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9 Best and Useful DIY from Decorative Cinder Blocks

Decorative cinder blocks might be an out of the box option when you talk about the home decor ideas. Besides affordable, it can fit many designs. 

The cinder blocks are also sturdy enough that you can put them outdoors. Hence, combined with other materials such as wood, then you get the magnificent piece to cherish your house.

Therefore, if you want a water-resistant material that is both durable and eclectic, let us see the idea we gather up below.

1. Cinder Block Bench

Cinder Block Bench

The custom cinder block bench is the perfect thing for hosting the guest in your house.

This bench looks so sturdy yet artistic. Hence, it is suitable for a formal occasion or if you just want to talk with a friend. 

Further, it consists of several cinder blocks and cushions. 

So, try to use the bare cinder blocks and the cushions in a dramatic shade. How entertaining it is to see that they blend and make a contrast.

2. Succulent Decorative Cinder Blocks

Succulent Decorative Cinder Blocks

Take the regular cinder blocks to new heights and make it the appealing home decor with some succulents.

The idea to grow something in the cinder block adds value to this material. Moreover, the double holes are the right place to cultivate many plantations, and the succulent can be a nice match.

Additionally, the succulent is the plant with low maintenance points. If you are too busy, this greenery will be the right variety for you.

3. Decorative Cinder Blocks with Candles

Decorative Cinder Blocks with Candles

Do you want to make perfect lighting with an industrial feeling? Therefore, this idea stands out in your room and creates harmony.

Place the candle in the holes of the cinder blocks and put them everywhere you want. Indeed, the patio is the perfect one, and these decorative pieces can make a statement.

Also, you can place the aromatherapy candle inside the decorative cinder blocks, and they will give us a great mood.

4. Concrete Rubik Vases 

Concrete Rubik Vases

The cinder block is sometimes considered as boring and too industrial. However, you can try a new approach and make this material a colorful one.

This cinder block idea is inspired by the Rubik. Make a square shape and paint the surface with its colors.

Next, fill the hole with indoor plants like succulents or flowers. Finally, it is one of the nice decorative cinder blocks that is going to cherish the house!

5. Garden Bed from Decorative Cinder Blocks

Garden Bed from Decorative Cinder Blocks

How can you grow plants in the tiny houses? If you think that your backyard is too narrow, consider creating a unique project through decorative cinder blocks idea!

Through this concept, we do not have to break new ground. Raise the part of the backyard with the cinder blocks.

Furthermore, the cinder block is the perfect pick that will not deteriorate if compared with the wood. 

After creating the design, start to plant, and this idea will be a great option to color the backyard.

6. Cinder Block Table 

Cinder Block Table

Some people do not have an idea about where to put their plant collections. So, let us take a look at the project, and you are going to find the answer.

The cinder blocks table is an easy project that can be done in less than a day. It is also stunning and stands out in your backyard or even the patio.

The good news about decorative cinder blocks is that they feature a sturdy structure and can stand the extreme weather. 

Besides using the cinder blocks to display your plant collection, they function as a table for eating or hosting a family gathering.

7. Mosaic Garden Planter from Decorative Cinder Blocks

Mosaic Garden Planter from Decorative Cinder Blocks

With the cinder blocks, you can do anything such as gardening in a tiny house. This idea brings the material to the next level.

Then, explore your creativity and combine the cinder blocks with other materials. The broken tile pieces can be a nice option. 

The decorative cinder blocks and broken tiles are two materials that are sturdy but easy to compile. 

After that, prepare the cinder blocks and stick the broken tiles on the surface using concrete. Let them dry, and you will see how fascinating it is.

Next, fill the holes with the soil and the favorite flower. It is a new way to bloom the garden and create a more playful accent!

8. Decorative Cinder Blocks for Industrial Furniture

Decorative Cinder Blocks for Industrial Furniture

The good thing about having the decorative cinder blocks is their ability to adapt and to be anything you want.

Since buying new industrial furniture might cost you a lot, it is better to make it by yourself or buy the affordable cinder blocks.

You can arrange some cinder blocks and paint the surface. Thus, it will be a new industrial table. Otherwise, simply attach the cushion and turn the material into a comfortable chair.

You can also enhance the industrial vibes by putting up some decorative wall decor or souvenirs. 

Moreover, do you want to have a good time with friends? These cinder blocks work great for outdoor furniture to hold the summer soiree.

9. Umbrella Base with Decorative Cinder Blocks

Umbrella Base with Decorative Cinder Blocks

The summer season is coming. So, do you want to sit comfortably on the outside of your house? The cinder block idea will help us to make a dream comes true.

Buying an outdoor umbrella might cost you a lot. However, instead of looking for the new one, how about creating it by yourself?

The cinder blocks can be an option to be the base of the umbrella. Likewise, it provides a sleek and quirky design and strong enough.

Thereupon, prepare some cinder blocks and paint them with any color as desired. We can also give the mosaic tiles if you want to have an attractive and artsy focal point!

Besides the umbrella, you can plant some flowers that make the ambiance more natural and inviting. 

Well, having the lemonade party is more joyful with this decorative cinder blocks DIY! We also love the fact that you can pull out the umbrella, and if you want, use this stuff as flower pots.

Above all, the decorative cinder blocks are adaptable to any weather condition and also artsy! No more reason to leave the stuff behind!

 Now, let us spare your time and make the things you want with the material.

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