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17 Best Ways to Create a DIY Pet Bed in an Affordable Way

Creating a DIY pet bed is an excellent solution to spoil your fur babies without breaking the bank. Besides, it can avoid introducing a piece that doesn’t work well with the rest.

It is no secret that pet furniture tends to be costly. Thus, rather than heading to a pet store for one, you better give a pet bed project a try. Options are available for every skill level, from a no-sew pillow to a more sophisticated carpentry project.

DIY Pet Bed Ideas to Make Your Pets Sleep Like a Prince

When it comes to a DIY project, you also acquire the liberty to personalize the bed to suit your décor scheme and the pet’s personality.

If your cat is somewhat shy, it will appreciate something like a teepee or tent for its sleeping spot. Meanwhile, bolder one may prefer a chunky cushion around the window.

For puppies that cannot defy a mud puddle, make sure to pick a DIY pet bed project that has durable and washable design for effortless, quick cleanup.

You can also keep your pet’s sleeping area tactful by crafting it into furniture, such as an end table or nightstand. Wire dog crates are a big no since you can have a custom wooden one that provides more privacy and comfort.

No matter how spoiled your fur babies are, they are sure to love these pet beds as much as you do.

1. Deluxe Wooden Dog Crate

This wooden dog crate can double as an end table in your living room. Painted in white, the piece does not come up to be an eye shore to the rest of the decor.

Although the size is your preference, most dog crate design plans measure 36x24x27 inches.

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2. Up-Cycled Dog Bed from Tire

Pamper your lovely puppies with this recycled tire bed. You can add comfortable cushion and throw pillow into the design or leave it in its original shape.

To give the tire a more stunning look, paint it in any color you like and add some stenciled lettering too.

3. Side Table Hide-a-Bed for Pets

Repurpose an old side table into a perfect spot for your pet to hide and relax. You can add extra cushions in the furniture to provide a total comfort for the little buddy.

Repaint the table to give it a fresh look and use the furniture again as used to be.

4. DIY Cat Bed from Reclaimed End Table

Don’t throw your reclaimed end table away since you can turn it into a useful cat bed.

Simply put the end table upside down and fit a comfy cushion in the available space. You can also include a small canopy in the design for extra interest.

5. Easy Wire Hanger and T-shirt Cat Tent

This DIY pet bed does not require any sew or carpentry skill at all. You just need to prepare two wire hangers, a t-shirt, cardboard, and some heavy-duty glue.

6. Recycled Wine Barrel Pet Bed

Visit a nearby garage sell or antique shop to get an old wine barrel. You can turn it into a practical pet bed with some cut and assembly.

7. Colorful and Modern Cat Lounge

Transform your unused modern stool into a colorful cat lounge as shown in this picture. With pretty fabrics in lively patterns and colors, this DIY cat bed looks so stylish. Besides, it works well as a focal point against the white wall.

8. DIY Sweatshirt Pet Bed

If you have an old sweatshirt that is already worn or too small, consider repurposing it into an adorable pet bed. All you need to have is a medium-sized cushion, some tattered towels, as well as time and creativity.

9. Cute Cat Teepee Bed

Give your kitten a cute hiding spot by creating this teepee project. With some wooden sticks, pretty fabric, and a cushion, you can make the pet bed in a weekend.

Display the teepee bed along with some indoor plants to turn it into an additional adornment in your space.

10. DIY Envelope Bed for Pets

Even though this DIY pet bed requires some sew, it is not as difficult as others. You can take advantage of shabby blanket to create this simple project.

11. Simple Nightstand with Built-In Pet Bed

Either transforming already existing one or building it from the beginning, a nightstand with built-in pet bed is simple yet useful.

This built-in pet bed idea is ideal for those who struggle with limited space in the bedroom but want to have their little buddy sleep around them.

12. Crate Custom Pet Bed

Without much budget, you can create this practical DIY pet bed from a wooden crate.

The crate only requires some adjustments to accommodate the comfortable cushion. A pretty fabric is used to wrap the pillow for a pop of colors and patterns.

13. Recycled Suitcase Pet Bed

Another budget-friendly project is by turning an antique suitcase into a DIY pet bed. You just need to keep the luggage open and fill it with some cushions or thick blankets.

14. DIY Dog House with Bed

Your furry baby also deserves a comfortable house where it can relax and sleep. You can take advantage of leftover pallets from your last project for this purpose.

If you want to place the dog house outdoors, make sure to build it with a roof to keep your pet happy.

15. Simple Custom Cushion for Pet

A DIY pet bed doesn’t have to be expensive and difficult. You can start your creation from a simple project like shown above. You just need to sew a patterned rectangular fabric and fill it with cotton or wool filing.

16. Pet Bed from Upgraded Old Drawer

Turn an old drawer into a comfy spot for your dogs or cats to enjoy. You can repaint the piece and install store-bought cabinet legs to give it an update.

Don’t forget to fill the drawer with cushion in the pattern or color you like too.

17. No-Sew DIY Dog Bed

This idea is for those who prefer a no-sew pet bed design. By cutting the edge of the fabric to act as threads, you can simply fasten them together.

Finally, it is time to pick your favorite DIY pet bed and go for the project anytime possible. Good luck!

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