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Affordable DIY Stepping Stones Ideas to Create a Delightful Garden

Many people think that DIY stepping stones are hard to do, expensive activities, and do not necessarily produce the desired results.

It is not that terrible. Here are some easy and fun ways to create a beautiful, aesthetic garden setting. No need to worry about the budget, and let’s start having fun!

DIY Stepping Stone Concrete

diy stepping stones

The use of concrete is the most common practice in DIY stepping stones. The reason is, this method is known to be the easiest to produce heavy-duty decorations.

It is easy to build as all you have to do is form cement according to the design you want.

Later, the cement will be mixed with other ingredients to strengthen and beautify the final result. Even so, you can’t just mix things up.

The following are some of the best cement for DIY stepping stones.


The material used is a mixture of the best sand with cement and water. Because it uses quality ingredients, of course, the results will be good and have a smooth texture.

Unfortunately, not many people use them for stepping stones because they are too expensive.


To make it economical, you can use a mixture of quartz sand with cement. Those mixture has proven to give the best concrete for your stepping stone.

Moreover, the result of your DIY stepping stones will sparkle because of the glass material.


Concrete is a mix of gravel or small stones into cement. Usually, the use of this material is applied to make road surfaces, driveways, and artistic walls.

You can also get amazing results when using them as stepping stones.

Even though stepping stone concrete is considered the best, you still have other cheaper options but with results that are no less cool.

DIY Stepping Stones Mold

To produce beautiful DIY stepping stones, you need some molds. These items not only help to shape the work as desired but also make work uniform and easier. Here are a few options to use for your project.

DIY Stepping Stones with Leaves

diy stepping stones

Using leaves is the easiest way to give your stepping stones a natural themed decoration.

However, its use is only to a finishing shape to the final result. You have to keep forming the steps with a mold.

DIY Stepping Stones with Quikrete

The use of quikrete is indeed the most popular for making beautiful patterns on DIY stepping stones.

In the form of a finished reusable mold, all you have to do is fill it with cement dough to form various designs.

Generally, this item has been sold freely in stores. But you can also make your molds with existing materials.

A well-known design is in the form of a series of lined stones, but you can also use other alternatives according to your needs and tastes.

DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones

diy stepping stones

The mosaic design is also the best choice for DIY stepping stones. Decorate the printed shapes with various kinds of decorations.

You can use a variety of materials, such as broken tiles, colored glass, rocks, or any possible materials. Even more, you do not need a specific instruction about how to make mosaic stepping stones because it is so easy.

Simply arrange broken glass on the wet stepping stones, and then wait for them to dry. Make motives as beautiful as possible with existing materials.

DIY Stepping Stones Kit

One of the easiest ways to DIY stepping stones for garden is to use kits sold in many stores. Inside, there are complete materials for making garden decorations, complete with a user manual to make it easier for you to make.

Stepping stones kits are usually sold in two types, regular and for children. The contents are the same but different in sizes. The first is to produce some 12-inches steps, while for children are only 8 inches of each.

The contents of this kit include a stepping stone mix that is the raw material, square mold (reusable), and various other decorations to enhance the results later.

Besides, one package is also equipped with a manual on DIY stepping stones with materials in it.

Homemade Stepping Stones without Cement

diy stepping stones

For some people, using concrete seems less fun. Apart from being too troublesome, it is also less economical because of the many additional materials to prepare.

If you do not want to use cement for DIY stepping stones, there is still another option. One way is to use flour.

Apart from being cheaper, the results are no less beautiful. This option is suitable for those of you who are experimenting with making decorations with children.

The following are instructions for DIY stepping stones with flour.

  • There are three types of ingredients used, namely flour, salt, and water. Besides, you also have to prepare a preheated oven to a temperature of 200 F.
  • While the oven is preheating, combine all the ingredients in one container. Start with flour, salt, and then water. Stir well until it becomes a dough that is easy to form.
  • After the dough finished, start forming it into a plate. After that, you can put any decoration on it. Children may be able to put hand or footprints on it. Colorful decorative writing or decorations are also allowed.
  • Put the dough in the oven and heat it for about 3 hours. When lifted, it will be hard as a rock. You can decorate it with paint. Install the result in the garden. This method can be fun DIY stepping stone ideas without having to cost a fortune.

Using flour, you can choose cheap DIY stepping stones that you can do. The material is safe for children, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted things happening during the process of creating decorations with them.

Making stepping stones for your garden was not a troublesome thing to do. You can even do stepping stone molds DIY with the existing materials. This activity can help you get closer to your family as well as the little one.


Apart from the DIY stepping stones above, maybe there are more creative options you can do to beautify your garden. You do not have to buy expensive decorations and spend a lot of money doing it. Sometimes simple things matter.

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