DIY Dehumidifier to Keep Your Room Dry & Safe

Get rid of dampness inside your basement using a DIY dehumidifier. This is a tool that can catch excess moisture and bring it out in the air to help prevent molds from growing. 

Located below the house, basements can easily get damped from rain and groundwater. If you don’t get clear of them immediately, then it can become harmful to your health and the building. 

One of the easiest ways to keep your basement dry and safe is by using a DIY dehumidifier or the ready stocks in stores. However, to make sure it works great, make sure to buy a suitable product.

Tips on Choosing the Best Dehumidifiers 

There are many kinds of dehumidifiers available in the market. Even though they have the same function, each product works differently and will give different results. 

To make sure you choose the best dehumidifier for your place, here is a buyer guide to help:

1. Room Size

To make the DIY dehumidifier work effectively, then you must adjust it with the size of the room. The best products usually handle specific room sizes, which is noted on their boxes.

Another than the length and broadness of the room, pay attention to the size of the machine. If you have a little chamber, it is best to get a mini dehumidifier. 

2. Drainage System

There are two kinds of drainage system used in a dehumidifier, hose, and a built-in bucket. If you don’t have time to empty it every day, then the first option would be the best choice. 

3. Indicator

Some dehumidifiers come with an indicator that shows whether you should clean or change the filter. It can also tell whether the bucket is full or not. Therefore, try to find a product that comes with this feature.  

4. Auto-Defrost & Restart

Those living in cold areas should look for dehumidifiers that have auto-defrost. This feature can switch the machine off the ad or turn the fan on to melt the interior coils. 

Some dehumidifiers also have automatic reset that will start working when the power comes back. With this feature, users don’t have to set the machine again. 

5. Noise & Place of the Machine

Some dehumidifiers can be noisy especially when you put it in a higher setting. Therefore, make sure to choose a machine and a place that will not create a disturbing noise. 

6. Ducting

One of the benefits of having ducting is it can warm more than one room at once. This can be useful when you need to keep more than an area to be dry, such as the closet and the basement. 

7. Warranty

Since dehumidifiers are expensive and they work 24/7 it is best to get a warranty. However, check what the feature covers and the benefits for the users.  

Best DIY Dehumidifier to Buy for your House

Dehumidifiers are expensive; therefore, you surely want to buy the best one that can secure your basement. 

Here are some of the best top dehumidifier available in the market:

1. Tosot Energy Star Dehumidifier

The Tosot dehumidifier is a great choice for those who need big capacity. This machine can absorb up to nine gallons of water per day and hold up to 70 points of moisture. 

The dehumidifier also comes with an indicator light that is used to show when a filter needs to be cleaned or not. As when there is a blackout, the machine will automatically singly on its own.

2. Vremi Portable Dehumidifier

For those who have big basements, the Vremi Portable Dehumidifier. The machine comes in 3 size options that, can purify the air up to 1,500, 3,000, and 4,500 square feet. 

Other than just removing moisture, this purifier can also work to screen out common allergens such as dust. Therefore, it will make the air fresher and more enjoyable for people to inhale. 

The only cons about it are the loud noise from the machine. You’ll have to find the right space, so it doesn’t interrupt the whole house.

3. Inofia Dehumidifier

The Infofia product is one of the dehumidifiers that have two kinds of drainage options, automatic and manual drain. Whichever option you choose, the emptying process is easy and quick. 

As for the size, Inofia dehumidifier is the medium shape, so it can cover around 1,056 square feet area. Therefore, this machine can be used as an extraordinary one for the house. 

4. Mini Dehumidifier

If your room is very small and only has limited space, then pick out Ivation Energy Star Dehumidifier. The design is stringent, making it easy to fit almost anywhere. 

It also has a wheel on the bottom part, making it easy to bring from one place to another. 

On one side of the equipment, you will an LCD screen that will show the filter and reservoir status of the dehumidifier. Just be careful, because sometimes the information displayed is not 100% accurate. 

5. Damp-Proof Dehumidifier 

A larger dehumidifier that can create a damp-proof basement is the homeLabs equipment. This is a single of the options that will suit large places like the garage, attic, or cellars. 

One of the great things about this dehumidifier is it can collect up to nine gallons, however, save a lot of energy too. It is also completed with a two-year warranty which protects it from any damages.  

6. Frigidaire Dehumidifier

This isn’t the best dehumidifier compared to the others; however, it can make your basement free from moisture and humidity. It also has a double filter that will remove dust and mold spores. 

The design is also very friendly because it has wheels, making it easy to move from the bottom to the upper floor. 

As for the size of the bucket, it has a big gallon that can pull 8.75 gallons of moisture of air each day. 

7. Thin & Compact Design

For people who need to get rid of molds in their shower, basement, or smaller places in the house. Then try out Sante Fe Compact. This has a compact and slim design which makes it easy to fit in.

Even though the size is small, the machine can remove up to 70 joints of moisture with only one kilowatt per energy. This renders it one of the best and cost-saving dehumidifiers there is. 

The only cons of this machine it is a bit expensive compared to the other products. But with the warranty and low energy used, the price is worth it. 


In this era, the dehumidifier has also developed to become smarter and highly efficient. The KDSTA50B is one of the examples that can remove up to 50 points of moisture with low energy usage. 

This dehumidifier has a bright LED display that will help show the settings you need to set. This way, your tool knows when to work and turn off to save up some energy. 

9. GE High-Tech 

The next smart and High-Tech dehumidifier that is suitable for big places is GE High Tech. 

This design is completed with a LED panel that will help you set the machine according to the situation. Therefore, when there is no moist, it will turn itself off or stand by. 

Despite the high technology, the automatic defrost doesn’t work as well as it should. And the bucket is a bit hard to remove. But overall it is worth the buy. 

DIY Dehumidifier for Your Basement & Room

Even though these machines are great and very useful, they can cause quite a price. If you have a limited budget, try using a DIY dehumidifier to remove the moist. 

One of the ingredients you can use for a DIY dehumidifier is baking soda, rock salt and water. Just mix them all up to get your moist remover.

Just keep in that this is a DIY dehumidifier, so it doesn’t work as fast or good as electrical dehumidifiers. 

If you are on a budget, then try the DIY dehumidifier first as an option. Try to see the changes and the effect it brings. But if you want a faster and better result, then the electrical and automatic dehumidifier such as Sante Fe Compact. This is small but gives a great cleaning.

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