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11 DIY Recliner Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Undoubtedly, humans spend a lot of time sitting. That’s the reason you should create a DIY recliner using your woodworking skills. Building a chair yourself is such a brilliant choice.

Not only is it affordable, but it also fits your taste and offers a customized look.

There are many ways to construct a recliner in various styles. Additionally, a chair can be designed for different uses. In this article, we have listed some fabulous recliner projects.

Whether you are into a handmade dining chair or hanging lounger, just keep reading.

Go Vibrant

This chair is a nice addition to the children’s creation station or playroom. It features sturdy legs and small backrest. To make a DIY chair for your little ones, you need a few wood boards and good tools.

Do not forget to screw in chair legs. Paint the kids’ chairs in a bright color like yellow. It keeps the room from feeling sterile and grabs your children’s attention.


  • The chair is both stylish and lightweight.
  • It is cheap and easy to build.
  • Brings a pop of color to space.


  • The design of the chair is not ergonomic.
  • A vibrant chair doesn’t grow with your kids.

DIY Patio Chair

If you are a minimalist, give this no-frills DIY recliner a try. It is a perfect pair for any patio or deck. The chair is made out of blonde wood pieces. In no time, it carries a touch of nature to space.

Moreover, the unfinished wood recliner boasts wide armrests and high backrest. They ensure comfortable seating. In case you store the chair outside, do not worry.

It has a wonderful durability. The rain and sun help raise its rustic charm over time.

DIY Modern Chair

We guarantee you love this DIY recliner at first sight. It instantly adds an outdoorsy feel and a modern vibe to the porch. Moreover, the chair includes slat back and square frames for extra chicness.

The wide armrests allow you to catch some rays comfortably. Instead of driving screws into the chair top, you can use a biscuit joiner. It lends the recliner design a seamless appearance.

To build this chair, you must prepare blonde lumber and tools. Pair it with a blue cushion for a gorgeous contrast.

Marvelous Macrame

Do not let your old lawn chair go to waste. You can bring the seat to a new life. Just weave it with a colorful macrame cord. For the tools, you need a rubber mallet and tin snips.

The project requires a bit of effort as well as patience. Despite its simple style, this lawn chair looks striking and fancy at once. It is comfortable to sit on, too.

The macrame lawn seat completes the garden. In addition to that, it lets you enjoy the fresh air during the summer months.

DIY Dining Chair

Turn spare lumber into a rustic dining chair. It will team nicely with your farmhouse-style table.

Unlike the DIY recliner for patio, you must securely attach the cushion to the chair frame with an upholstery needle and staple gun. Each DIY dining chair normally costs you about $40.

It is much cheaper than the store-bought one. More importantly, the project won’t be so time-consuming.

Folding DIY Chair

We believe this DIY recliner wins your heart. Not only is it compact, but it also looks trendy and comfy. You probably think it is complicated to construct.

In fact, the sturdy chair frame is only comprised of wood pieces that resemble sticks. Apply any stain on the stick recliner. Black gives the space visual drama.

However, if you want something rustic, just leave it unpainted. Furnish your front porch with this recliner because it’s ideal for unwinding. When not in use, fold the chair up.

DIY Chairs Made from Pallets

You still have mismatched pieces of wood in your garage. Why not transform them into a DIY recliner? It is budget-friendly and offers a personal touch.

The simple chair design tastefully highlights the different stains of scrap lumber. For the seat, you can make use of any wood.

This recycled chair goes well with a handmade pallet table. It serves as a conversation starter and spices up patio or backyard garden.

DIY Lounge Chair

DIY recliner

This handmade suspended lounge chair lets you indulge in your favorite book. It is also an ideal spot to enjoy the breeze.

To build the hanging chair, you need a quality patterned canvas cloth, hook, ropes, and oak dowels. The project itself requires a little sewing. Once you have constructed the chair, add it to your front porch.

The suspended seat produces a laid-back atmosphere. We guarantee you wouldn’t mind whiling away the hours in this hammock chair. Some lemonade certainly makes your summer afternoon perfect.

DIY Reading Chair

DIY recliner

It comes as no surprise that kids’ chairs are quite expensive. Additionally, they do not always have good quality. The handmade child’s chair only costs about $5 to construct.

It is sturdy and feels playful at the same time. Furthermore, a vivid chair is a perfect fit for a kid’s homework station. It encourages your little one to read more books, too.

DIY Recliner Cover

DIY recliner

If you are the one who loves lounging in style and luxury, look no further than this DIY recliner. It employs curved armrests, wide seats, and angled back.

Compared to a store-bought lounger, it is more cost-effective. You can reap bigger savings by sewing the chair cushion yourself.

Place this upholstered recliner on your patio or deck. It quickly creates a cozy ambiance and casual setting.

Handmade Bean Bag Chair

DIY recliner

Not into a DIY office chair? You need to make your bean bag. It allows you to work with a laptop comfortably.

The bean bag chair is a snap to construct but lends the room a designer look. Moreover, it offers a youthful feeling and visual interest.

You can craft a bean bag chair with just basic tools. The project requires little to no sewing skills, too. Custom creations are both well-made and budget-friendly. Will you be copying any of those DIY recliner ideas?

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