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Cabinet Door Spice Rack and 11 Brilliant Storage Ideas

Smart cooking certainly requires an organized kitchen. Try cabinet door spice rack and other storage solutions to help you find your seasonings with ease. Having spice organizers will save you lots of time. Additionally, they keep your stress at bay during cooking.

Moreover, labeled and uncluttered spices prevent you from purchasing duplicates. The bottles, shelves, and jars are also gorgeous to look at. If you love experimenting in your culinary space, read on for some clever spice storage ideas. We’ve featured everything, from test tubes to open shelving.

Cabinet Door Spice Rack DIY

Spice Rack

For those of you who have pocket-sized kitchens, don’t despair. Just opt for a cabinet door spice rack. It truly maximizes your small space. Here, the 4-shelf rack securely attaches to the back of the kitchen cabinet door using screws. It accommodates spice containers in different sizes. The DIY version is more budget-friendly. You have to tape spice clips to the cabinet door. Another option is making a hardwood rack yourself.

It is the door-mounted rack that ensures your spices well-protected from heat. It allows you to use the cabinet shelves for oils, toothpicks, and dry items.

Step Organizers

Step Organizers

Aside from a cabinet door spice rack, this clear spice rack boasts three elevated rows. They enable you to spot all your favorite seasonings in an instant. The tiered organizer is both stylish and functional. Unlike cabinet door spice rack, it fits anywhere, from deep shelf to countertop.

Furthermore, this type of vertical storage is expandable. That means it saves some precious space. When you are shopping for step spice organizers, buy the ones with non-slip pads. They keep your spice jars and bottles from going skidding.

Under the Kitchen Cabinet

Generally, using space under the cabinet for the kitchen lighting is normal. But to optimize your storage, you need to create magnetic jars. All you have to do is installing a few magnetic strips under the kitchen cabinet. Then, prepare spice jars and metal lids. Lastly, attach them to the rack.

This magnetic spice organizer gives your kitchen a minimalist look. It also offers versatility and practicality. Needless to say, magnetic spice jars are inexpensive. They also free up both cabinet and countertop space.

Spice Rack with Hooks

No doubt, this aluminum wall spice rack is a great addition to any kitchen. Particularly when you can use this rack for many functions. Furthermore, the rack infuses functionality as well as a dose of style into the room. It holds up to three spice jars. There are four hooks for kitchen utensils too. The baskets house eating utensils such as forks, spoons, knives, and chopsticks. Meanwhile, the single rod displays a towel.

Spice Rack Ideas for Drawers

You have lots of spice jars in your kitchen. Keep them from out of sight with these adjustable drawers. They can be constructed in less than a day. Designate two drawers under the countertop as spice organizers. Arrange the jars face up, so you can find the items quickly. Angled levels enable you to see your spices without shuffling through the cabinet. The drawers prevent clutter on the countertop.

Glass Tube Spice Storage

The kitchen is the center of any home’s experiment. That’s why you can’t go wrong with the test tubes. They make cool spice organizers. Prepare glass tubes and pour spices into them. Top the organizers with cork stoppers and you are set. You’ll see that the test tube holder ensures that your seasonings are handy. Additionally, the tubes can double as kitchen decorative pieces.

Floating Shelves

Looking for modern spice rack ideas? You should give floating shelves a chance. They create a stylish look in a flash. In this example, the shelves were painted pure white. Not only do they exude a feeling of openness, but also visually enlarge the room. For Instagram-worthy spice shelves, add labels to the jars. After that, put them on the shelving in an organized manner.

Wide Spice Rack

You should incorporate wide spice organizers into the room. Unlike the cabinet door spice rack, they sit between two cabinets. Be sure you place frequently used items such as spices and oils on those organizers. Make sure the seasoning bottles are clear. Moreover, the elevated rows keep your spices accessible. Cabinet drawers serve as the homes for seldom-used things like toothpicks, towels, and vinegar.

Rustic Spice Rack Cabinet Door Spice Rack

Rustic Spice Rack

If you are on a tight budget, do not worry. Look no further than this DIY tiered spice rack. It is constructed from reclaimed wood pieces. Feel free to paint the spice rack your choice of color. Here, the whitewashed organizer boasts two shelves for everyday seasonings. A single rod under the lower shelf accommodates a kitchen towel. The rack is multifunctional for certain.


  • The project requires little to no budget.
  • You can store various items.
  • Reclaimed wood rack gives any room rustic charm.


  • Like cabinet door spice rack, the design is simple.
  • The DIY project is quite time-consuming.

Curtain Rod as Spice Rack

cabinet door spice rack

This DIY spice rack is truly an innovative storage solution. It cleverly uses a tension rod. As you see, the white curtain rod appears below the cabinet shelf, occupying the otherwise unused space. It displays small-sized spice jars. The lower area is designated for larger stuff. Since the concept is similar to the cabinet door spice rack, you will find your seasonings easily.

Hanging Spice Rack Cabinet Door Spice Rack

cabinet door spice rack

Unlike cabinet door spice rack, this floating organizer attaches to the wall. It comes with a single rod and three-tier caddies for storing jarred seasonings.

Since the spice rack is made from stainless steel, it produces industrial aesthetic. Its durability is also unquestionable.

Old Crate Spice Rack Cabinet Door Spice Rack

cabinet door spice rack

This spice rack is crafted out of an unused soda crate. It can hold up to 48 spice containers, while the dry goods sit on its top. Paint an old crate a vibrant color. That way, it pops against the white backdrop and brightens up the stark kitchen. Mount the bottle case spice rack to the kitchen wall. Not only does it save your countertop space, but it keeps the cabinet tidy. No matter how small your kitchen is, it deserves a proper organization. You can either DIY a cabinet door spice rack or buy the other organizers at the store.

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