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30 Inspirational Coffee Bar Table for Your Morning Routine

A lot of people want their kitchen to have a coffee bar table. That’s probably because of the popularity of a machine like Keurig. This single-serve coffeemaker has changed the trend.

When it’s easier to enjoy a coffee at a house, you don’t have to venture out to the coffee shop nearby. So, installing a coffee bar table would complete your home kitchen.

1. Built-In Comfort with Brass Accent

coffee bar table

The black countertop seems to be the right choice in this surrounding. It seems like the coffee bar is already planned during construction.

The designer of this space has turned an outdated scene into a more sophisticated one like this.

2. Coffee Bar with Storages


If you want to have a coffee bar that’s far from messy country. You have to add a lot of stores to hide all the clutter. Take a look at this simple coffee bar table. There’s a lot of space to take all the items away from sight.

3. DIY Coffee Bar to Go

coffee bar table

You might have seen a lot of beer totes out there. How about a coffee tote. This one is something you can make in a DIY project.

The compact size will fit in any counter in this kitchen. It can keep your mugs, napkins, and creamers safe.

4. DIY Coffee Bar Counter with Timber

For a farmhouse chic look, you may wanna check this DIY idea. The rustic timber suits all the pieces for your coffee making. With these items, you can turn any counter in your kitchen as a coffee bar.

5. Whimsical Shelf for Coffee Mugs

coffee bar table

This outstanding shelf would complete the coffee bar set you have in your kitchen. You can display all your favorite mugs on it.

The whimsical shelf is a DIY item that you can make by yourself. Don’t forget to add a natural object for a lively character.

6. Updated Cabinet as Coffee Bar Table

coffee bar table

If you have some old cabinet that’s unused, you can transform it into something else. With some simple woodworking steps, a new coffee table can be made

7. Mounted Rack for Coffee Bar

coffee bar table

This modern rack is gonna be a perfect item to support your coffee bar at home. The sleek design won’t disturb the surrounding atmosphere.

You can copy the design of the steel structure and have one for the wall without the wooden platform.

8. Classy Cooper Cup Rack

coffee bar table

Checkout that wooden rack of this coffee station placed in the kitchen. As you can see, it’s got some brass tubes that are hooked by S hooks. That gives a classy touch to the bar.

9. Simple Tree Branch Rack for Mugs

coffee bar table

It’s another item that could support your coffee bar set. This tree branch rack is looking so unique. It allows the cup ready anytime you wanna drink your favorite hot beverage.

10. Ironing Board as Coffee Bar Table

coffee bar table

For a vintage vibe around the kitchen, you can have your old ironing board as a table for the coffee bar set.

11. Coffee Station from Bookshelf

coffee bar table

Besides the ordinary cabinet, a bookshelf would make a great coffee station in your house. It’s got an open shelf that allows you to display all the items including your mugs collection.

12. Kitchen Counter as Coffee Bar Table

In almost any space on the kitchen counter, you can turn it into a coffee station. Just simply place the coffeemaker and all the goods.

13. Kitchen Coffee Bar like Cafe

Wanna prepare and enjoy a cup of coffee just like in a cafe while in your kitchen? You should design it like this one. The key to getting a cafe look is to add a chalkboard element into the mix.

14. Coffee Bar Table from Dresser

Transforming an old dresser into a stunning coffee bar table is not that complicated. You can just repaint the entire body of it.

15. Simple Wooden Coffee Bar Tray

Having this coffee tray ready on the counter would make you easier to host guests at any time. Everything you need is on the tray, cups of coffee will be ready right away.

16. Simple Coffee Bar Table on Wheels

The four wheels under the table increase the portability of your coffee bar. You can just roll it to move it to another room.

17. Classic Coffee Station Cart

For a perfect morning routine, this coffee station could support your lifestyle. The sturdy design of the cart elevates the value of the furniture. It’s better not to move it a lot since the shelf and mug holder is fixed.

18. Old Spool Cup Holder for Coffee Bar

An old cable spool can make a nice organizer for the cups. Place it next to the coffee machine, and just grab a cup quickly whenever you want some hot beverage.

19. Three Tier Stand for Coffee Station

It’s a nice additional storage for your coffee station. You can arrange all the items on every tier. Each tier should have different items to display.

20. Pallet Coffee Station with Three Tiers

Shipping pallets are so popular to be used as the material for a DIY project. It looks stylish.

21. Wooden Bins for Storage

It’s an idea for the storage you can have as part of the coffee bar set. Use it to store all the necessities that are likely to get messy.

22. Coffee Counter with Concrete Top

A coffee station with a concrete countertop provides a strong character to the design. It gives both modern and earthy look to the furniture.

23. DIY Coffee Bar from Old Door

This custom made coffee bar is very special. It’s made out of an old door attached by shelves. The distressed door makes a perfect back panel to the bar.

24. Barn-Style Coffee Bar

A farmhouse style can get very interesting these days. As you see, every element in this coffee bar has its impression to show.

25. Simple Coffee Station on The Corner

A space on the corner of a kitchen countertop is always a great spot for a coffee station. Just put a wooden tray that contains the machine and some jars. You can add a vase to make it look more lovely.

26. DIY Portable Coffee Bar Table

The steel pipes structure looks so sturdy. It makes a perfect coffee bar cart that you can push and pull anywhere you want.

27. Simple Wooden Cart

Have you decide where to put your coffee station yet? Well, you can use this idea. The wooden cart that can move and fit in most spaces in the house can be your best choice.

28. Farmhouse Hutch Coffee Bar Table

The antique look of this hutch design is so stunning. It brings the farmhouse style of the house to the next level. This is a coffee bar table that can catch everyone’s attention.

29. Coffee Bar Table with Industrial Vibe Scene

The pipe fittings and some reclaimed wood boards are the keys to this industrial scene. You can have a stylish rustic coffee bar table at one corner of your house.

30. Simple Beverage Station

This simple station for coffee has a nice traditional vibe like it’s made of rattan. You can paint the beverage station in black. The dark coffee bar can add contrasts to the white and bright areas.

Well, those 30 coffee bar table ideas are more than enough to increase your creativity and make one for yourself.

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