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DIY Lanterns to Brighten Up The Yard

Hanging in your backyard in the afternoon or night is a fun activity to do. However, if you are going to be there for the whole night, then you will need some lighting to keep things lit.

Hanging lights can be an option, however, to create a special ambiance to the yard, use DIY lanterns instead. 

Using DIY lanterns can create a more comfortable and warmer atmosphere in the yard. It can also be an ornament to make the yard prettier and unique.

The only minus thing about is that it cannot shine bright as normal lights.

Despite the minus, DIY lanterns are still recommended to use. If you are interested in making your lamp, then try recycling the things you have at home.

Therefore, you do not need to spend extra money to brighten up your yard. 

Easy & Simple DIY Lantern Ideas 


Well, if you are planning to make your lamp for the yard, here are some of the easiest yet beautiful DIY lantern ideas. Just within a few steps and material, you can make them at home. 

DIY Metal Lanterns


One of the ideas you can use is DIY metal lanterns from a tin can. Rather than throwing it away, clean and recycle it so you can use it for the place of the light. 

To make it more interesting makes a pattern on the can. Create a shape or design that you want on the outer side with ink. Then, fill it full of water and put it in the freezer until it freezes. 

Once it is frozen, you can hole the design using an awl or metal punch. The design you have made should appear slowly. You can also paint the whole place if you do not like the original color. 

When you have finished this step, then insert your lamp inside the can. Therefore, you will get unique lighting for your backyard. 

DIY Hanging Lanterns


Another great idea that you can use for your backyard is hanging torches from the wine bottle. Not only are they used for lighting, but they can also get rid of mosquitoes and keep the air a bit warm.

You can make DIY hanging lanterns from the ceiling or making them hang from the fence. If you decide to hang it on the fence, then you will need a T-shape metal to hold on to it. 

If you do not like to use fire, you can also design the wine bottle with small lamp bulbs. The easiest way to do it is by choosing a clear wine and putting colorful bubs in.

Then, hang them from the ceiling to make a unique lantern. 

Jars of Light


To make a beautiful lamp for your yard, one of the DIY outdoor lanterns that you can use is jars of lights. Just like its name, you will fill the place with shining bulbs.

However, to add romance into it, wrap them with burlap, ribbon, and twine. 

This kind of light will create a romantic and vintage atmosphere in the backyard. You can also change the bulb using candles instead. However, make sure to be more careful if you decide to change it. 

Other than burlap, you can also create DIY lanterns by wrapping a jar using colorful tissues on the outside part. Choose bright tones only, so that it can be seen later on when you install it.

Then, insert your favorite candle to enjoy the glow. 

If you want to create a romantic scene in your yard, you can use candles for your DIY lanterns. However, to use this, make sure it is not raining or windy. 

Artistic DIY Lanterns

To add some crafty and unique touch into the yard, use twine as the place for your lamps. Will they not only make your yard prettier but also make it artificial.

To make this kind of place, all you need is a balloon, glue, and twine.

Mix twine and glue until it sticks well. Wrap the balloon with this mixture and leave it until it dries. Then, pop it and throw the leftovers until you have the framework only.

You can then decorate it by spraying the color you like or leave it just the way it is. 

Colorful Lamp

If you want colorful lighting for your backyard, then one of the DIY lantern ideas you can use is glowing sticks. They usually come in various colors from green, blue, red, purple, and many more. 

Create your stick lantern by putting them inside a jar. You can put one color in one jar or just mix them all to give a unique tone. 

However, the minus thing about this design is that it does not last long. Glow sticks usually only last for a few hours until it fades off.

Thus, you can occasionally use this one DIY lantern when there is an event. 

Paper & Egg Holder Lantern

One of the lantern making ideas that you can use is recycling paper and egg holders. Rather than throwing them away, make a square shape, and put it as an outer of the lamp

For paper materials, make a square shape and give some sticks on each edge. This will make the paper sturdier and stronger. To give a unique effect, make random small holes on the sides.

Then see what effect you can get. 

Eggs can also be used as DIY lanterns. You will need around three of them, to make an outer for a lamp. First, cut the bottom part of each place, so a hole would appear.

Do the same steps for the other two too holder.

Then, make 2–3 small holes on the left and right side of the holder to tie them up together. Make sure they are tight enough, so light cannot come out from the sides.

Once you are done, put it around your lamp to get a unique lantern. 

Well, if you need a different ambiance for your backyard, DIY lanterns are surely a great recommendation to make.

Most of them can be made with recycling things in the house, so it is cheap and affordable. 

Therefore, if you are looking for DIY lanterns, you should try some of these ideas out. They are as easy as counting one, two, three, and you can even make them with your kids. 

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