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What to Consider when Having Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen is not only a place for cooking and serving meals. It is more than that. To some people, seeing distressed kitchen cabinets gives them joy.

They would love to distress their kitchen cabinets for a particular reason. It might not an easy job, but they find it worth the try when seeing the result. 

As one of the crucial rooms in the house, the kitchen is a big asset. That’s why creating a lovely kitchen would make a house have a higher value.

Even if you are not about selling the house, keeping the kitchen stay attractive and efficient is a must.

Distressed kitchen cabinets are a matter of personal taste. Some people love them, and some might just want to see them in their original forms.

Are distressed kitchen cabinet cabinets in style? Well, that depends on everybody’s preference in that case.

From these pictures below, you will learn about some popular ideas, but years later they became dull and that people might regret their choices. As you read along with in this article, you might curious about how to distress kitchen cabinets. So without further ado, here we go!

1. Stunning Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

First, get rid of the cabinet doors. Then, sand the cabinets to create a smooth surface with a sanding block or sandpaper.

That was for creating classic the look of distressed kitchen cabinets by removing the shiny finish.

Next, use a clean cloth to wipe the cabinets down. Then, continue with a damp rag.  After that, clean all of the dust remained from the sanding work.

Apply a base paint on the bottom, and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Apply the second layer paint and let it dry before moving to the next step.

Distress the kitchen cabinets by using sandpaper to create a distressed look. Repeat the step on the wanted areas as well.

Distressing kitchen cabinets can be done by utilizing keys, a drill, or a hammer if necessary. Create scratches or holes to achieve your aim.

To finish, apply varnish to the distressed kitchen cabinets with a paintbrush as needed to protect them. And you’re done!

These are some kitchen trends I previously mentioned. Do they have anything to do with distressed kitchen cabinets?

I just want to remind you that as time passes by what used to a hit might be changing.

So, be sure you want to do it and well-prepared if one day you get bored and want other modifications.

2. Hanging Pot Racks

Hanging pot racks used to be a favorite way of designing a kitchen. Above the kitchen island was the best spot for installing it.

You would enjoy seeing those pots and pans arranged on the ceiling. That was for saving some more room and for creating an elegant look. These days, however, many homeowners tend to save them in drawers, leaving some new and attractive space.

3. Huge Kitchen Desk

The kitchen would feel incomplete without having a big desk. That was a belief that had been running for years. It was a great spot for almost anything after all.

However, there is some drawback. That kind of desk is often being used for stacking up unnecessary things such as books and papers.

It is also blocking the flow of work in the kitchen due to its size.

Even more, it makes the kitchen look untidy with something unimportant. Consider move it away for a bigger use and purpose. You will get some free space in exchange.

4. Outdated Trend

For some reason, the farmhouse sink is getting less and less used for kitchen remodeling these days. It depends on what kind of style you would like to create.

Some people often look for a brand new installation to bring a new atmosphere in the kitchen, and this is where stainless steel comes forward.

A timeless look is flawlessly presented by stainless steel materials. Their stylish finishes turn anything around them fabulous.

5. Opt for New Tones

Everything is changing. This saying couldn’t be more accurate. What is new today will become old while something popular now will be slowly waning one day.

Those things can’t just be avoided. Faux finishes seem to lose their charm as many switched to something simpler with high efficiency.

Neutral colors with fresh paint can be your best bet when upgrading your kitchen. They will bring a vibrant view to your kitchen.

6. Cabinet Drawers

Having good home appliances are nice for the kitchen. You would rely on them a lot when working on something to serve your family.

The appliance garage is necessary for every kitchen. An adequate space indeed is needed for many things, not only for storing items.

There is still plenty of room to put small appliances and such. With huge cabinet drawers, it shouldn’t be a problem to put equipment such as a toaster there.

7. Limited Backsplash

Backsplashes are meant to keep the kitchen safe from any spills and splatters. It is only natural if a kitchen is provided with such a feature.

But again, a small backsplash is rather dysfunctional and it would be better to have an update. You can either have a glass backsplash or a ceramic tile.

It will keep your kitchen sink to stay clean and gives an attractive look. Hygiene should be a part of a kitchen that you shouldn’t forget, after all.

8. Create Some Privacy

Letting the sunlight to pierce through the window means showing everything inside. This will drive people’s attention from the outside. 

You are most likely to get exposed by an excessive amount of the sunlight too as there is no shade to hide. Fortunately, this isn’t something to worry about. It can easily be fixed with treatments that cover the window. This should also be an additional feature to raise the look.

9. Consider the Maintenance

A few decades ago tile countertops were a thing, and they have somehow become huge again recently.

Compared to granite and any kinds of natural surfaces alike, tile countertops are cheaper. That could be the reason why many homeowners choose them.

The problem lies in their maintenance. Cleaning the surface won’t be that easy since you have to deal with grouts.

10. A Touch of Color

Lively colors sure make things around them look fun and energetic. This phenomenon could appear in a sudden trend but then it would slowly fade away.

So, why don’t you try some distressed kitchen cabinets?

These home appliances leave a dynamic vibe with their intimidating tones. Stainless steel with its luxurious finished will still be a favorite.

There is no force in deciding what is best for your kitchen style and design. If you are happy and comfortable with it, then do it.

Distressed kitchen cabinets would make your kitchen feel outdated. From those facts, you can learn and consider what kind of style to choose for your kitchen ideas instead.

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