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Best Corner Fireplace Ideas to Deliver Subtle Nuance in Your House

Not every person can accommodate something lavish like a corner fireplace, but when you have enough budget and space to do that, make sure to plan it well. The corner fireplace ideas must be safe and stylish. Delivering these requirements might be a daunting task but when you already prepare the design that’s a piece of cake.

If you feel it hard to find the right idea for the corner fireplace, here are the best recommendations to create trendy and subtle ones :

Tall and Multifunctional Corner Fireplace TV Stand

Who thinks a corner fireplace can also be futuristic and multifunctional? Look at the idea above. As a freestanding, it perfectly delivers the vibe of modernity at home. The corner fireplace does look too unstuffy at all. Moreover, the thing features a screen.

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The fireplace screen keeps your home from fire risk and makes it more minimalist. A divider separates the space in the firepit and makes it like the open shelves. The upper shelving can be used to place the television while the lower part is for the fireplace itself. You can also place the other decorative pieces.

The Farmhouse Shiplap

It is hard to name a house a farmhouse until it has a fireplace. Rather than embrace the ultra-modernity, the concept decides to go the old-school way. This built-in corner fireplace might take up time and effort to make. However, the result will pay them all.

It is surrounded by the white shiplap that represents the shabby chic haven. Above the corner fireplace itself, there is a wood plank functions as the floating shelf. You can decorate this floating shelf with a candle, photo, indoor plants, anything that makes this corner fireplace look more inviting.

The Burning Stone

If the deep and solid color steals your heart then this idea is just right for you. There are many ways to use the dark shade to make the corner fireplace ideas including the reuse of an old burning stove.

We love the idea of painting the old burning stove in the dark shade. The black color can cover up the defects in this old stuff.

A dark standalone fireplace like this is a spotlight in a room with neutral or bright shade. Those shades make contrast and create a dramatic accent. It is also good both for the traditional and also modern home decor.

Electric Fireplace

In the modern world, it seems too time-wasting to have a traditional fireplace. You must deal with a traditional fireplace. You can still go classy with the electric one and of course, more efficient.

This electrical fireplace features a thermostat that can heat up the room. It can also cover the heat up to 1000 sq feet and produce a flame effect that looks like the traditional one.

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Using the white shade, the fireplace looks so classy and sleek. It is such a lavish touch to your house and creates an ultimate warmness. The electric fireplace is also less dangerous compared to the traditional one. However, it is more plush so consider preparing the budget.

Natural Stone Fireplace

The wood grain and the natural stone presents a perfect rustic fireplace. It is so calming to look at this installation moreover if you turn on the fire inside. The natural stone is known for its durable characteristic. It is sturdy enough to be exposed to heat every day. \

The stone and the wood grain also features an attractive color that is why no further painting is required. It is a magnificent focal point that deserves a spot in your living room. The corner fireplace creates ultimate friendliness all the family members will enjoy.

TV Stand Mantel

Renovating your home to build a new fireplace takes too much effort and money. The result will amuse you but not everyone has enough bucks and time to do that.

Instead of wasting too much time designing a built-in fireplace, you can just replace it with something more multifunctional. This fireplace idea is a pre-made TV stand with two storages. The overhead side is made up of the TV and another decorative piece.

Meanwhile, the lower part is the place to flame the fire. Through the electric concept, it is safe, easy to use, and also sleek.

Pine Beams Corner Fireplace Designs

Pine beams are one of the primary materials to deliver the rustic style, and it works also with this farmhouse-shabby chic corner fireplace.

The pine beams add warmth to the mantel and it effortlessly creates such an accent. You do not have to think again about how to paint it since the material already has a natural color that amuses us.

The pine beam is polished and modified so that it is quite safe for the modern house. The material can also transfer heat but not inflammable. The material will suit all the room themes at its best. Pick the style you love: modern, farmhouse, classic style, shabby chic: we can have this mantel for good.

The chunky pine beams also function as friendly decoration and you can also combine it with other materials.

The Solid Pine

The solid pine itself doesn’t have to be polished to make a good mantle. The bare solid pine with around 70 inches long can make an amusing corner fireplace.

To make it more durable, you can use the tinted satin finish. It is quite safe to use near the fire rather than other substances. You can also feature some photos as the fireplace decoration. It feels like going back to the hometown every time we stare at this pine fireplace.

Combining the pine material with the shiplap or natural stone is also brilliant. They will get along well together and create a relieving vibe. It is a good mood-booster anyway!

To create a traditional nuance, you might pick the log to lit the fire. However, there are also many pine fireplaces that feature the electric one: it is safer and more simple.

The corner fireplace is an important part of the home decoration that will steal the attention and give you a wonderful feeling. Adding the corner fireplace is a good visual therapy at home, thus, you shall make a well-planned decoration concept to create an amusing one.

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