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20 Most Stunning DIY Mirror Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

Going with a DIY mirror project can be your best decision as it will be a powerful investment in any room.

Of course, many people believe that mirrors can make a space more open and appear larger. Besides, they will help to distribute light in the room, highlighting artworks or colors on the walls.

Moreover, a room with no window will benefit mirrors too since they can enliven it.

Stunning DIY Mirror Ideas to Complete Any Room

Fortunately, mirrors are not difficult to come by. In the meantime, you can get them nearly anywhere at a relatively reasonable cost.

Garage sales, antique stores, and big-box shops typically offer basic mirrors. Meanwhile, it is even possible to find one on the ‘free’ listing on craigslist if you want to save some money.

However, these mirrors may look cheap and dull compared to the costly, high-end one. The solution is to create a unique DIY mirror that is both budget-friendly and good looking.

From using reclaimed items to get a rustic feel to revamping a vintage mirror for a glossy, minimalist look, your choice is endless. You can even take advantage of household items to make fun, decorative mirrors.

To get started, you can transform these simple DIY mirrors into personalized pieces that suit your decor. They may turn out to be something that the house needs to feel like home.

1. Gorgeous Gemstone Mirror

Use dollar store gems to turn your boring mirror into something pretty and luxurious. Besides, you can get colorful gemstones or ones in an identical color.

Stick the gems at the edge of your mirror with heavy-duty glue and let them spark a beautiful color in any space.

2. Rustic Mirror from Clothespins

Gather a bunch of clothespins, paint them however you like, and arrange them around your round mirror to create a beautiful decorative piece with a rustic flair.

3. Geometric Mirror in a Simple Look

This simple yet attractive DIY wall mirror is perfect to complement any space around your home. Its geometric design will give a unique touch without making the room feel cramped.

4. Classic Mirror with a Distressed Frame

Give your dull mirror an update by applying a distress ink on its frame. It will become a perfect addition to both contemporary and traditional home decors.

5. DIY Sunburst Mirror

If you need an outstanding decorative piece for a statement, this DIY mirror makes a good choice. With its notable, spreading design, it will become a fantastic focal point on the wall.

6. Luxurious Seashell Mirror

Upgrade the look of your classic mirror with a hint of the wonderful beach. You just need to prepare a range of different seashells and glue them all over the frame.

Be creative with your seashell arrangement so that the mirror can appear more luxurious.

7. Raw Amethyst Mirror

Raw amethyst is a popular material when it comes to DIY mirror frame ideas. Coating all over the border with this will result in an enchanting, luxurious piece of decoration.

Place this framed mirror on a clean white wall and you will get a stand out focal point in no time.

8. Full-Length Mirror with Wooden Frame

This classic mirror is set in wood and has a full-length size for your total interest. If it is hard to get such worn wood pieces for the frame, you can simply use some pallet boards and paint them to suit the home design.

9. Mirror Frame from Old CDs

Recycle your old CDs and antique mirror for a fresh, more stunning piece of decoration. This idea works in any decor style, especially in small house that requires light illusion.

10. DIY Succulent Mirror

Bring your ordinary mirror to the next level by planting succulents on the frame as shown on the above picture. Instead of growing the succulents on two sides of the border only, you can opt for planting them along the frame for a more complete look.

11. DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror

Complete your farmhouse-style bathroom with this rustic DIY mirror. Make it wide enough to accommodate a double vanity sink while providing more light in the space.

12. DIY Floral Mirror

Flower makes a great adornment to anything and your mirror is no exception.

Turn your full-length usual mirror into an indoor floral garden by wrapping its frame with a variety of flowers. Indeed, you can opt for the artificial ones to avoid changing them regularly.

13. Simple Mirror for Bathroom

If you prefer something simple, this mirror bathroom is easy and quick to create in a weekend. Measure the piece to reflect the size of your vanity for a uniform look.

14. Round Mirror with Twine Frame

This DIY mirror works in any home style including modern as well as traditional. The natural color of its frame makes it perfect to go against various backdrops.

15. Serving Tray Mirror

Turn your old tray into a vintage mirror and hang it over the bathroom vanity. For instance, pair the piece with an identical item that serves toiletries or other decorative things.

16. DIY Geometric Wall Mirror

Creating this kind of geometric wall mirror at home, of course, is nothing impossible. Specifically, you can make something similar by taking advantage of metallic trim or ribbon.

17. DIY Ombre Beaded Mirror

You probably don’t realize that this beautiful ombre mirror is made of plastic spoons. However, with some creativity and a bunch of these materials, it is easy to replicate one.

Equally important, simply choose any color you like and spray paint the spoons in darker to lighter shades.

18. Sunflower Mirror Wall Art

This DIY mirror wall art looks like a sunflower with its unique frame. Identically, you can use dried leaves on such a shape to create the decorative borders.

19. Sunburst Mirror with Driftwood

At first, prepare a bunch of driftwoods and some heavy-duty glue to create this eye-catching sunburst mirror. To be sure, all you need is creativity and some time to arrange the reclaimed driftwoods into an extraordinary mirror frame.

20. Cute Wine Cork Mirror

Last but not least, you can turn your old wine corks into a cute mirror frame as shown above. In particular, just attach each piece carefully all around to make an appealing border.

Finally, don’t hesitate to try one of those DIY mirror ideas and make it a focal point in your spaces.

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