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Things You Can Create from The Cardboard Shoe Boxes

Sometimes, you feel so confused about what you should do to the cardboard shoe boxes collection. Some people choose to keep them in the storage, which takes too much space. Do not let your house become dusty and stuffy. You can do any creative hacks to make use of your cardboard shoe boxes collection.

The cardboard is an easy material for recycling projects. What you need to prepare is just the glue, scissors, and the splash of colors based on your favor. Let’s start this interesting DIY project and explore many possibilities the cardboard shoe boxes collection might bring to you.

Cardboard Shoe Boxes Packaging as a Display Decoration

Cardboard Shoe Boxes

Do you know that a cardboard shoe box can give a pleasant look to your house? The first thing you can do to your cardboard packaging is turning it into a standing rack, or an open shelf stuck to the wall, which functions both to store items and as a decorative piece. To add a more attractive appearance, you can brush the inner and the outer part of the shoebox with your preferred shade
This shelf will have a more striking and elegant appearance if you opt the dark colors. These shades will give a contrasting look.

Arrange the cardboard shoe boxes pieces systematically. Glue one box to another and your rack is ready to use. Do not forget that this DIY rack from the cardboard shoe boxes can only support light items such as tiny imitation flower pots and miniature collections.

Spruce Up the Walls

Spruce Up the Walls

If you have magazines collection scattered in various places, you better recycle your shoebox to make it your zine storage. To deliver a more attractive appearance, wrap the shoe box with colored paper, patterned paper, or unused magazine papers on all its parts.

A Theater at Home

You can have an attractive entertainment at home with a puppet theater made out of cardboard shoe boxes. The first thing you need to do is by making a show frame by cutting the rectangle at the bottom of the box. You require a skewer to attach the puppet character. Cut them and place them on a skewer.

After you finish with the technical steps, now you can make some fun with those characters. Make puppet shows at night time to amuse your children and other family members.

To Arrange the Cables

o Arrange the Cables

The cellphone charger cables are easily scattered at home and that’s quite bothering. This annoying trouble is something you can resolve with the. By punching holes in one side of the shoe box, you can put the socket in the shoebox and insert the cable through the hole you made before. Don’t forget to make a hole on the other side as a jack that connects to the power line.

Movie Projector

Do you know that a cardboard shoe boxes can turn into a simple movie projector? Invite your friends to enjoy a collection of films or dramas that you own on your mobile phone. Start this DIY idea by making a hole on one cardboard side. Add a magnifying glass lens and tight it with the adhesive glue.

Put your cellphone in a cardboard box and set the screen to adjust the cardboard position. To enhance the impression of being in a cinema, dim the lights of the room and enjoy your films with popcorn. Such an enjoyable time at home with simple things!

Turn the Cardboard Shoe Boxes into a Storage

Do you look for a thing to store your spices or onions? No need to buy new ones because we can make a recycling project using cardboard shoe boxes. Prepare a preferred fabric or paper motif to wrap the inside or outside part of your shoebox, stick it with the glue. Your cardboard is ready as a kitchen space storage!

To Keep the Paper on the File

By using a shoebox, you can keep all the paper organized. Remove the cardboard lid and cover up all the parts with paper as you’ve done to the spice storage before. Let it dry. Put the storage in the desk and you can arrange your files tidily. To make the shoebox look more elegant, you can add wrapping paper so that your pencil doesn’t appear plain and more patterned.

Store Off-Season Accessories From Cardboard Shoe Boxes

There is always a solution for you to store your winter gear. You can use a shoebox to keep them in the summertime. When you don’t longer use your winter accessories, you can put them in the cardboard to add a compact look to your house. Consider closing the top of the cardboard so that your items are unexposed to dust. Try to give a label on each shoebox based on what’s inside the box. The method will ease you once you want to use them again.

Perk Up Plants From Cardboard Shoe Boxes

If you have thicker shoe boxes, you can use them to grow plants. Adding a plastic layer on the inside of the shoebox. Consider making a hole as drainage. After that, you can put in the soil and plant the crops you want to grow.

Keep Cats Faraway from Couch

Keep Cats

Are you a cat person? Unfortunately, this four-legged pet has a big desire to scratch. They love to damage furniture surfaces like leather sofas. Avoid this annoying situation, using a shoebox as a cat scratch zone. The project is a piece of cake. What you need to do is cover up the shoebox with the fabric or fur. Your cat won’t be curious anymore with the sofa and other furniture at home.

Highlights Memories From Cardboard Shoe Boxes

You can make use of a shoebox to attach your best photos. First thing first, clean up the shoebox and cover it up with the fabric or paints. Stick your best photos on the surface of it. This 3D picture frame deserves a place in your room.

Baskets and Bins From Cardboard Shoe Boxes

Baskets and Bins From Cardboard Shoe Boxes

Instead of buying the new basket bin, you can create the awesome one with the cardboard shoe boxes. Paint the shoebox using chalkboard paint. Decorate its surface with the chalk. Here you have a budget-friendly vintage trash bin.

The cardboard shoe boxes will not litter your house anymore because you have to turn it into something useful!

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