How to Use Caulk Remover for Easy Scrubbing

The caulk remover is quite successful in simplifying a very tedious job. With the right materials, tools, and techniques, you can remove the breaking down layers in various corners of the house.

How do you use it? What tools do you need? Here are the steps.

1. Prepare the Best Caulk Remover


Although it is not a difficult job, the hardened layer makes it take our time to clean it. To simplify and speed up the process, we need to use a caulk removal solution.

These substances will make it softer to remove. Here are some recommendations for you to choose from.

Goo Gone Caulk Remover


The dry caulk is very difficult to clean. However, Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel will make it a problem no more.

This product is on the top of the list because it is easy to apply and contains active ingredients that will not damage the surface it is on.

It is also the best among silicone caulk remover. You can use this caulk remover spray safely on furniture, floor, metal, clothes, carpet, and so on and see the instant result.

Do not use it on unpainted drywall or unfinished wooden surface.

Dap Caulk Remover


The Dap 18026 Caulk remover can also be the best choice for this job. The material is strong enough to soften the hardened layer.

You can apply this product on almost any surface, including washing machines and the like.

Despite its extraordinary results, you have to wait for two hours before starting scrubbing. Besides, be careful with this product because it can harm human skin.

Latex gloves are necessary to use during the process.

3M Caulk Remover


It is another product in removing caulk, especially for latex or silicone coating. The result is so smooth that it will not leave any stains or odors.

Unfortunately, the softening process takes quite a long time, about 4-5 hours before scrubbing.

De-Solv-it Caulk Remover


This product not only removes caulk but also removes stains from clothes. Orange-Sol De-Sovl-it has a non-toxic formula, making it safe for skin and hair. Its environmentally friendly nature is also a plus.

Unfortunately, this material has a strong petroleum smell.

Silicone Caulk Remover


As the name suggests, this product helps in removing silicone caulk from any surface.

It is odorless and skin-friendly, but the results are not as strong as the products above, so you need more effort when scrubbing.

Homemade Caulk Remover


You can also make your caulk removal solution with ingredients at home. The trick is to use WD-40, alcohol, or vinegar to remove the hardened surface.

This method is quite effective for caulks containing water-based acrylic and polyvinyl acetate resins.

2. Prepare the Caulk Remover Tool


The cleaning agent alone will not be enough, as you need other equipment to maximize your work. Apart from towels and rags, some caulking cutter blades are necessary to lighten your job.

There are types that you can use, namely manual and electric.

Oscillating Tool Blades for Caulk Removal


This equipment is easy-found in stores selling household supplies. This electric caulk removal tool has battery-operated oscillated blades that can clean the coating in just minutes.

Its use is guaranteed to make your work easier.

Several products are quite popular, one of which is the DEWALT DWA4235 Wide. This Home Depot caulk remover tool has a wide selection of blades to be tailored to your needs.

Apart from these brands, there are also Vtopmart, Leberna, and so on.

Some products, such as the Dremel caulk removal tool and Fein caulk cutter are also some options. The electrics sometimes do not require chemicals to get rid of the coating.

However, please be careful not to damage the surface cleaned.

Manual Caulking Cutter Blades


Like the electric type, this tool can work without any removal solution. However, its use is risky as the blades can damage the surface.

Nevertheless, if you use chemicals, the work will be easy because you can clean up details that may not be reachable.

The equipment we know is the teak deck caulking removal tool. It is a razor knife to free the caulk from the sides of the seam. Generally, this tool has a comfortable rubber handle for scrubbing.

In addition to the tools above, you may also need some brushes or rags to make it easier. Do not forget to prepare cleaning equipment to clean up your work.

If everything is in order, clean it with soap so that the results are even more visible.

3. How to Remove Caulk


After preparing various kinds of equipment, it is time to start work. To clean the caulk, here are the steps to take:

  • Make sure the location to be cleaned has the best ventilation system. After that, start spraying the caulk remover on the surface you want to clean. Wait a few moments for the layer to begin to soften.
  • After a few hours (depending on the caulk remover product), the coating will soften. You can start to scrub them the tools provided.
  • After the caulk was removed, scrub with an agar brush to remove any residue. You can also use a knife, but be careful not to scratch the surface.
  • Finish your job by using soap. Now you are ready to apply a new layer of caulk on it.

Caulk remover will replace your job for scrubbing so that you do not have to bother too much. While waiting for the solution to work, you can relax or do something else.

4. Additional Tips for Removing Caulk


Silicon coating is usually difficult to clean even with a particular material. In case you find it stubborn to remove, try using a homemade solution discussed above.

You can choose between WD-40, alcohol, or vinegar. However, it will react optimally after a few days.

However, you may do removing silicone with multi-tool. After a few days of waiting, you can start with the electric tool. The results may not be maximal that you still have to use the manual type.

After that everything is clean, do not forget to clean it with soap.

You should fix the dirty layer that begins to break soon to avoid more damage, such as triggering water leaks.

If previously this process took a long time, then using the caulk remover will make it easier for you.

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