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Ingenious Ideas For Coat Rack With Shelf Design

These ingenious coat rack with shelf ideas would provide a stylish way to display your belongings and decoration.

Thus, this element of the wall can mitigate the mess you have in the house. Interestingly, this article has a lot of ideas that would work well in every interior style.

However, these collections are not something you can purchase from the store as a ready-made rack. We encourage you to build it yourself using simple materials and affordable prices.

1. Bright White Shelf with Hooks

Bright White Shelf with Hooks

Take a look at this entryway. It has got a space that looks so sleek and complete.

Also, the shelf provides all things you need in the entryway. It appears to have more storage for the stuff you want to keep. This white wall-mounted piece offers a good spot for a leaned gallery.

Moreover, the black hooks that would accommodate all the coats, bags, and everything have transformed into the industrial coat rack with shelf.

2. Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack With Shelf Wall Mounted

Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack With Shelf Wall Mounted

This mounted coat rack with shelf could be an easy DIY project. Therefore, make a sturdy basis to hang all the coats, hats, scarf and many others.

Likewise, it is quite flexible to be placed anywhere in the house. Enhance the texture and natural color of the wood by having a brighter wall color as the background.

3. Repurposed Door Coat Rack With Shelf And Bench

Repurposed Door Coat Rack With Shelf And Bench

Repurposing an old door must be a smart way since it makes a perfect basis for the shelf and rack.

So, if you already have the door, you can begin to add the shelf anywhere you want. In this case, for example, it locates on the top of the door.

4. Shabby Chic Window Shutter

Shabby Chic Window Shutter

Using an old window shutter as the basis for the coat holder is very thoughtful. Then, a shabby chic item will bring a significant change to the scene.

Furthermore, the rustic and rotten shape is just something unique for the house. Some people love the natural texture and dirty look of the item. For them, that’s what shabby is all about.

5. Chalkboard Wall Coat Rack With Shelf

Chalkboard Wall Coat Rack With Shelf

This mounted item is a charming decor idea to copy when you’re designing an entryway. Then, add a black and white gallery for a defining element that welcomes the guest.

Moreover, the black and white colors will balance the chalkboard background. You can even use the surface to write some messages or draw some decorative images by yourself.

After all, this is an easy yet inspiring entryway coat rack with shelf.

6. Rustic Nautical Whitewashed Oar

Rustic Nautical Whitewashed Oar

An oar is a big nautical element that defines the design of a space. Thus, having this stylish piece as the focal point makes it eye-catching for the scene.

Indeed, the white-painted oar does not mean that it is invisible. As you can see, the texture and appearance are still on point.

7. Woodgrain Coat Rack with Spoon

Woodgrain Coat Rack with Spoon

The most attractive part of this coat rack is the spoons. They act as the hooks to hang your things.

Otherwise, it does not have a shelf to display some collections. You can choose to add a simple wood surface on the top part.

So, this clever coat rack with shelf diy idea is going to be your next project for the weekend. Then, choose a material that shows a nice woodgrain for the basis, even when painted.

8. Coat Rack with Branches

Coat Rack with Branches

This coat rack with shelf has something that other designs wouldn’t have. Indeed, it is a natural feature. The branches that function as hooks form a natural shape.

The downside of this coat rack design is the random position of the hooks. So, it would be easy to look messy on the wall.

However, you may choose to highlight the decorative function of this rack. The dark paint on the frame and branches look stunning over the white wall.

9. Classic Country Coat Rack with Shelf

Classic Country Coat Rack with Shelf

The importance of having a coat rack with shelf is personalized decoration. Its surface provides space to place anything you want to display.

The mission is to impress the guest and show them that this house is special for you and the family. Furthermore, this coat rack with a shelf has a classic country feeling.

Additionally, try to add a big chalkboard on the shelf to take over the decoration. Then, fill it with good messages to welcome the guests.

10. Barn Style Coat Rack with Shelf

Barn Style Coat Rack with Shelf

This painted barn door looks adorable on the wall. Even though the rack is so small, it can accommodate your coats.

However, it is not suitable for a house with big family members. Besides, it is going to be a nice element for your apartment.

11. Personalized Mud Room Rack for Accessory

Personalized Mud Room Rack for Accessory

As you can see, what makes the mudroom so attractive for the owner is the framed name.

Hence, that family name defines the space and shows the guests that you’re proud of becoming the homeowner.

This coat rack with shelf provides a rustic vibe with that reclaimed wood materials. Besides, the shiplap background plays an essential role in this scene too.

12. High-End Style with Rustic Vibe

High-End Style with Rustic Vibe

This charming coat rack with shelf will make your day. It comes with some hooks that are right below the shelf.

Well, it is a smart decision from a designer, although the brick wall seems to be easy to spread the dirt to the clothes.

However, the position of the hooks gives a proper distance to protect the clothes and keep them clean.

13. Wooden Hanging Station with Secret Storage


This wooden coat rack with shelf features hidden storage at the back. Thus, it provides a different approach to keep things on the wall.

So, it won’t be giving you a chance to display or show your collection or photos. However, it will keep the mess or clutter out of sight. This coat hook with shelf white is one of a kind.

14. Simple Elegant Coat Rack with Shelf


This style is a coat rack design that has a thin shelf. It will be a perfect space to display some pictures or photos of the family members.

Otherwise, you can put a minimalist décor to keep the sleek and clean scene. Thankfully, it comes with some antique hooks which feature an efficient holder system.

15. Artistic Woodpile with Hooks


This artistic element is not only functional but also giving away its beautiful visual. Accordingly, the arrangement of the woodpile is setting up a natural scene to the wall.

However, with or without a shelf, you cannot go wrong with this accessory hanger.


A coat rack with shelf is like a must-have element to be in the entryway.  Hopefully, those ideas will inspire you to get ready and complete the scene to welcome the guest in style.

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