How to Cut Mirror Safely & Neatly

There are many reasons why you should learn how to cut mirror on your own. Most people prefer to hand it to the professionals; however, it can cost some money to do this job.

Therefore, rather than paying others to do it, why not do it yourself.

By learning how to cut mirror, you can make your custom-made glass. With this ability, you can also split one mirror into a few pieces and put them in different rooms.

This way you can also save up some money without having to buy a new one.

However, cutting a mirror is not an easy task and it can be dangerous. Therefore, before cutting one, it is important to equip yourself with safety equipment such as gloves, glasses, and sharp tools.

1. Steps on How to Cut Mirror

So, are you ready to learn how to cut mirror? If so, then make sure all the equipment you need is ready to use. The first thing you will need is some safety equipment to protect yourself through the process.

Gloves, protective eyewear, paper towel are some example tools you must prepare.

Next, for the main tools, you will need a glass cleaner, cutting oil, glass cutter, ruler, and cardboard. These main things will help you later.

Thus, if all of these are ready, then here are the steps how to cut mirror:

Clean & Measure the Mirror

The first thing you should do is clean the mirror from any dust or dirt. This is important to do so it will not ruin the surface of the glass. You can use water of just a soft fabric to wipe it all off.

Before laying it on top of a hard-sturdy table, it is important to put some newspaper above it. This will also protect the glass from bumps and flaws on the board.

It will also make your cutting process easier rather than with no cover.

When you have laid it down, start to measure or shape the mirror, as you like. It is best to use a marker so that you can see the spots and lines.

How to Cut Mirror in One Step

After marking the lines, get your glass cutter ready. However, before using it, paste on some cutting oil on the wheels. This will help you when you start cutting the mirror and it will give a cleaner and neat result.

On the other hand, if you do not apply any, it can cause rough sides.

Then, place the glass cutter on the furthest edge of the mirror, or the opposite place of your position. The slowly, push the tool against the glass with moderate force and pull it towards you.

Remember not to push too hard, or it will break the mirror and ruin your whole plan. However, giving it a soft pressure will also not make the glass split.

Try to do cut the glass in one-step from one end to another. This will prevent your edges to become rough and jagged. Thus, it is important not to hesitate when you do this step.

How to Cut Mirror in a Circle Shape


If you want a different shape, then you can learn how to cut mirror in a circle shape. The steps are also the same as before, the only different thing you need is one round glass cutter.

First, measure the height and width of the mirror so you know where the middle point is. Once you have found it, push in the knobs so that it stays there.

Then decide how big you want your circle mirror to be. Once you have decided the size, prepare the edge of the cutter and give it a push onto the glass.

With one movement, push it a bit hard and go around the glass to make a circle shape on the mirror. As you go, a squeezing sound will come out, so do not worry.

You should finish right at the same place where you began.

The same way applies to how to cut curves in mirror glass. However, the key in this process is to make sure to put the glass cutter in the right position.

How to Cut a Large Mirror

As for those who are planning how to cut mirror in a large, then it best to divide the glass first. If you cut it at once, you will not get smooth and neat edges.

Therefore, determine how you want to cut and divide the mirror. If you want it in four, make it cut in half first. This will make the cutting process easier and neater rather than doing it all at once.

Breaking the Unused Sides   

After you are done cutting your mirror, then remove the unused sides by breaking it. To help you get rid of it, but the used glass on top of a table. Whereas the other side hanging on the edge of a table.

Then, it should break slowly if you gently push the edge down.

For the circle shape, you will need pliers and a normal glass cutter. With this tool draw a line on each side of the mirror and break them slowly. If you have a hard time, you can use the pliers to take them off.

Rub the Edges

When you have the mirror you want, do not forget to rub the edged of the glass. You can use fine-grit sanding foam or block to make it smoother.

Usually, the sides are a bit rough and sharp, so make sure to polish it until you think it is safe enough.

Then last but also important to do is clean up the working place and throw away the sides. Gather the newspapers starting from the edge to the middle.

This will prevent you from getting hurt in case there are any glasses left.

Well, there you go the steps on how to cut mirror. Even though it seems hard, but cutting glass is not as difficult as it looks. With the right tool and cutter, you can easily cut it quickly and safely.

However, keep in mind that some works are made for professionals, especially if they are dangerous. So, make a limit on how big the mirror should be if you want to cut it yourself.

Moreover, if it is bigger than that, then get help from other people.

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