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6 DIY Bench: Modifying the Old Unused Furniture into a Stunning Bench

Currently, the DIY bench is popular among the community. It is because most people already feel bored with their outdated furniture, like the old door, chair, and bed frame.

Instead of selling it in thrift, the DIY bench becomes the favorite choice to modify everything unused into a unique, attractive, and functional piece of furniture.

This article comes to give you much outstanding inspiration to turn all those old things into stunning seats that make your entryway and garden look fantastic.

All of them will transform into a relaxing park bench, a chair with a vintage style backrest, a seat with storage, a minimalist West Elm-style to the luxurious-style desk.

Let us check this out!

1. DIY Bench with Storage

Having tons of stuff scattered around the room can be frustrating at times. Even a large house will feel stuffy if the items are not in neat.

Thus, make a DIY bench with ample storage space will become a proper choice. There are several styles of the seat with storage.

Storage Bench with Door

Prepare a wooden board that you can buy at the material shop near you. Ask the shopkeeper to measure and cut it for you following to the size you desire.

Once you arrive at home, you can make the DIY bench seat according to your preference.

You can give it an elegant sliding door or create it into a folding chair where you can keep your necessities under it.

No need to be confused anymore; this storage bench can accommodate everything neatly.

Both the sliding door storage seat and flip-flop storage seat are appropriate for keeping books, children’s toys, and even scarves and hats. Set it in the living room is the best choice that ever made.

Shelf-Style Seat

Following this DIY bench is handy. You only need to saw four pieces of wooden boards.

Shape two boards of a rectangular size, which later becomes the ‘shelves’ part. Cut the remaining two in smaller quantities as the sides.

Unite all the components into a basic seat shape. Sand all the parts and then paint the bench in the color of your choice.

Put that seat in the hallway of your house as a place to store the sneakers and boots. Now you will not see the scattered shoes anymore.

Three Basket-Entryway Bench

The way to make this stool is not much different from shoe storage. It would be best if you shaped it into a medium-sized rectangular cabinet without doors.

Divide into three equal spaces, and then place the baskets inside. You can also use a wire basket.

A seat in this form is perfect for storing bags, hats, and coats. An excellent mixture of a wooden bench and baskets, isn’t it?

2. Back to Vintage with the Superb Idea of Backrest Chair

Do you have an old chair and a door? Juggle those worthless objects into a unique and highly useful bench.

Saw the back of the old chair and attach the old antique door behind for its new backrest.

Paint back this antique chair according to the color theme of your home. Arrange this chair on the porch of the house.

Use this DIY bench item as a place to relax while reading a book in the afternoon. Or else, sit on it when you are putting on and taking off your shoes after a trip.

3. Spindle Headboard Repurposing? Why Not!

Let us jump to an old bed frame. Do you have an old, unused bed frame?

Please do not rush to throw it away. Follow this DIY bench to get your new bed frame repurposing.

First, cut the footboard in half, and then attach it to the headboard of the bed. Add another wooden board in the middle of it to form the seat.

After that, paint using white, brown, or black colors to strengthen the vintage sense. Let the paint dries for moments.

As the finale step, add a mattress on it to make a comfortable seat. Now all have done! The old spindle headboard is ready to repurpose.

4. Simple DIY Outdoor Bench

Many people are curious about how do we make a homemade outdoor bench. The steps are simple.

Prepare two old chairs you have at home. Cut its backrests. Make a rectangular form from another new wood.

Alternatively, you can modify the previous two seats into one unit. Attach that flat bench on the backrest of the chair.

Arrange it on both sides. Last move, sand, and paint the seat, then, voila! Your beautiful outdoor chair is complete!

5. Rustic Bench

Have an IKEA seat with a rustic style but are bored with the same design? Decorate the surface of your IKEA bench with woven leather.

It is easy, covers the surface of the seat with leather, and then staples each side of the leather to the bottom of the bench.

If you do not have an IKEA flat chair, you can make a rustic DIY bench from lumber. Make a simple seat frame— next, sand and polish it to give a more attractive color. Arrange the cushions on that spot to add a comfortable impression. 

6. From Minimalist to Luxurious

Purchasing a branded seat may spend a lot of money. To avoid that, why do you not do DIY bench to modify the old furniture into a beautiful, ‘high value’ looking seat by you?

If you are looking for simple 2×4 DIY bench plans, we provide you a great idea to transform your outdated seat into an up to date one.

West Elm Perfect Likeness Seat

To make a bench similar to the famous West Elm brand, you will need to use pressed wood, screws, and some wooden posts for the legs.

When it finishes, you can place the bench wherever you want due to its minimalist design.

Upholstered and Tufted Seat

If you are the one who loves luxuriousness on every corner of your home, constructing an upholstered and tufted seat can be a great choice.

For upholstery, pick the elegant design of cloth and sew it into a slipcover. Thus, you can change the cover of your seat anytime.

While for the tufted one, the combination of leather and tufted buttons cannot go wrong.

So, what is your favorite DIY bench after all?

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