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3 DIY Futon Tips that Suitable for Your Tiny Space – Tiny House Ideas

As time goes by, it makes sense if your cushion and bed become old and out of date. But there’s still good news, a DIY futon will save budget to upgrade your interior design. Even though you want to buy new furniture, the price could make you think twice. Especially, when there is a simpler way to change your old furniture appearance. Thankfully, this article will provide you tips to remake your futon like brand new furniture. Well, at least it will look far better than before.

1. DIY Couch with Storage

If your house does not have a large space but on the other hand, there is an urgent need to tidy up all of the trinkets, then the best solution you can choose is making a storage futon. Why we should make instead of buying? Because most of the furnishings at stores has a size that usually only fits in a big room. That is why DIY couch with storage can be a solution. Not to mention, you are free to choose the color, pattern, design, or anything based on your preference.

Preparations of DIY Futon


  • Furring strips
  • 2x4s basic construction
  • paneling
  • Nails
  • 3 drawer handles
  • 3 small and 3 big hinges
  • Drawer tracks
  • Fabric to cover
  • Futon cushion

Tools :

  • Drill
  • Sewing machine
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 sawhorses

The estimated time from the beginning until the storage couch is ready to be used is approximately four days. Even though you are not a professional carpenter, this thing still can be done nicely.


  1. Prepare the 2x4s wooden frame. Ensure the durability and strength point, it has to be strong enough to be sat and to store your belongings.
  2. Build three drawers on the same depth and size.
  3. Cover the wooden frame with furring. Make sure the wide is enough.
  4. Tie the screws up after the panel is finished to be cut. Do not forget to get it done from the bottom and every side.
  5. Attach the drawer tracks.
  6. Make sure the base structure is covered by the panels.
  7. Repeat the panel preparation to make the surface flat.
  8. Make the support legs.
  9. Reattach into the base frame with hinges.
  10. Install the futon cushion.
  11. Sew the fabric cover to make a matching look with the palette.
  12. Storage couch is ready to be used

2. DIY Futon Bed

The Japanese bed is a secret recipe to get better sleep. Even though the Japanese people tend to choose the western style, but the whole sensation you will get is different. The material made of 100% cotton. So, it’s suitable to be used even for people who tend to have allergies.

You also won’t need an extra room to place the futon. When the futon not in use, simply roll it up and put it inside the drawer. Next time when you have a sleepover guest, the futon can be used.

How to Make DIY Futon Mattress

DIY futon mattress is not as hard as you think. You only need to prepare the fabric and make it covered with washable fabric. The good side is you can make it as fluffy as you wish.

1st Step
The first step to DIY futon is measuring your space and think about how big the mattress that you want. Usually, there are 3 standard sizes. The twin futon is 39×75 inches each and 54×75. The queen size is 60×80 inches while the biggest, king, is 78×80. Adjust with the user, purpose, and available space you have.

2nd Step
Design the fabric of cotton batting based on your chosen size. Spare it into 4, 6, or 8 to 10 inches high. Usually, cotton batting will not suppress as huge as foam fillers. However, the heavier weight might choose the thicker mattress for the sake of comfortability.

3rd Step
Tassel the layers with upholster. To avoid the shifting batting while sleeping, consider using sturdy thread and needle instead of the thin one.

4th Step
Sew the fabric to fill the batting. Stitch the right sides of two fabric, then move to the three-sides. Afterward, repeat the sewing et the edges. Turn and fold the fabric inside out. Folding it under the edges and finally, hem them.

5th Step
Fill out the batting, then, press it. Make sure every space is filled in. Do not forget to flatten it. Otherwise, the cotton will be clotted. Remember, this cover will not be changed. It permanently sticks to the cotton. On the other hand, the second fabric or outer envelope is the washable one.

6th Step
Attach an additional zipper or button. Consider some fancy color and style to make it more eye-pleasing. When all the ornament is done, then the DIY futon mattress is ready to be used.

3. Folding Futon Frame

Generally speaking, there are two types of futon frames, which are bifold and trifold. So, what are the differences and which one is the best option? The most conspicuous difference is, bifold can only be folded once roughly in the center of the frame. On the other hand, trifold means we can fold it until three times. There is no difference in terms of quality. Both mattresses are good. The only thing that matters is how big your space and which one fits into your room.

Bifold futon

Even though you can only fold it once, but bifold futon provides a larger seating capacity. This thing fits for 3 to 4 adult people. This futon is ideal for you who have more than four family members. Your DIY futon will be a huge advantage if there are many occasions in your house, including party or just casual meeting.

Trifold futon

This type of futon is perfect for those who love to sit in a larger cushion. The trifold futon provides two pieces of seats that will give an extra comfy feel. Even more, this cushion is the perfect spot to enjoying a movie along with a few family members while stretching your foot. Modern people need comfy and visually pleasing DIY futon more than ever. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas to have this furniture without spending too much budget.

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