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Pretty and Fun Decorative Candles to Make

Decorative candles can be a great accessory to complete your holiday occasions. These accent details look great for any season and become useful especially when the lights go off. 

To make them interesting and eye-catching, you can make decorative candles based on their occasion. 

Decorating the candles can be a hard but fun project to do. Ensure that you have decorated them correctly with each occasion. 

If you have no clue about the ideas and how to make decorative candles, here are some great inspirations. Do not worry since most of them are DIY, so they are easy to follow.

1. Rustic Elegant

Rustic Elegant

If you want to celebrate your Christmas in a rustic theme, then these elegant decorative candles are a great choice. 

First, cover the middle part of the candle with brown rustic fabric. Then, add some dry leaves, pine, and cherry looking fruit beside it. 

You can complete the candle decoration by using some sweet ribbons. This can also be a great present for Christmas or New Year celebration. 

2. Pictures on Candles

Pictures on Candles

Make your candles memorable by sticking your pictures on them. The steps are very easy and simple, so that you can use these fun pieces as a gift too.

First, print out the picture that you would like to stick on and cut it. Ensure that the length and the width have a similar size to the candles. 

Then, stick the photo on the candle and roll them using a special roller. The pictures should peel off from the paper and move to the stick. 

3. Decorative Candles with Floral Design

Decorative Candles with Floral Design

People who like floral design can stick their candlesticks using real flowers. The steps on how to make decorative candles with this design are almost the same as before.

Firstly, you should collect the dried flowers and leaves to stick on the candle. Then, get a long dull rock and heat one of the point sides. 

When the rock is hot, push the flowers and leaves on the sides of the candles. Do this step over until all the plants stick well and do not fall off.

4. Glitter Decorative Candles

Glitter Decorative Candles

Make your occasion more fun and sparkling with some touch of glitter. You can easily stick the glitters on the candle to get a rousing look. 

However, if you are afraid of being sticky, then stick glitter papers on the candles. Add some pearls around the surface to add a glamorous look. 

5. Decorative Candles with Jewelry Patterns

Decorative Candles with Jewelry Patterns

Some people like to collect candles and make it as a decoration in the house. To be more attractive, then add some jewelry patterns.

You can choose different shapes and colors of jewelry to stick on. However, to prevent a crowded appearance, determine a certain pattern so that it looks more attractive. 

6. Cinnamon Sticks for Decorative Candles

Cinnamon Sticks for Decorative Candles

If you prefer decorative candles that look and smell good, then wrap them with cinnamon candlesticks and some dried cherries. 

Before sticking them on the candle, adhere the cinnamons together. Glue the side parts only so they can easily bend when you wrap it around. 

Last, tie the cinnamon sticks using a burlap string and put on a small cherry on the top part. 

7. Coffee Candle Design

Coffee Candle Design

One of the decorative scented candles that is easy to make in a quick time is the coffee candle design. The beans are the only things you need for this project. 

Cover the whole candle, except the upper part with the coffee beans. The arrangement can be in a vertical and horizontal pattern. 

These simple yet decorative candles will not only be a great decoration but also bring a unique scent into the room. 

8. Decorative Candles with Candy Cane Effect

Decorative Candles with Candy Cane Effect

For Christmas, decorate your candles using a gold tray and some glittery red ribbons. To make them look fancy, add some glass balls too. 

For the red ribbon, wrap it around the candle in a diagonal way, so they look pretty. You can also add other ribbons to make it more colorful like Christmas. 

9. Personalized & Handmade Decorative Candles

Personalized & Handmade Decorative Candles

If you want to make a personalized decoration for your candle, it is possible. Besides pictures, your drawing and writing are the best alternatives to accentuate the candles.

To make these personalized & handmade decorative candles, draw and write the words you want on a wax paper. Once you have finished, cut it according to the size of your candlestick. 

Wrap the wax paper onto your candle, and blow it using a hairdryer. This will take around 10 minutes of blowing until the picture and writings stick on the surface.

10. Dry Flower & Burlap String

Dry Flower & Burlap String

One of the simple yet beautiful decorative candles that you can make is from dried flowers and burlap string. 

By using these two materials, you will get a natural themed candle in your room. To make it a bit more colorful, add other colors of flowers like green and blue. 

11. Sand Beach Decorative Candles

Sand Beach Decorative Candles

Make your room feel like the beach by decorating your candles with sands and shells. These materials will not only be a great decoration but also add dimension to the candlesticks. 

To make sure the sands do not fall off, stick them on to a piece of paper first. Then, you can wrap it around the candles with some shells too. 

12. Elegant Decorative Candles

Elegant Decorative Candles

Homeowners who are planning a tea party or need an elegant decoration can use chic lace as a decoration. 

For this design, you will need around 1 meter of fabric, depending on how much you want to decorate. 

Meanwhile, use clear white glass for the holder. It will give a more elegant and luxurious accent to the candles. 

13. Scrap Fabric

Scrap Fabric

Using scrap fabrics to decorate your candles seems to be great. Firstly, cut them into small pieces, in a square, long, or any kind of shape. Then, you can attach them to every side of the candlestick. 

In addition, for a simple technique, wrap the candle base by using a square shape fabric.

Above all, decorative candles are fun and exciting to make. They will not only make the candlestick prettier but also be a great decoration for your house.

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