Chrome Polish, an Effective Way to Clean your House Equipment

Chrome polish is one of the many ways to treat and make your household equipment shine like new. By applying them the right way, you can get shining and gleaming chrome inside your house.

Much household equipment is out of chrome and metal. There is a reason for it because chromes are a long-lasting and strong material compared to other materials.

However, if you do not clean them regularly and carefully then it can end up mossy and scratched all over. Therefore, to make sure chromes shines the best, it is important to clean it up regularly.

Natural Chrome Polish to Clean your Equipment

Compared to other kinds of material used in the house, chrome is not a hard material to clean. It only needs consistency and persistence to keep it clean and shining.

Therefore, here are some easy and natural chrome polishes you can make to make sure your chrome is always clean and shining.

Rinse with Water and Soap

Chrome Polish

One of the easiest ways to take care of your chrome is by cleaning it with warm water and soap. Equipment you will need is a soft fabric or a non-abrasive sponge.

The first thing you need to do is pour the soap into the warm water and mix it. Then with the fabric or sponge, brush all of the chrome.

For areas that already have creases on the chrome rub it gently to loosen it up. If it is too hard using a piece of fabric, then try using an old toothbrush.

Remember to press on the area gently and carefully. Because scrubbing on it too much will cause scratches and cause defects on your chrome. Moreover, you sure do not want this to happen.

During the process, do not forget to rinse and dip the fabric into the water repeatedly, because you cannot clean chrome just with a dry fabric.

Then finish the process by cleaning or rinsing the chrome with clean water to make sure that there are no residual traces left. It is also better to dry them up, so they do not get moist up.


The next material you can use for chrome polish in your house is by vinegar. Vinegar is popular for its high acidity, which can clean chrome with creases.

So, to use this as the substitute of soap, mix it with water with ratio one on one. Make sure not to mix too much water in it because then the acid in the vinegar will not work maximally.

Then, the same way as before, apply the solution on the chrome using fabric, sponge, or toothbrush. Rub the chrome gently and do not forget to keep dipping it in the acid occasionally.

After finishing cleaning the whole chrome, rinse the whole chrome with clean water. This is just to make sure that all the creases you have rubbed off clear out from the chrome.

Old Aluminum Foil and Vinegar

Vinegar Chrome Polish

If you want to clean your chrome from some rust, then all you need is a sheet of aluminum foil.

The concept of this chrome polish is just like the ones before but rather than use fabric, you should use the foil.

For this method, you do not need to mix the vinegar with extra water. Moreover, for the aluminum foil, crumble it up a little to make it easier to clean later.

Dip the foil into the vinegar and rub it with force medium strength on areas with extra rust. However, if there is no rust, you can just rub it gently.

Do this repeatedly and do not forget to re-dip the foil always in the vinegar.

For some rust that is harder to clean, steel wool. This will help clean extra old rust on the chrome that you cannot remove by fabric or aluminum foil.

Once you are done, rinse the chrome, and dry it with a dry towel. This step is also a way to make sure that your chrome keeps clean and is avoided from rust.


Another safe ingredient that can help clean off your chrome is lemon. This fruit is famous for its vitamins and ingredients that are useful for many things such as cleaning chrome.

To clean chrome with lemons, you will need 3–5 pieces of lemons depending on the quantity and condition of your chrome. You will also need a microfiber cloth to wipe the leftovers on the chrome.

First, cut your lemons into half then scrub one of the halves on the chrome. You can put a bit pressure in this process as it will not hurt or scratch your chrome.

Do this repeatedly until you think your chrome is clean enough. Do not forget to change lemons once your old lemon becomes dry and all squishy.

If you find a hard staining one a part of the chrome, then you can just let the lemon sit on the area for a few minutes.

Then using the microfiber cloth, wipe the whole area of the chrome and make sure there is no lemon left.

Chrome Polish

If you want an easier and effective way to clean your chrome, then use chrome polish. This product is to clean metal products easily without extra effort.

It is also effective to clean even the hardest stain on your chrome without having to rub on it too hard. Moreover, the best part is most chrome polish can be used for other materials rather than just chrome.

To use chrome polish all, you need is the polish and a piece of clothing. Then dip the clothing to the polis and wipe all the area of the chrome.

Just with this simple step, you can get your chrome shining like new.

Therefore, those are some of the simplest ways to keep your chrome clean and shining. The key to keeping chrome clean is by never letting it get dirty in the first place.

Because once it gets dirty, it will get harder for it to clean. Therefore, if your chrome is now dirty, then you had better clean them quickly before it gets worse.

For quick and long-lasting cleaning, it is best to use chrome polish first. Once the stain is gone, you can maintain it easier by rinsing and cleaning it regularly.

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