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Candle Decoration Ideas to Lighten up Your Candlelight

Candlelight is an accessory that will never get old. Whether your house is a modern or rustic style, they can still fit in. Further, there are candle decoration ideas that will make them look better. 

Generally, people just put candlelight on top of a candle holder and lay it on the fireplace. There is nothing wrong with this arrangement, however, it is boring. 

Therefore, to make your candlelight useful and pretty, try out these candle decorations:

1. Terrarium Candles

Terrarium Candles

If you want something simple but elegant put your candles inside a terrarium. However, before putting them in, make sure to add some rocks at the bottom part. 

Then, arrange different sizes of candles to add an interesting visual. You can then put the terrarium in your entryway or tableside. 

2. Lantern Candle Decoration

Lantern Candle Decoration

One candle decoration to make your house look classic is an empty lantern. Put the it inside, then hang the lamp cage inside or outside your place to get a magical touch.

Likewise, with this design, you do not need to worry about your candles from burning things down as they are protected with glasses around.

3. Rustic Barn Wood Style 

Rustic Barn Wood Style

Those who like vintage and rustic style can decorate their candles with aged barn woods. You can either hang the walls or just use them as a tray.

Moreover, you can add more candle decoration items such as dry leaves and flowers around the rustic wood. This arrangement will make them look more like a real barn. 

4. Shabby Chic Candle Decoration

Shabby Chic Candle Decoration

Use an old white mirror as a tray to put all your candles on. Then, add some white and classic ornaments to complete the look.

Again, if you want to make the holder look shabbier, add some real flowers to the tray. However, you will need to change it when they get dry. 

5. Natural Green Field

Natural Green Field

A simple yet cooling candle decoration for your house is combining between green and white. This combination will bring nature feels inside and make the room feel cool. 

To do this, use a wooden tray and fill it with real or fake moss to make a grass-like look. Then, make sure to put in a hard-flat base for the candles so they can stand on firmly. 

6. DIY Fireplace Candle Decoration

DIY Fireplace Candle Decoration

Create a different version of the fireplace using various heights of candles. Then, make a fireplace pillar in your house just like the real ones. 

However, instead of putting woods inside, put in various heights of candles. It will be a great gimmick of the fire but in a smaller and safer version. 

7. Glittering Design for Candle Decoration

Glittering Design for Candle Decoration

One of the candle decoration ideas for birthday parties is a glittering design. To get the glitter accents use holders such as glittery goblets glass. 

Furthermore, the shape and glitter on the goblet glass will add extra light making it shine more than normal candles. Then arrange their location and add up some simple flowers. 

8. Simple Candle Decorations for Table

Simple Candle Decorations for Table

Mason jars and burlap strings can make a simple rustic candle decoration for the table. So, just put the candles inside the mason jar. 

After that, to make them look higher than add some white sands too. Last, do not forget to tie the burlap strings around the bottles. 

9. Candle Decoration with Zen Garden

Candle Decoration with Zen Garden

Another simple candle decoration for the table is using a Zen garden theme. For this design, you can use flowers, stones, and water inside the clear tall glass.

Firstly, arrange all those elements inside a clear glass, so they look natural. Then, use tall big candles so they can brighten up your day longer. 

10. Wintery Candle Decoration

Wintery Candle Decoration

Bring the winter theme inside your house by using a trifling jar as the holder. Indeed, these glasses have the best width and height to make a candle stand out.

Moreover, to make a wintery accent, add small white rocks inside the jar. To complete the atmosphere, add some pinecones, and put them around the candle. 

11. Simple Cube Decoration

Simple Cube Decoration

Candle decorations do not always need to be fancy or complicated. Thus, with a simple glass cube, you can make them look interesting and luxurious. 

Put in different heights of candles inside the cube. Then, put it in the middle of the table to create a warm atmosphere. 

12. Shining Mirror

Shining Mirror

Double up the shine by using mirrors for your candle decoration. For this design, you just need a simple holder that can hold a few candlelight. 

Then, place the holder in front of a mirror. With this design, you will get double candles and brightness in your room. 

13. Pretty White Beans

Pretty White Beans

White beans are great accents to the candle decoration. You can either use them for the filling or just wrap it around the glass.

To make pretty candlelight, put the candle inside clear glass. Next, wrap the top part of the bottle using a burlap string. Last, stick on some white beans around to give a different look.

14. Glamour Design

Glamour Design

Upgrade your candle decoration ideas party using pearls or beads. These accessories will make the look glamour and luxurious. 

Further, to get this look, use a mercury glass style and fill ¼ of it with pearls. For the candles, put it on a small flat base before putting it inside the bottle. 

15. Bird Cage Candles

Bird Cage Candles

A perfect candle decoration at home is to put your candlelight inside a birdcage. For this design, you do not need many accessories because it looks prettier while putting them inside the cage. 

16. DIY Apple Holders

DIY Apple Holders

Make your candles look and smell great by using apples as the holder. This combination will make your room feel fresh with the fruit scents. 

However, you will have to change the apples routinely after a few days to maintain the fresh smell. 

17. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

The last candle decoration to try is the winter wonderland. To get the wintery theme, let your candles drip until the wax burns down. For some people, this may seem messy, but it can create a cold atmosphere.

With these candle decorations, your candlelight is more than a sparkling light. It will also be a pretty design to fill the house.

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