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What You Can Do with a Clear Nail Polish at Home

Do you ever wonder what you can do with clear nail polish? Not only to beautify your nails but the clear nail polish can also solve several household problems. If you have enough clear polish remaining in your bathroom cabinetry, it might simplify your life since this cosmetic will help you pass through these annoying troubles. Let’s try this on.

As a Scratches Camouflage at Home

The leather chair usually comes at a high price due to its material and look. Unfortunately, it can easily be ruined by sharp nails or pet’s claws. No wonder you can easily see some gouges on an old leather sofa. Some scratches do not reduce the comfort it brings. However, when you decide to resell it, the scratches will decrease its price. The clear nail polish comes as a hero to this petty-but-annoying trouble. Pick a toothpick to dab the nail lacquer solution, and apply it to the scratches you intend to recess.

The Solution to a Windshield Crack

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A window replacement is big-ticket and requires a serious renovation. Thus, you can fix the bitty windshield by covering it with clear nail polish. The lacquer has a flexible characteristic that permits itself to permeate into the windshield Clark. It covers up the imperfection in the window, creating a better look.

Just like what you have done to your scratched leather sofa, swab the lacquer with the tiny toothpick or iron skewer and apply the lacquer to that windshield crack. In the future, you need to repair the window. However, this hack can help you to solve the problem temporarily.

Waterproof Surface

Blurred letters in a product disturb you the most. With the clear nail polish, you can get out of this trouble. What you need to prepare is just a bottle of clear nail lacquer. After you buy some products, brush the clear nail polish over those labels. It is the simplest way to prevent the letters from fading. If you run a business and would like to add the labels, these lacquer hacks help you so much. The trick will also run in handwritten labels, so, say goodbye to the smudged words!

Keep the Can from Dirt and Rust

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Since the can is made up of the metal material, it is prone to rust. The rust underneath the can is detestable while those specks of dirt will transfer to other surfaces, making a kind of staining. Removing the stain comes from the can ring is troublesome. You can prevent this thing from happening by polishing the fingernail lacquer to the can ring.

Solving the Snags Problem

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All kinds of fabric are very vulnerable to snags. The loosened thread not only makes it look terrible but also damages it. You can solve this problem with nail lacquer. When you discover the loosened thread, polish the substance to the area. After that, snip off the loosened thread. It will stop the fray from snagging.

Prevent the Rusted Toilet Screw

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A toilet screw keeps millions of bacteria from the people who hold it after they finish their business in the water closet. Since it is also made up of iron material, it is vulnerable to rust and several specks of dirt. The fact that you cannot clean the screw is aggravating. However, we might prevent this thing from happening.

Clean the seat’s screw and brush its surface with your lacquer. Wait until it dries. No more dingy bathroom. You can do this hack to the already-installed seat toilet. If there is a sign of corrosion in the screw, remove it with calcium cleaner, and then make a coating with your transparent lacquer.

Clear Nail Polish with Glitter to Repair the Tiles

The backsplash or floor tiles are easily chipped. People tend to contact the tile setter for fixing this trouble. However, you can make a simple hack to repair it using the clear nail polish with glitter! Go grab a lacquer (in a similar shade with the tiles) and brush it over the surface of tiny ceramics. Do not hesitate to apply multiple coats of lacquer in the tiles. It will give you a perfect result. Let the polish dry for some minutes. While waiting, do not let the water wet its surface.

Tighten the Screw

A loosen screw is vexatious and harmful. Imagine what kind of disaster it might bring. A fallen picture on the wall, by example. If you find any loose screw at your home, do not hesitate to pour the liquid on the vacuum. The lacquer can fill that space, making the screw getting tighter. You can use the transparent one, but we might change it with another shade that is similar to your wall paint.

Fixing the Car’s Rust Used Clear Nail Polish

Due to the weather or unintended accident, the car’s coat can be scratched and is prone to rust.

The car owner will bring it into the car salon, which requires a lot of budgets. A more economic trick you can have is to cover the scratched parts with the nail polish.

You need a shade that matches the car coat so that the scratch will not be noticeable. The nail polish is quite durable, but you have to re-dab it at least once a month to keep the color. For more serious rust and damage, we suggest you not to use the lacquer. It is better to directly bring the car to the salon for proper treatment.

Fixing the Torn Window Screen With Clear Nail Polish

The window screens installation helps you to prevent the mosquitos and other kinds of insects. Unfortunately, they are not that durable. A sharp tip can damage this thing. A small rip leads to the bigger one. Prevent this thing by spreading the clear nail polish on its surface.

Align one edge to another in the torn window screen by the lacquer. After it dries, the polish will create a new and thick surface, strong enough to keep you away from any harmful insects. Well, there is more than one magic a clear nail polish will bring to us. Take a look at your cabinet and see whether you still have some lacquers remaining to use!

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