is because too much sweat and water can make the color fade away.

Thus, make sure to take them off before you go swimming or even jogging. 

These simple steps are important to keep in mind and regularly do. If you do these normally, you can loosen the other treatments.

However, remember to check on them normally to see if they are still clean or not.

Overall, the treatments for taking care of bronze jewelry are very easy. You do not need a special chemical or polish to clean the stains away, especially if you do it routinely. 

All the materials can be found in your kitchen and they are cheap, so there is no reason for not cleaning them once every two weeks. 

So, despite the fading color, bronze jewelry is surely recommended to buy. Not only is it cheaper than gold and silver, but it can also bring a modern and vintage touch to your look. 

Just remember, before wearing it, apply some cream on your body so that both your skin and jewelry will stay clean. Moreover, this is the key to make your accessories last long for years.

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