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Coffee Table Ideas to Complete the Living Room

Most coffee table ideas are small and simple yet functional for daily needs. Therefore, even though they are not big, they can be used to put your books, magazines, and drinks. 

However, many people keep asking whether a coffee table is needed or not for a living room. If you do not use it then it is not important, but if you can maximize the use, then you should get one. 

When choosing coffee table ideas, the things you should consider are the design, shape, size, and storage. You want to make sure that the furniture fits perfectly inside the room and is also useful. 

Coffee Table Designs


To help you choose between coffee table ideas, here are some options you can consider. Some are suitable for a modern and simple interior, while others give a traditional look to the room.

So, choose one that suits your needs and taste the best. 

Coffee Table Ideas for Small Spaces


Normally, people with small spaces prefer not to use coffee tables in their rooms because it will just make it look full. However, you can prevent this by choosing the right design of furniture.

The first thing when you should consider for coffee table ideas for small spaces is the size. Choose a small side table like the two in one tray model. 

Like its name, the coffee table tray comes in two parts, one is small and the other is wider. You can put the small one beside your sofa, whereas the larger one in the middle of the room. 

If you plan to use the middle room for other use, then you can easily fold the coffee table tray and keep it in another place. Then take it out again when you need it. 

You can also use small wood tables if you are looking for something simple. Most of these designs are made in various sizes, so you can choose one that fits your room size the best. 

DIY Coffee Table Ideas

wood table

One of the materials you can use to make a coffee table is tree stumps. Transform an old trunk to something useful like a piece of furniture. 

However, before painting or decorating it make sure that it is fully dried first. If you want it to dry it quicker, put it near a heater.

Do not worry if you have any splits on it because it is a natural ornament to the table. 

Once it is dry, you can paint the stump, as you like. Most people like the natural tone, so they keep the way it is. Usually, only people will spray some protections on the wood, so it is not damaged easily. 

The only minus thing about wood stump is they have limited surface, so if you want a wider area, you will need to add extra surface on top of the trunk. 

Pinterest Coffee Table Ideas 


If you are creative and want so to save some money, then make your DIY coffee table ideas. You can recycle old wood or buy new tools to make new furniture. 

For those looking for cute coffee table ideas can search Pinterest to get some reference. The web will show many kinds of designs for you to choose to adjust the size of your room and theme. 

One of the Pinterest coffee table ideas that have become a favorite to many people is the Phoebe furniture.

With its simple design, the furniture can easily fit into the living room, whether you have a modern or traditional theme. 

The table has a white top that can brighten up the room, whereas the light wood legs give a natural touch. Another great advantage of this furniture is it is easy to assemble.

When you first buy it, you will get a manual book that will guide you in the process. 

Unique Coffee Tables with Storage

coffe table

There are also unique coffee tables that have extra storage inside, so when you open the top lid, there is extra space. You can put your books, magazines, and remote without people noticing. 

Alternatively, if you want a piece of simpler furniture, you can choose the steel storage table. Other than the top part, you can also use the middle area to put your belongings.

On the other hand, you can decorate it using small characters to make it look cute. 

If you want a unique coffee table, you can also make on by using wires and steel cover. So, for the legs, use hanging wires that you usually use to hang your clothes. Assemble them to make a strong leg. 

Traditional Coffee Table Ideas


One of the best materials for the traditional coffee table is solid wood. You can choose between Cherry, black, or espresso log that gives the best finishing for furniture. 

However, to keep it traditional, do not add too many ornaments or touches on the table. Let it simple and use natural colors for the design. 

Because it is very simple, you can even make one on your own. All you need to create this furniture is wood and some nails. Search the internet for more ways on how to make DIY coffee tables.

Contemporary Table for a Modern Room

As for those who want a contemporary coffee table, they can use glass and steel design. This style is very simple, but with this material, it will make it look more luxurious and modern. 

For the top part, people usually use clear tempered glass, so they can get a virtual view of the table. As for the legs, it is made with shiny steels, so it is confirmed strong and sturdy. 

Well, you can consider those top coffee table ideas for your living room. Most of them are made with simple designs, so they are adjustable for all kinds of themes. 

However, when choosing a coffee table make sure to measure your free space. Because this is the most common mistake that people make.

This is to ensure that your furniture can fit perfectly inside the living room. 

Then, when you find the right size, choose the right color, and design you like. Make sure that it matches your interior design too so that your table does not stand out alone. 

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