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Rules and Designs of Couch Side Table

When it comes to choosing a couch side table, there is no such thing as one size fits it all. You cannot just consider the dimension, but also the design and purpose of the furniture. 

A couch side table is a furniture that is usually located beside a seat or a sofa. It is not the main course of the room, but they act just as important as other parts. 

Just like a side dish that completes a meal, the existence of a couch side table can add beauty and function into the room.

It can be used for putting your belongings or just to be additional home décor for the house. 

To make sure that you can use it as its function, it is important to choose the right couch side table. If it does not fit, it will just be unused furniture beside your sofa.

1. Rules of Choosing the Best Couch Side Table


There are so many kinds and types of couch side tables in the market. Even though all side tables look the same, they are not. They are made with different materials, sizes, and models to suit your room.

 Thus, if you decide to buy one, the first thing you should know is the height of the table. They work the best when they are an inch or two below the arm of a sofa.

Thus, it is not too short or tall compared to the sofa beside. This is not necessary, but it will surely make the place look better and more useful. 

Other than height, consider also the width when choosing the best couch side table. Before determining the size, think of what it will be used for.

If you need to put plants, statues, or another home décor, you might need a wide one. 

Next, do not forget also to measure the area where you will be putting the table. Then, do the same step towards the product that you want to buy.

This way, you can acknowledge whether the product can fit properly or not. 

2. DIY Couch Side Table Ideas & Design

simple couch

After knowing what to consider for a couch side table, it is time to choose the right design. Determine what you want to use it for and where you will locate it.

Also, consider the interior of your house, so it can fit in properly.

To get a couch side table, you can either buy them or make one on your own. Moreover, this type of furniture is small and simple compared to others.

Thus, it will not be too hard if you decide to make a DIY. 

C Side Table


One of the best kinds of tables to have for your couch is the C-Side design. Yes, the shape of this furniture is like the letter C, where the top is used to put your belongings.

On the other hand, the long and bottom part is used to prop it up. 

Most of these tables are made with a very simple design, so rather than buying, people prefer to make one on their own. It is easy, quick, and cheaper than the ones in the market. 

To make your own C Side table, you can easily search the internet. Many tutorials and guides will show you each detail to make it. Thus, prepare your props for your furniture. 

Couch Side Table with Extra Storage

Do you need a bit more storage to put your magazines and books in? If so, the wire side table should be a great idea for your house. 

This design of the table is made from folding wires that are usually used as laundry racks or for hanging things. However, another use of it now is it can be made as a couch side table.

Fold the wires into a triangle shape and make at least two of each. If you want the table to be higher, you will need more racks to assembly, so adjust it to your needs.

Then, attach the two shapes to make a leg of the table. The pointy side will be the legs or on the bottom, whereas the wider length is the top part.

For this area, you can use wood or sheet metal to cover up the hole. 

Simple Wood Sofa Table

Those who just want to make things stay less and simple can use the wood sofa table. Nothing will ever go wrong with wooden side furniture.

However, sometimes, it can be too boring and ends up just standing in the corner of the room. 

Therefore, if you decide to use this couch side table, it is best to choose a neutral color design. This kind of tone will make the room more relaxing and easily match the interior. 

An example of this kind of furniture is the IKEA couch side table. Their designs are very simple yet modern, and they come in handy.

However, if you are an artistic person, you can also make one because they are just as easy to make. 

Under Couch Side Table

Try to use unused objects in the house to make a couch side table. An example that you can use is a trash can. Before using it, make sure to wash it until it is clean. 

Next, turn the trash can upside down and covers it up with new paint or a piece of fabric you like. This will make it prettier and more proper to use. Just ensure that the height is not too far with the sofa. 

Other than a trash can, you can also use an upside-down flowerpot in the house. You should use the same way as before to make an under couch side table. 

Well, having a side couch side table is neither hard nor expensive. You can buy one or utilize the things in your house and recycle something new. 

If you decide to make one, go search on the internet, as there are many tutorials and DIY steps to follow. On the other hand, those, who want a simpler way, can just buy one to the nearest furniture store. 

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