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15 Inspirational Coffee Station Designs For Your Morning Brew

Coffee Station is the best spot in the house for those who can’t function without a cup of caffeine in the morning.

According to the research in the US, People consume hundreds of cups per day.

Wherefore, drinking a cup of coffee becomes an essential part of Americans. So, this kitchen element will be a must-have area in the modern era.

Things to Consider

coffee-station-Designing a coffee station should think about the area, accessories, accessibility, and aesthetics.

Before the renovation begins, there are several things to consider. Designing a coffee station should think about the area, accessories, accessibility, and aesthetics.

Then, you have to check the available room or space to make a coffee bar. It can be in the kitchen corner, nooks, or some empty vertical space.

Next, all the knick-knacks should be in consideration. The must-have item is the coffeemaker, of course. Having a microwave on the side is quite necessary too.

Don’t forget about organizing the mugs, spoons, pods, sugar packets, saucers, and so on. For accessibility, leave a space about a foot between the coffeemaker and the station edge.

In addition, it spares some rooms for morning brew preparation. So, you can make a cup of coffee with no worries.

Last but not least, it is aesthetic. Well, that’s why you are here to get some inspiration.

1. Storage and Religious Sign


Homeowners who prefer making a coffee with the pods will need this kind of storage. All supplies can be in the same container or separate cabinets according to taste.

Furthermore, it is such a vintage station that contains some religious messages on the signs. Therefore, you will start the day with faith and style.

Additionally, the coffee station cabinet provides a decent amount of storage. You can hide away all the utensils in the drawers. Then, to avoid being crowded, eliminate the decor items.

2. Chalkboard Coffee Station


Check out that practical and beautiful chalkboard sign. Fill the black background with some drawings and messages that would take the coffee station ideas to the next level.

Further, this one shows the owner who loves their family and enjoy drinking coffee. The gray table for the station blends well with the atmosphere.

However, it is a bit in contrast to the rustic charm on the wall. That’s what makes the station looks so special.

3. Mugs and Coffee Pods Holder


You don’t need to design the element to have an elaborate setup. For example, this coffee station organizer has a simple system.

This holder of coffee station amazon also provides other storage. You can hang the coffee pods on the wall. Thus, the counter will be more spacious.

Next, fill all the upper hooks with your mug collections. You can choose to have all-white or colorful ones. Meanwhile, the coffee pods go on the bottom storage.

4. Small Wooden Hanging Coffee Station


This stylish piece is such a perfect idea for apartment dwellers. Thus, they should not spend any more flooring space. A bit of vertical space will be enough to have a station for drinking coffee.

Moreover, the wooden wall station is ready to accommodate the stuff you need to make a cup of coffee. However, a space for coffeemakers is not available.

5. Coffee Station In Kitchen with More Storage


It’s a practical solution for a coffee station that needs a lot of storage. There are some open storage spaces, drawers, and enough coffee station countertop space.

Then, this layout is enough to accommodate your need for a morning brew. Fill the available space on the wall of the station with some eye-catching signs.

Also, another coffee station decor item can be right on the top shelf. A pretty potted houseplant would be great.

6. Coffee Anyone?

small antique  coffee bar

That sign explains it all. Setting up a charming area for making a cup of coffee is necessary to calm up the mood. Then, add some colored mugs to make the vertical space more attractive.

Moreover, the counter has two-tiered space to fill up the containers. The woven baskets strengthen the character of this area.

Furthermore, the metal structure above the coffee station table that sets up the top shelf adds an industrial feeling to the furniture.

7. Hidden Coffee Station in The Kitchen


A station for making a cup of coffee doesn’t have to be a stand-alone one. Hence, you can design it to be multifunctional.

As you can see, this kitchen has a coffee bar inside a closed cabinet. It locates in front of the island. With a couple of stools, this one becomes a complete concept.

Moreover, it is like a bar in the cooking area that you can make a cup of coffee and serve it right away. Then, enjoy the breakfast right on the kitchen island.

8. Rustic Charm in Coffee Station At Home


As you can see, there is a chalkboard in the background. It can be a canvas to draw something to add more festive.

You can choose the real chalk to draw the background. On the other hand, some people might want the look without the smudges. So, use white paint instead.

There are a lot of knick-knacks placed on each shelf and counter. They are available in various sizes and coffee station at home ideas. All the white jars and cups add to the soul of this station.

Additionally, a couple of greenery on each shelf completes the setup. The reclaimed wood and the chalkboard are a great combination that presents rustic charm.

9. Splashes of Colors in Coffee Station

coffee-station Splashes-of-Colors-in-Coffee-Station

Using bright colors will give such a happy tone to the bar. Then, take a look at those cups. They seem to provide a pleasing charm to this area.

Next, the brown background wall and cabinet makes a great base to let the colorful mugs shine. Gather all the cups without setting up color coordination, only randomly arrange them.

Let the colors of each mug give you some coffee station art. So, make sure they all have different designs and colors.

10. Coffee Station from China Cabinet


If you’re looking for furniture that functions as a bar, consider the china cabinet. This unique piece comes in a soft hue like the one you see in the picture.

Otherwise, you can see a pair of light bulbs right under the cabinet top. It is such an attractive addition to the station.

Additionally, it sets up a calm mood to let you prepare a cup of coffee every day. The decor item inside the cabinet plays a prime role in giving up the feeling.

There’s no need to hang anything. So, you can put the mugs at the open storage right below the coffeemaker.

11. Charming Cupboard for Coffee Station


Some shelves would be a great solution to keep a small space well-organized. Therefore, this cupboard seems to fit in a tiny area you may have around.

Besides, there are a lot of places to store all the coffee station accessories needed.

Has the cupboard painted in a white or cream color? Then, set up the majority of items in black and dark colors. That would create a perfect charm to welcome you every morning.

Also, the bottom part of this cupboard contains three-tiered shelves. You can fill it with all the knick-knacks.

Since they feature open shelves, ensure that the stuff are well-arranged and attractive enough.

12. Dark Stain and Sleek White

coffee-station Dark-Stain-and-Sleek-White

This style has a simple regular setup that would fit any kitchen. For example, the wooden cabinet features a dark stain that gives a natural swirl on the look. Furthermore, it defines the rustic design.

Furthermore, this small station for coffee is beautiful and functional. It offers a bunch of storage with drawers. Also, there are some white-painted shelves.

Likewise, the color choice gives some separations to the element. At the top shelf, you can see a pleasant light fixture.

Moreover, the lamp is just a little thing in this station but giving a sweet charm to the whole scene.

13. Chic Cabinet to Display Knick-Knacks


If you have a lot of stuff to display, you need a cabinet that has more shelves. Therefore, white furniture has a medium size that is large enough for a bunch of collections.

Then, if you need more space, it is better to aim for a larger cabinet. For instance, the display case has already crowded with knick-knacks. At the top of the furniture, it has a sign with a full-length message.

14. Special Mug Holder


This idea is suitable for homeowners who love being neat. Apart from the other things around it, the mug holder becomes the focal point of this station.

Hence, the neat holder comes with a calm blue base and some gold-colored steel. It offers a contrast combination that upscales the value of the station.

15. Spoon Hooks with Reclaimed Wood Basis

coffee-station with Spoon-Hooks-with-Reclaimed-Wood-Basis

The combination of metal and wood has its specialty. Thus, this item has a charm that would attract your attention since it has a unique feature and concept.

As you can see, the hooks are from flattened and bent spoons that attach to the wood structure. Consequently, this idea works great for the coffee area.


Overall, the need for the coffee station has been growing. People who love a cup of hot beverages should have this element. Hopefully, those ideas must be helpful.

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