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Simple and Beautiful Desert Landscape Ideas

One of the challenges in living in a hot, tropical area is coming up with desert landscape ideas.

Due to the climate, people must be wise in how they would like to décor their gardens because not all flowers or accessories can live in this kind of environment. 

When it comes to desert landscape ideas there are many things you need to pay attention to. Other than the plant, you will also need to check the soil, water frequency to the materials. 

1. Simple Desert Landscape Ideas

One of the main characteristics of desert landscape ideas is that they are made simple in designs without too many ornaments.

Thus, for those who like to keep it plain and not too crowded then this kind of design will be the best.

Now, for those searching for simple desert landscape ideas can try some of these simple steps. They will not only create a different atmosphere but also make your open area better looking than before. 

· Cinder Block Cactus

When you hear the word desert, a plant that will come in every mind is cactus. So, if you happen to live in this kind of area, why do you not planting one in your front space?

However, rather than planting them inside the ground, you can make a cactus patch. All you need for this is some cactus plant and unused cinder blocks. 

For the open part of the block, you can close it with another brick, or you can also plastic. Therefore, when you put the soil in, they do not fall off.

Moreover, this makes it easier to move from one place to another. 

Then, put the cactus or other plants in and put in places you like. Spread them around your front yard to make your house a bit fresher.

· Xeriscaping

One of the simple and inexpensive desert landscape ideas that you can apply for your house is xeriscaping. This is an activity where the word means dry and scene.

The concept of this system is by planting drought-tolerant plants in the garden but still making a beautiful scene in the yard.

This activity can also mean replacing the grass with soil and rocks, so you do not need much treatment. 

Some of the desert flowering plants that can be used for xeriscaping is port and beans, Allegheny Spurge, Dwarf Lilyturf, and many more.

On the other hand, if you want to add some beauty into the garden, you can add some flowers like Santa Barbara Daisy and Russian Stonecrop. 

A great thing about xeriscaping is that most of the plants and flowers needed do not need too much attention. Even if you do not water it one to two days, it will not be a big issue.

Thus, this kind of garden design is great for those who are always to busy to organize their plant. 

· Light & Industrial Colors for Good Lighting

The next tip in making desert landscape ideas is by getting enough light and making your house look bright. The best way to your place look shining is from the sun.

However, another way you can make it look bright is by using light colors for the exterior design. Rather than dark colors, use white bricks or stucco to make it shine bright. 

To make it look even better, you can add some dessert flowering plants in front of the house. Add some cactus, daisy, or Russian Stonecrop to make it look even prettier though you live in a tropical area. 

To make your house also look bright at night, add additional lighting around the house. This will make your house shine and not look creepy in the evening.

For the best results, it is best to use white light rather than the yellow ones. 

· Green Lawn for Front Yard Desert Landscape Ideas

Another way to keep the front yard simple is by using green grass for the lawn.

However, to apply this in your area, make sure you have enough and proper irrigation to support their growth unless you want to waste money on it. 

On the other hand, if you still want something green and fresh, you can use high-quality artificial grass for the lawn. This option is a bit expensive, but you do not need to worry about irrigation.

The maintenance is also easy, as you only need to shower it to make it clean. 

2. Wide and Minimum Plants

If you are looking for easy and simple front yard desert landscape ideasthen put only a few plants in the yard. Sometimes, less is just better than having too many things in the front yard. 

Design your yard by planting some cactus and pots in one area of the garden. Then, make a walking path towards the plant so you do not need to step on the grass or soil.

If you think it is still to plain, then add some ornaments like eclectic pottery, skull, or more rocks around it. At least these things can make your garden area more alive than just plants. 

3. Water Source/Water Scape

An additional design that you can add to your landscape that not many people will have, is a waterscape or water source.

Even though you might not use it, adding this to your yard can make your look cooler and a bit fresher. 

To make the waterscape look not to dull or dry, you can add some ornaments inside like lighting, rocks, and even lights on the side. This way you can also see the area when it is dark. 

However, there will be an additional task, if you decide to build this in your garden. You will have to clean it routinely from the dust, sands, and insects. 

Well, even though you live in a faraway tropical area, there are still many desert landscape ideas that can make your look pretty.

Even though you may not be able to plant all kinds of flowers, but you can still make a garden in the front yard.

To make sure that your front yard can keep green and fresh, it is important to choose the right plant and flowers. Make sure to choose the ones that can grow in tropical areas and do not need too much watering. 

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