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13 Cool Coasters that Can Improve Your Mood for the Better

For a coffee enthusiast, cool coasters are not just something which you set down your cup on. They can be a great accessory for any occasion as well as a mood booster.

1. Cool Coasters for Guys

Cool Coasters for Guys

Some men cannot live without their dream and a cup of coffee in the morning. Therefore, giving your friend a cool coaster as a gift would be great.

Since it is a gift for a man, it should be simple or masculine rather than cute. This coaster can be in the list.

This cool coaster is eminently simple. It looks like a slice of wood log with a motivational message carved on it saying “LIVE YOUR DREAM”.

The cool coaster design will encourage your friend to go the extra mile to make his dream come true. Isn’t it a nice gift?

2. Modern Coasters

Modern Coasters

These cool coasters will complete your mid-century modern home due to its simple look and geometric patterns. To make these coasters, you will need some wooden board, and cut it into some squares.

Use painter’s tape to cover a certain area that will not be painted. After that, paint it with subdued beige and pink.

Once the paint is dry, remove the tape, and you will get the geometric pattern that you desire. Apply two coats of polyurethane to make the paints long lasting.

3. Unique Drink Coasters

Unique Drink Coasters

Many people have overlooked the versatility of a drink coaster. They only see it as something that protects the surface of a table from any watermark.

A coaster can do more than just becoming an item that allows your glass to rest upon. It can be as stylish and unique as any art work that you can think of, just like this one.

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You can make this pebble coaster in various kinds of ways. First, you can use felt or wood pallet, and then cut it into a circle. Finally, attach the stones with hot glue.

The second option will require you to get rapid set cement or concrete, silicone round mold, and pebbles. You can also use grout for an even surface.

4. Scrabble Cool Coaster


Scrabble is one of the most everlasting games. Apparently, this idea can be implemented to make a cool coaster.

To make this coaster, you will need cardboard and some Scrabble tiles. First, you have to cut the board to the desired length, and attach the pieces with hot glue gun.

To make it more appealing you can insert a certain message among the tiles, such as “LOVE”, “HAPPY”, or “JOY”.

5. Watercolor Coaster

The Touch of Watercolor

Aren’t they pretty? The blue alcohol ink spreads nicely, creating distinctive patterns that are worth adoring.

You do not need to spend much money to get them because you can make them yourself.

To make these coasters, you will need some bisque coasters, alcohol inks, rubbing alcohol, paper drinking straws, alcohol blending solution, and clear glaze.

First, you have to douse a lot of rubbing alcohol onto the coasters due to the porous surface of bisque.

Bear in mind that you have to work quickly before the rubbing alcohol soaks in. After that, apply the inks and create the pattern by blowing it with the straw.

Once the ink is dry, apply clear glaze. Make sure you use broad sweeping motions to produce think even coats.

6. Effortless Pebble Coaster

Effortless Pebble Coaster

This pebble coaster is chic and easy to make. You just need to get wooden board or corkboard. Attach the pebbles on it with hot glue gun. It is easy peasy, right?

7. Rustic Cool Coaster

Rustic Cool Coaster

If you are a fan of rustic style, this cool coaster might be what you are looking for. These coasters are made of some slices of wood log. The natural grain and texture offers rustic look instantly.

You can get this coaster in stores, but you can also make it yourself. Do not forget to stain and apply polyurethane for q long-playing charm.

8. Black-and-White Coaster


Black and white color schemes are not always boring. In fact, they can make a perfect adornment for any style. For this reason, these coasters are worth a try.

First, you need to make the coaster by rolling out air dry clay. Use a big mug or any circle item to create a perfect round shape. Let it dry for a day.

Now, it is time to use your imagination and creativity. Draw any patterns that you like with a paintbrush and black acrylic paint.

9. DIY Crochet Coaster

DIY Crochet Coaster

Are you find of crocheting? Now you can use your skills to make some beautiful and cool coasters.

These coasters are stylish with floral shapes. They will make your beverages look fresher and tastier.

10. Watermelon Coaster


The power of paint will provide an unrelenting charm. Besides, coloring is an  easy way to add a facelift to any kind of furniture and accessories, including a coaster.

These coasters look fresh since they resemble the shape and colors of scrumptious watermelon.

Making these cool coasters is merely a breeze. First, get a round corkboard. After that, cut it into four. Use green acrylic paint to create the rind and red for the flesh.

Add some black dots using black acrylic or chalkboard paint to make the seeds.

11. Cork Coaster

Cork Coaster

12. Heart Coaster

Heart Coaster

Give this heart-shaped coaster to your beloved one can be a terrific idea. Besides, you only need basic sewing skills to make it.

To make this coaster, you will need corkboard tile, heart shape, double-sided tape, embroidery floss, a needle, and a pencil.

13. Neon Rope Coaster

Neon Rope Coaster

These coasters feature vivid colors that will steal anyone’s focus instantly. More importantly, you can make them yourself without breaking a sweat.

First, you need to trace a circle on a piece of felt using a large mug. Then, cut it off. Mark the center point of it with a sharpie.

Get your neon rope, and begin to coil and glue it. Attach it to the center of the felt, and continue doing the first step.

Now, you know that the cool coasters can do more than just holding your glass or mug. They can make great accessories. So, which one is your favorite?

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