How to Install Amazing Concrete Floor Texture at Home

Regarding a concrete floor texture, people tend to think about the garage or storage room.

Concurrently, it is still a good idea to have a concrete floor texture inside the house. An industrial style will pop up with this idea and you get something fresh at home.

Compared to other kinds of flooring, concrete flooring is easy to install. Below are several ways to make concrete floor texture in your home.

1. Pour the Textured Concrete

If regular flooring requires a layer on top of the concrete, then this concrete floor texture concept does not work that way.

After you pour the concrete as the base of the home, let it dry and check whether the surface is ready to customize.

2. Check the Crack

No concrete textured surface is perfect. There are always cracks that make the concrete floor texture look damaged.

If you find a severe crack, consider sealing it with concrete and let it dry.

Do not put too much weight on the concrete, moreover if it is not too dry yet.

Besides, prevent water to touch the surface of the concrete before it dries.

Water can damage the wet concrete surface, making it flabby.

You must be patient with the soon-to-dry floor because it takes quite a while.

3. Cleaning the Concrete Floor Texture

The concrete floor texture is soiled. Before polishing it, you have to clean it first. Sweep the floor and make sure there is no dust on the top.

You can also mop this concrete floor texture so that it becomes cleaner.

After that, you are ready to do the next step.

4. Give a Primer

Before entering the painting part, concrete flooring must go through a primary process first.

Primer is the layer that makes concrete stronger, it will not be easily scratched.

This substance also makes the floor more shiny and waterproof.

Choose a primer that matches your floor.

5. Check the Floor

After you apply the primer, wait about 24 hours for it to dry.

Do not paint the floor before the primary dries, because that will cause clumping.

Right after the primary dries, you can check if there is any condensation on the floor.

Do not forget to do the painting test to check whether the paint suits the primary or not.

6. Paint the Floor

Now it is your turn to paint the floor.

Use paint that suits the primary so there is no clumping.

Before painting the floor, prepare all the tools for painting the floor, from brushes to gloves.

When painting concrete floors, you should focus on this process because paints are easy to dry, so do it at one time.

You can use the same color as the concrete or other colors based on your flavor.

After painting all floor surfaces, let it dry again until 24 hours and check whether there is a crack or not.

7. Why Choose Concrete Floor?

Of all the flooring types in the world, why would you choose the concrete floor? There are several reasons to pick this one.

First, concrete flooring is durable. After you apply the primary and the paint, it will not easily be scratched, unlike the marble or ceramic.

The primary makes this floor become more durable and does not crack even if you put the heavy things above it.

Second, the concrete floor installation is cheaper than other kinds of flooring.

Hence when you are out of budget or do not want to pay too much for the flooring, this flooring type is just for you.

The concrete flooring is cheap because it only requires paint and primary to cover, unlike the other kinds of floors.

Third, the concrete floor does not take too much time to install. What you need to do is just overlay it with primaries and paint.

Installing the concrete floor only takes up until 3 days around while the other flooring’s installation will be much longer.

However, you must pay attention to some shortcomings of the concrete flooring as you can see below:

  • The concrete flooring creates a dull look, so you need a good painting color.
  • It needs a coat of primary and waterproof paint to make the floor more durable.
  • Make sure you have to match the color with the theme of the room.

8. Making the Concrete Flooring Looks Amazing

You can have plenty of possibilities with concrete flooring.

You can paint it with the colorful epoxy with glitter.

Mix several different epoxy colors and see you have to turn your concrete flooring into a nebula one!

With this big makeover to this floor, you do not need too much decoration. Only add some monochromatic home decor as a perfect match.

You can also use various blue color combinations on the concrete floor to create a sea atmosphere. Choose paint with glitter and a waterproof finish.

More to the magic, you can also pick some rainbow epoxy color. The paint will give a glowing look, making you feel like walking on a fairy tale.

Some people love the combination of white and grayish black. It gives an atmosphere that you have marble flooring.

Even better, you can create an accent by carving lines on the floor surface. This makes concrete flooring less boring.

A bare concrete floor is also a good idea if you are craving for an industrial style. Pick the broken white shade for the wall.

9. How to Maintain the Concrete Flooring

You can do several things to treat concrete flooring so that it does not break easily:

  • Do not rub the floor with sharp objects to prevent the paint and primers from being damaged easily.
  • Clean regularly with a mop. It is not difficult to look for a soap suitable for concrete flooring
  • To make the paint color not fade easily, you can coat the floor with veneer.
  • Concrete floors can withstand heavy loads, but you should avoid buying too much furniture to keep the flooring.
  • The concrete flooring might get dirty sooner than other kinds of floors. Consider keeping it clean every day using a sweep and a mop.
  • If you want another floor model, you can override the concrete with other material, like ceramic and woods
  • Primary is essential for this flooring to make it not easily broken and dirty.

There are many things you can do with concrete floor texture. It is such a nice thing to deal with.

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