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20 Coffee Mug Holder Ideas for a Quick DIY Project

From freeing up valuable space in the cabinet to giving a beautiful touch to your countertop, a coffee mug holder becomes a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Instead of hiding your favorite mugs away, it is more fun to display them along with a coffee machine and other necessary supplies.

Thus, you can create an inviting area in the kitchen that offers a warm drink and a place to relax.

This storage solution comes in various styles and materials. You can find it made of reclaimed woods for a natural, authentic touch.

Others may appear reclaimed, but are created from new materials and painted in distressed way for a rustic style.

DIY Coffee Mug Holder Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen Inexpensively

Luckily, these mug holders employ a range of different woodworking techniques. As a result, you can easily choose one that suits your skill level.

Some of the ideas are very easy since you only need to paint a few pallets and decorate them with stenciling.

Moreover, there is also a combination of wall and countertop designs. One of the most unique ideas comes with a base of drain pipe.

Without further ado, let’s check out and try one of these coffee mug holder ideas for a quick project on a weekend.

1. Rack with Stenciled Lettering

This coffee mug holder is indeed stunning with a row of hooks that are set vertically and perfect stenciled lettering. You can either stand the mug holder in the corner of your kitchen cabinet or simply hang it on the wall.

2. Pallet Style Rack for Mug Collection

With several pallet boards and natural wooden coating, you can have a useful mug holder that offers many styles.  Display your mug collection along with some indoor plants and framed pictures for more interest.

3. Metal Wall Rack with Industrial Flair

If you are looking for a way to infuse an industrial touch in the kitchen, try this DIY coffee mug holder and let it beautify your white wall.

4. Mini House for Coffee Mugs

Make a mini house for your mug collection and hang it on a kitchen wall. You can paint the holder or include a pot of indoor plants on the display for extra interest.

5. Multipurpose Wall Shelf

Aside from your mug collection, you can store some saucers and teapots on this multipurpose wall shelf.  You can hang the coffee mugs on the hooks while adorning the shelf with some decorative items or books.

6. Cup Hooks Under the Cabinet

Installing several hooks under the cabinet is one of the best approaches to save some space in the kitchen. It is easy to do and offers adequate room for your mug collection.

7. Rustic Coffee Mug Holder

This DIY project is perfect for those who are looking for a rustic addition to their space. With a pair of metal moose hooks and a pallet board, you can have a practical mug holder.

8. Wine Barrel Coffee Holder

Repurpose your old wine barrel to create a useful mug holder. You just need to disassemble the container and install some hooks on each piece.

9. Small Pedestal Rack for Mugs

A coffee mug holder stand does not have to be big. A small pedestal rack like this should be enough to display some of your favorite cups.

You can use the mug holder as a centerpiece on your dining table for decoration as well.

10. Unique Shutter Mug Rack

By upcycling an antique shutter, you can have a unique, functional mug holder. To make it more eye-catching, paint the piece in distressed style, and stencil your favorite quote.

11. Random Coffee Cup Rack

Here, the pallet boards are set randomly to create an attractive, exceptional style. With several hooks and contrasting white lettering, the coffee mug rack appears beautiful.

If you prefer something that looks more uniform, consider shaping the boards into the heart shape.

12. DIY Pallet Mug Holder

This coffee mug stand does not require much budget and woodworking skills. Even a novice DIY-lover will be able to create the cup holder without any difficulty.

You just need to finish it in your favorite color and add stenciled lettering for additional interest.

13. Cup Holder with Plumbing Pipe

Introduce an industrial style in your kitchen by repurposing a plumbing pipe into a coffee mug holder.  Simply get several S-shaped hooks and coat the pipe in gold or copper colors to finish.

14. Mug Holder with Greenery Arrangement

A hardworking coffee mug holder deserves a beautiful décor that completes its appearance. You can try with a greenery wreath or trailing plant.

15. DIY Mug Holder with Weathered Look

Complete a rustic vibe in your kitchenette with this DIY mug holder. Thanks to its weathered look, it will suit the style without even trying.

16. Coffee Box with Storage

This simple DIY box not only houses your mug collection but also comes with adequate storage for a bunch of coffee pods.

If you need more room for the cups, pair the box with an easy DIY coffee mug tree that offers lots of hooks.

17. Coffee Mugs on Rustic Planks

Above is another coffee mug holder idea with rustic planks and simple stenciled lettering. For a pop of color as well as style, try to mix colorful cups in different sizes.

18. Wall Rack with Lots of Hooks

With a floating wall rack that has a lot of hooks, you can display your colorful mug collection with coffee essentials and other decorative items.

19. Open Wooden Wall Holder

Not only homes a selection of coffee mugs, but this open wooden shelf also displays a range of different pretty decors.

You can be creative with what you display on this open wooden shelf to make your coffee station more inviting.

20. Modern Pegboard Mug Storage

If you are decorating a modern coffee station, this pegboard mug storage should be of interest. Your colorful mug collection will display elegantly against the black backdrop.

Finally, have you found your favorite coffee mug holder? If so, go for the DIY project and showcase the upshot confidently around your kitchenette.

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