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10 Cool Wall Clocks for Budget-Friendly DIY Projects

When the regular decoration feels so outdated, it is the time to explore your creativity and create your cool wall clocks.

The project does not have to feature the new material since you can recycle the old stuff in this DIY activity.

Moreover, you do not have to spend too much money to have these playful cool wall clocks. More affordable than buying the new one.

Are you interested in the concept but run out of ideas?  So, let us check out these cool wall clocks for inspiration!

1. Cool Polka Dot Wall Clocks

Cool Polka Dot Wall Clocks

In this model, you can use an old plate at home.  Firstly, create a hole in the center to install the clockwise. Then, add the polka dot accent with the color that describes your personality.  

Furthermore, to create a more playful accent, draw them on the edge part of the plate. Consider painting it with acrylic paint to make the stuff sticks well and more durable.

If you want to fill the entire plate with polka dot motifs, that is also a brilliant choice.  However, make sure that you use food-grade paint to prevent digestion problems in the future. 

2. Industrial Cool Wall Clocks for Bedroom

Industrial Cool Wall Clocks for Bedroom

The industrial concept is still hype, and this DIY decorative piece represents it well. Collect the gears at home and arrange them based on your favor to make a unique artistic statement.

Featuring a tiny globe as a part of the vintage DIY cool wall clocks will make it look more valuable. Therefore, people might think it is an antique piece from the old years. 

In addition, it will also function both as the clock to show you the time as well as a vintage decorative piece. So gorgeous!

3. Two-Tone Minimalist Cool Wall Clocks Design

Two-Tone Minimalist Cool Wall Clocks Design

Who thinks minimalism cannot play with various colors? Indeed, this two-toned clock shows that the combination of several shades can still create a calming sensation.

However, choose the colors wisely. You might play with bright hues, but combine them with the subtle material. Moreover, a salmon shade and wood motif match so well.

You can consider painting it with acrylic paint, but there is a more simple option: look for the design on the internet and print it. Thus, it is going to save much of your time!

4. Wooden Wall Clocks DIY Idea

Wooden Wall Clocks DIY Idea

Wooden wall clocks can steal your attention if the natural concept is something that you love.

Prepare some materials to make cool wall clocks. They include wood planks, clockwise, scissors, pencils, nails, wood glue, and paint to create a more playful accent. 

The rest of the steps are a piece of cake that you do not need more tips.

5. Honeycomb Cool Wall Clock

Honeycomb Wall Clock

We can make use of the outdated wall clock by changing its time. Thereupon, it takes only some minutes to create this magic.

Then, print a baby pink honeycomb motif and cut it into a circular shape and match the paper with the size of the clock.

Finally, what you get are new-look cool wall clocks ideas that will steal people’s attention at a glance.

6. Rustic Wood Slab Design

Rustic Wood Slab Design

Do not throw away an old slab at home. You can turn it into a pleasing wall clock.

Cut the wooden slabs until it meets the thickness you want. After that, stick the clockwise, and you get an artistic and useful wall decoration.

Further, this rustic-look wall clock is perfect for presenting a farmhouse theme at home. 

7. Nautical Twine Timepiece

Nautical Twine Timepiece

A regular clock can be tedious, so you can make a significant change through small steps, as we can see in the picture above.

The rope wrapped in a circle frames this monotonous clock and delivers artistic value. It becomes one of the creative clock designs for your DIY project.

However, if the big strap seems too excessive, consider changing it into a smaller hemp strap. Then, the thing is ready to color your house.

Additionally, for those who want to have a Scandinavian style room, this clock can be a decorative piece. Combine it with other wall decorations in soft color tones like white and cream.

8. Tell Time by the Moon

Tell Time by the Moon

What time is it right now on the moon? The clock seems to have the answer for you.

The moon-themed cool wall clocks are so magical. It looks so lavish and rare, but who knows that the budget you need to make it is low?

Thus, you only need a cardboard/round board as a base, moon motif paper, and a clock machine. If you pick the machine from the old clock and print the moon motif by yourself, then the budget is zero.

For the celestial-theme bedroom, having this cool wall clock idea seems obligatory. Hence, it makes you believe that you are in outer space.

9. Cool Book Clock for Readers

Book Clock for Readers

These DIY digital wall clock ideas are highly recommended for book lovers. Not only easy to make, but the concept is also whimsical and represents your personality at best.

Pick the book that you no longer read. Indeed, the thick book would be better. Then, create a mark in the middle of the book and drill a hole and install the clockwise.

Make sure that the book is completely sealed by applying glue or adhesive on the sides. Last, stick the clockwise firmly and check whether you can still open the pages or not.

In addition, if you have a library at home, it will be a perfect decorative piece to hang. 

10. Cool Bird House Wall Clock

Cool Bird House Wall Clock

Now it is time to go ordinary but more modern. How about the birdhouse idea? It feels so outdated, but we can make a special craft from a standard concept.

However, the birdhouse clock you usually find in the house is painted with wood or a dark shade. Through this DIY concept, we will try other color options.

One of the cool wall clock design ideas is a baby pink birdhouse. It screams the shabby chic theme and surely gives a calming accent to the house.

Above all, those cool wall clocks are not that big, but they will cherish your house! You are going to wish that the time will not fly so fast because you love being at home right now.

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